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11614156, Parking Lights
SMID# 147-6220-755
Pacific Electronics Parking Lights. Part no. 11614156. Composite front light, used on most modern military vehicles, front left and right. Contains turn, marker, blackout marker. 24 volt bulbs installed. Dust and water proof and vibration resistant. Resists effects of weathering, sun, and corrosion. Used on M35A2 / M35A3, M809, M54, HMMWV, M939, M1078, trailers, etc. Bulbs can easily be changed to 12 volt types for use on 12 volt light systems, use bulb number 67 (x2) and 1156 (x1).
P/N 11614156, replaces 105651, 3453999, E019521, MS52126-2. NSN 6220008801624, and 12432437-1, NSN 6220014438813.
Can replace the aluminum housing fixture P/N MS52126-1. NSN 6220008801624
  • Mfg:  Pacific Electronics
  • Mfg. Number:  11614156
  • Nat. Stock No. (NSN):  6220-00-880-1624
  • Condition:  New
$ Call (702-366-0540)  -SOLD-

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