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exhaust-collector Image

Exhaust Collector

Exhaust Collector. 2 ea 4 inch inlet, 1 ea 5 inch outlet NPT threaded. 3 ea available.
SMID: 127-7137-486
Condition: New

oil-cooler-pn-3900250m2 Image

Oil Cooler PN 3900250M2

Oil Cooler / heat exchanger. Part no. 3900250M2. Unknown manufacture, taken off Star Powr 7.4L Power Stroke Marine engine. 19 inches LOA, 1 1/2 inch hose connection tube side, 3/4 inch NPT fittings shell side. 4 ea available.
SMID: 127-7236-089
Condition: Excellent

10-08-666-001-borg-warner-friction-clutch-plate Image

10-08-666-001, Borg Warner Friction Clutch Plate

NSN: 2520-00-920-5620
Borg Warner Friction Clutch Plate. Part no. 1008666001. 7 3/4 inch OD, 5 1/2 inch ID.
4907868-6, Kalmar
40560-3, Pettibone
18 ea available. NSN 2520009205620
SMID: 127-7237-341
Condition: New

wisconsin-motors-manifold-pn-ld253-2 Image

Wisconsin Motors Manifold PN LD253-2

NSN: 2805-00-887-8824
Wisconsin Motors intake and exhaust Manifold Part no. LD253-2. 12 ea available. NSN 2805008878824
SMID: 127-7240-175
Condition: New

oil-cooler-heat-exchanger Image

Oil Cooler / Heat Exchanger

Oil Cooler / heat exchanger. Unknown manufacture, taken off Star Powr 7.4L Power Stroke Marine engine. 16 inches LOA, 1 1/2 inch hose connection tube side, 3/4 inch NPT fittings shell side. 2 ea available.
SMID: 127-7243-665
Condition: Excellent

pipe-tubing-ell-pn-rcsk15268 Image

Pipe / Tubing Ell PN RCSK15268

NSN: 4730-01-407-0733
Pipe / Tubing Ell. Part no. RCSK15268. 3/4 inch tubing to 1/2 inch NPT with 1/4 inch NPT female threaded connection. Made by AM General. Quantity available. NSN 4730014070733
[US army-12448637]
SMID: 127-7306-121
Condition: New

quick-disconnect-coupling-half Image

Quick Disconnect Coupling Half

NSN: 4730-01-235-8546
Quick Disconnect Coupling Half. 1 inch female NPT fitting to quick disconnect. Made by Lockheed Martin. Part no. ST48D55-3. 26 ea available. NSN 4730012358546
SMID: 127-7306-544
Condition: New

gates-v-belt-pn-2926v606 Image

Gates V Belt PN 2926V606

NSN: 3030-00-491-5173
Gates V Belt. Part no. 2926V606. 3 ea available. NSN 3030004915173
SMID: 127-7323-047
Condition: New
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fluid-filter-element-pn-28050-e Image

Fluid Filter Element PN 28050-E

NSN: 4330-00-252-0592
Fluid Filter Element. Part no. 28050-E. Made by Purolator. 73 available. NSN 4330002520592
SMID: 127-7325-501
Condition: New
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hose-to-flare-tubing-adapter Image

Hose to Flare Tubing Adapter

NSN: 4730-00-058-3355
Hose to Flare Tubing Adapter. Military part no. HG06-06NJ. Several available. 3/8 hose to 3/8 tubing. NSN 4730000583355
SMID: 127-7398-090
Condition: New

watlow-thermocouple Image

Watlow Thermocouple

Watlow Thermocouple. Part no. AFJK0TQ040UK250. G082782. 11 available.
SMID: 127-7408-317
Condition: New
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harley-davidson-oil-seal-pn-36950-42 Image

Harley Davidson Oil Seal PN 36950-42

NSN: 5330-00-286-6830
Harley Davidson Oil Seal. Part no. 36950-42. Several available. NSN 5330002866830
SMID: 127-7482-164
Condition: New

facet-12v-electric-fuel-pump Image

Facet 12V Electric Fuel Pump

NSN: 2910-00-735-4013
Facet 12V Electric Fuel Pump. Part no. M62678-1-12N1. 1 available. NSN 2910007354013
SMID: 127-7742-341
Condition: New

ms51321-1-facet-24v-electric-fuel-pump Image

MS51321-1, Facet 24V Electric Fuel Pump

NSN: 4320-00-792-2082
MS51321-1, Facet 24V Electric Fuel Pump.
NSN 4320007922082
SMID: 127-7743-017
Condition: New

bendix-electric-fuel-pump Image

Bendix Electric Fuel Pump

NSN: 2910-00-249-6799
Bendix Electric Fuel Pump. 24VDC Part no. 04271-0251. 4 available. NSN 2910002496799
SMID: 127-7743-452
Condition: New

fluid-filter-element-pn-492869 Image

Fluid Filter Element PN 492869

NSN: 4330-00-773-1836
Fluid Filter Element. Dresser Waukesha Part no. 492869. 9 ea available. NSN 4330007731836
SMID: 127-7744-722
Condition: New

hose-assembly Image

Hose Assembly

NSN: 4720-00-400-3152
Hose Assembly. 14 inches long, 1/8 inch female flare both ends. 11 ea available. NSN 4720004003152
SMID: 127-7758-421
Condition: New

