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600 GPH Water Purification Unit
SMID# 125-8578-038
ROWPU 600-1,ROWPU 600, ROWPU 600-3 Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis. Purifies salt water, brackish water, impure fresh water sources to potable water. Completely refurbished units available, with all pumps, hoses, chemicals and accessories for operation. Replacement RO membranes, filter elements hoses also available. Special pumps, controlled by a built-in panel, move the water through the ROWPU to produce as much as 10 gallons of drinking water per minute.
The ROWPU reduces the number of small particles held in solution found in most fresh water systems, dirty streams and sea water to a level fit for human consumption.
This is done by filtering with the aid of chemicals, the reverse-osmosis process, and then if needed, with an additional purification using a chemical method. A multimedia filter removes the large solids that pass through the input strainer as well as the smaller solids that were acted upon by a polymer chemical. The cartridge filter takes out suspended solids that pass through the multimedia filter. Reverse osmosis removes the dissolved minerals and bacteria that succeed in getting past the filters. Then chemicals are added to the filtered water to kill any remaining bacteria that are present. At this point the product water is stored for human consumption. 30kw 3 phase power required. Generators available. NSN 4610011138651
  • Mfg:  Unnivox
  • Mfg. Model:  600-1
  • Nat. Stock No. (NSN):  4610-01-113-8651
  • Condition:  Reconditioned
$ Call (702-366-0540)

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