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fraschini-motori-spa-fluid-cooler Image

Fraschini Motori Spa Fluid Cooler

NSN: 4420-01-512-5806
Isotta Fraschini Motori Spa Fluid Cooler / Heat Exchanger. Part no.223624F93. New, 3 ea available. FINCANTIERI MARINE SYSTEMS NORTH
AMERICA INC. NSN 4420151205806
SMID: 127-3609-192
Condition: New

daimler-truck-torsion-bar-pn-4163260065 Image

Daimler Truck Torsion Bar PN 4163260065

NSN: 2510-01-313-8082
Daimler Truck Torsion Bar. Part no. 416-326-00-65. Quantity available. NSN 2510013138082
SMID: 127-3678-464
Condition: New

wheel-driving-spindle-pn-1398as191-1 Image

Wheel Driving Spindle PN 1398AS191-1

NSN: 2530-01-247-0377
Wheel Driving Spindle. Part no 1398AS191-1. 3 ea available. NSN 2530012470377
SMID: 127-3769-491
Condition: New

shroud-assembly-pn-377426d Image

Shroud Assembly PN 377426D

NSN: 2805-01-160-1264
Shroud Assembly. Part no. 377426D. For Hercules air cooled engines. NSN 2805011601264
SMID: 127-3772-515
Condition: New

bustle-rack-assembly-pn-7575948 Image

Bustle Rack Assembly PN 7575948

NSN: 2540-01-438-8797
Bustle Rack Assembly. General Dynamics Part no. 7575948. 3 ea available. NSN 2540014388797
SMID: 127-4113-156
Condition: New
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parker-hannifin-hydraulic-oil-filter Image

Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic Oil Filter

NSN: 2940-01-193-6787
Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic Oil Filter. Part no. 926836. 13 ea available. NSN 2940011936787
SMID: 127-4116-249
Condition: New

retainer-pn-53-3549-1 Image

Retainer PN 53-3549-1

NSN: 1710-00-623-0100
Retainer. Part no. 53-3549-1. 9 ea available. NSN 1710006230100
SMID: 127-4194-102
Condition: New
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briggs-and-stratton-tapper-valve-pn-230173 Image

Briggs and Stratton Tapper Valve PN 230173

NSN: 2805-00-678-4425
Briggs & Stratton Tapper Valve. Part no. 230173. 7 ea available. NSN 2805006784425
SMID: 127-4195-897
Condition: New
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oil-seal-pn-21900-1066 Image

Oil Seal PN 21900-1066

NSN: 5330-00-828-0953
Oil Seal. Garlock Part no. 21900-1066. 3 ea available.
SMID: 127-4216-432
Condition: New

delco-remy-24v-generator Image

Delco Remy 24V Generator

NSN: 2920-00-371-5122
Delco Remy 24V Generator. Model 1117497, serial no. 6198. 24VDC. NSN 2920003715122
SMID: 127-4282-596
Condition: New
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bosch-rexroth-repair-kit-pn-p059819 Image

Bosch Rexroth Repair Kit PN P059819

NSN: 2520-00-151-6713
Bosch Rexroth Repair Kit. Part no. P059819. 8 kits available. NSN 2520001516713
SMID: 127-4285-658
Condition: New
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leece-neville-alternator-8lha-series Image

Leece Neville Alternator 8LHA Series

NSN: 2920-01-307-6328
Leece-Neville Alternator 8LHA Series. Model 8LHA3071P. 24V, 75A. voltage regulator 8RG3030, 24V, 5A. NSN 2920013076328
SMID: 127-4369-929
Condition: New

12-inch-block-and-sheave Image

12 inch Block and Sheave

12 inch Block and Sheave. 10, 000 lb capacity, 1 1/2 rope. Fig no. 3072V. Made by Brewer-Tichener division of McGraw Edison
SMID: 127-4464-785
Condition: New

tu-flo-tf600-air-compressor Image

Tu-Flo TF600 Air Compressor

Tu Flo TF-600 Air Compressor. part no. 280525, serial no. KT3-9. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 127-4471-951
Condition: Good
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detroit-diesel-5198948-clutch-plate Image

Detroit Diesel 5198948, Clutch Plate

Detroit Diesel Allison Clutch Plate. Part no. 5198948
SMID: 127-4476-411
Condition: New

utica-torque-multiplier-tma2000 Image

Utica Torque Multiplier TMA2000

Utica Torque Multiplier. Model TMA2000. 2000 lb ft maximum output, 6:1 ratio. 3/4" drive input, 1" drive output.
SMID: 127-4804-292
Condition: New
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navistar-mirror-assembly-pn-85268r91 Image

Navistar Mirror Assembly PN 85268R91

NSN: 2540-00-870-0381
Navistar Mirror Assembly. Part no. 85268R91. NSN 2540008700381
SMID: 127-4804-642
Condition: New

marine-window-pn-7806-625-1-12 Image

Marine Window PN 7806-625-1-12

NSN: 2040-01-361-8967
Marine Window. Textron Part no. 7806-625-1-12. NSN 2040013618967
SMID: 127-4805-299
Condition: New
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leece-neville-alternator-12v-130a Image

Leece Neville Alternator 12V, 130A

Leece Neville Alternator. 12V, 130A. Model no. 8LHA2026
SMID: 127-4904-312
Condition: New
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general-electric-valve-seat Image

General Electric Valve Seat

NSN: 4820-00-691-5755
General Electric Valve Seat. Part no. 101L460ADPC41. 1 available. NSN 4820006915755
SMID: 127-4904-512
Condition: New
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centa-drive-damper-pn-d-42755 Image

