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SMID# 124-3452-602     [ Add to Workspace ] 
Protek Diaphragm Primer DP7
SMID# 124-3452-602
The Diaphragm Primer contains a rubber diaphragm working in an aluminum chamber. A levered handle attached to it by a connecting rod actuates the diaphragm. Air is drawn into the chamber through a suction valve on the up-stroke and discharged through a discharge valve on the down-stroke. Primer body is of a light weight aluminum alloy. The Diaphragm is of molded Rubber, extremely tough and longwearing. A rubber air discharge valve, built into the diaphragm, provides a positive seal.
  • Mfg:  Protek
  • Mfg. Model:  DP7
  • Condition:  New
$ Call (702-366-0540)

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