Centa Drive Damper PN D-42755

Centa Drive Damper. Part no. D 42755. Centa-Antriebe. 13 7/8 inch plate diameter. 1 1/4 inch spline. Note bolt pattern for flywheel mounting.
SMID: 127-5408-595
Condition: New

delco-alternator-pn-1100579 Image

Delco Alternator PN 1100579

Delco Alternator PN 1100579. 12V, 63A. John Deere part no. RE17379, AR54796. NSN 2920010472363
SMID: 127-5508-219
Condition: New

rockford-pto-sae-2 Image

Rockford PTO SAE 2

Rockford PTO. SAE 2 10 inch single plate, no plate. As pictured.
SMID: 127-5579-426
Condition: Good

westinghouse-3-phase-switch Image

Westinghouse 3 Phase Switch

Westinghouse 3 Phase Switch. 250 A maximum, 600 VAC, 250 VDC. No over current protection. Part no. 301121-S
SMID: 127-5601-965
Condition: New

ampco-1-1-4-mechanical-seal-kit Image

Ampco 1 1/4" Mechanical Seal Kit

Ampco 1 1/4" Mechanical Seal Kit. Part no. GS8103410. For type ZC, ZC1, ZC2, ZP and ZF pumps. 6 kits available.
SMID: 127-5669-612
Condition: New

ampco-mechanical-seal-replacement-kit Image

Ampco Mechanical Seal Replacement Kit

Ampco Mechanical Seal Replacement Kit. Part no. 48-1-0589. 1" mechanical seal for type KC2 and KP2 pumps
SMID: 127-5670-561
Condition: New

paco-pumps-flushing-pump-repair-kit Image

Paco Pumps Flushing Pump Repair Kit

Paco Pumps Flushing Pump Repair Kit. Includes K1253 Hardware Kit, K202 Bearing Kit, K1205 Wear Ring Kit, and K105-1 Seal Kit.
SMID: 127-5670-852
Condition: New

gilkes-series-m-pump-flange-adapter Image

Gilkes Series M Pump Flange Adapter

Gilkes Series M Pump Flange Adapter. Part no. 3425-507. 3 ea available.
SMID: 127-5671-380
Condition: New

westinghouse-series-c-circuit-breaker Image

Westinghouse Series C Circuit Breaker

Westinghouse Series C Industrial Circuit Breaker. Model KT3400T. Style no. 1492D81G03. 400A maximum, 600VAC. 2 ea available.
SMID: 127-5673-320
Condition: Excellent
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gilkes-pump-port-plate-pn-3151055 Image

Gilkes Pump Port Plate PN 3151055

Gilkes Pump Port Plate. Part no. 3151 055. Number stamped on plate 7486X2. 4 ea available. For Series M Pumps
SMID: 127-5933-032
Condition: New

gilkes-distribution-ring-pn-3335-202 Image

Gilkes Distribution Ring PN 3335 202

Gilkes Distribution Ring. Part no. 3335202. For series M Pumps. 2 ea available.
SMID: 127-5936-156
Condition: New

ge-dc-contactor Image

GE DC Contactor

General Electric DC Contactor. Model DS303A, part no. 5A01JXA003XP. 600VAC maximum, 300A. Note broken contactor 1 side.
SMID: 127-5948-050
Condition: As is

allen-bradley-full-voltage-starter Image

Allen-Bradley Full Voltage Starter

Allen-Bradley Full Voltage Starter. Part no. 780A86. 3 phase contactor, 120VAC 60hz, 110VAC 50hz contactor operating voltage.
SMID: 127-6009-129
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-allison-pto-drive-ring Image

Detroit Diesel Allison PTO Drive Ring

Detroit Diesel Allison PTO Drive Ring. Part no. 5192832. 14 inch, 2 plate drive. SAE 1-14.
SMID: 127-6120-833
Condition: New
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dana-spicer-shifter-fork-pn-84508 Image

Dana Spicer Shifter Fork PN 84508

NSN: 2520-01-233-1769
Dana Spicer Shifter Fork. Part no. 84508. 4 ea available. NSN 2520012331769
SMID: 127-6188-217
Condition: New

bevel-gearshaft-pn-esa103-0040 Image

Bevel Gearshaft PN ESA103-0040

NSN: 3040-01-433-8556
Bevel Gearshaft. Honeywell part no. ESA103-0040. Number on part E9A109-002.
SMID: 127-6189-614
Condition: New

chrysler-distributor-trigger-pn-8125440 Image

Chrysler Distributor Trigger PN 8125440

NSN: 2920-01-075-0821
Chrysler Distributor Trigger. Part no. 8125440. Made by Chrysler, AM General. 50 ea available. NSN 2920010750821.
SMID: 127-6192-063
Condition: New

teledyne-choke-cable-pn-ve575b Image

Teledyne Choke Cable PN VE575B

NSN: 3990-00-563-8056
Teledyne Choke Cable. Part no. VE575B. Several available. NSN 3990005638056
SMID: 127-6199-256
Condition: New

champ-seat-belts-7-824 Image

Champ Seat Belts 7-824

NSN: 2540-01-310-8754
Champ Safety Belts. Part no. 7-824. Mack Trucks part number 48RU414. 90 inches long. 2 ea available. NSN 2540013108754
SMID: 127-6276-747
Condition: New

prestolite-generator-rotor-pn-79045 Image

Prestolite Generator Rotor PN 79045

NSN: 2920-01-095-1911
Prestolite Generator Rotor. Part no. 79045, A020079045. NSN 2920010951911
SMID: 127-6277-593
Condition: New