chain-link-locking-detach-plug Image

Chain Link Locking Detach Plug

NSN: 4030-01-384-1968
Chain Link Locking Detach Plug. Part no. MU-1925. Made by Electroline Mfg. 200 available. NSN 4030013841968
SMID: 127-7761-117
Condition: New

haldex-trailer-brake-valve-pn-n20961 Image

Haldex Trailer Brake Valve PN N20961

NSN: 2530-01-107-7096
Haldex Trailer Brake Valve. Part no. N20961. 2 ea available. NSN 2530011077096
[Bendix-287282, General Motors-717896]
SMID: 127-7762-067
Condition: New

vickers-vane-type-hydraulic-pump Image

Vickers Vane Type Hydraulic Pump

Vickers Vane Type Hydraulic Pump. Part no. 280262. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 127-7762-445
Condition: Excellent

hose-fitting-pn-fc9423-2432-66 Image

Hose Fitting PN FC9423-2432-66

NSN: 4730-00-633-8017
Hose Fitting. Part no. FC9423-2432-66. 1 1/2 inch hose. Made by Aeroquip. NSN 4730006338017
SMID: 127-7825-418
Condition: New

allison-clutch-ring-pn-6836419 Image

Allison Clutch Ring PN 6836419

NSN: 3010-01-086-7713
Allison Clutch Ring. Part no. 6836419. Several available. NSN 3010010867713
SMID: 127-7830-940
Condition: New

greenlees-air-filter-pn-250d1 Image

Greenlees Air Filter PN 250D1

NSN: 2940-00-804-7898
Greenlees Air Filter. Part no. 250D1. Rated 410 CFM. United Filters part number W250D1. NSN 2940008047898
SMID: 127-7925-797
Condition: New

lincoln-5845-grease-gun-hydraulic-coupler Image

Lincoln 5845 Grease Gun Hydraulic Coupler

NSN: 4730-01-267-6985
Lincoln Heavy Duty Grease Gun Hydraulic Coupler. Model no. 5845. Several available. NSN 4730012676985
SMID: 127-8001-192
Condition: New

sa-3933-synchro-start-24v-solenoid Image

SA-3933, Synchro-Start 24V Solenoid

Synchro Start 24V Solenoid. Part no. SA-3933. Model no. 1751-24E7U1B1S1A, serial no. 26468.
SMID: 127-8003-469
Condition: New
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sa-4186-t-synchro-start-solenoid Image

SA-4186-T, Synchro-Start Solenoid

Synchro Start Solenoid. Part no. SA-4186-T. Model no. 1751-24E7U1B1AS1, serial no. 91747
SMID: 127-8005-746
Condition: New

woodward-solenoid-pn-32a87-15100 Image

Woodward Solenoid PN 32A87-15100

Woodward Solenoid. Part no. 32A87-15100. Model 1752ES RSV KIT. 12V. Serial no. 312307 1304
SMID: 127-8007-666
Condition: New

p610-a13-trombetta-solenoid Image

P610-A13, Trombetta Solenoid

Trombetta Solenoid. Part no. P610-A13, serial no. 70407. 12V. Removed from new engine, never in service.
SMID: 127-8009-817
Condition: New

3162505020-mitsubishi-tach-cable-l-joint Image

3162505020 Mitsubishi Tach Cable L Joint

Mitsubishi Tachometer Cable L Joint. Part no. 3162505020. 3 ea available.
SMID: 127-8010-019
Condition: New
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723604045-gates-hose-adapter Image

723604045, Gates Hose Adapter

NSN: 4730-00-374-6949
Gates Hose Adapter. Part no. 723604045. Several available. NSN 4730003746949
SMID: 127-8011-929
Condition: New

square-d-circuit-breaker-50a-3-phase Image

Square D Circuit Breaker 50A, 3 Phase

Square D Circuit Breaker 50A, 3 Phase. Catalog no. FR3605035, Series 2. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 127-8018-069
Condition: Excellent

newage-manual-voltage-regulator Image

Newage Manual Voltage Regulator

NSN: 5963-01-457-2273
Newage Manual Voltage Regulator. Module no. 450-11400. Used, in excellent condition. NSN 5963014572273
SMID: 127-8019-447
Condition: Excellent

tuthill-hydraulic-pump-pn-4c1bv-c Image

Tuthill Hydraulic Pump PN 4C1BV-C

Tuthill Hydraulic Pump. Part no. 4C1BV-C. 3/4" keyed shaft.
SMID: 127-8019-892
Condition: New

baldor-2-hp-3-ph-electric-motor Image

Baldor 2 HP 3 PH Electric Motor

Baldor 2 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor. Catalog no. CM3558T, spec no. 35A002T585H1. 208-230/460 VAC 3 phase. 1725 RPM. 3 ea available.
SMID: 127-8021-726
Condition: New
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square-d-circuit-breaker-15a-3-phase Image

Square D Circuit Breaker 15A 3 Phase

Square D Circuit Breaker. 15A 3 Phase. Catalog no. FA3601535, series 2. FA/LA MOLDED CASE, 600V, 15A, 3P. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 127-8522-604
Condition: Excellent

square-d-circuit-breaker-40a-3-phase Image

Square D Circuit Breaker 40A 3 Phase

Square D Circuit Breaker. 40A 3 Phase. Catalog no. FAL360408035. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 127-8523-092
Condition: Excellent

mms-technologies-digital-controller Image

MMS Technologies Digital Controller

MMS Technologies Digital system and Valve Controller. Single Axis. Model DVC. Several available.
SMID: 127-8539-117
Condition: New
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wheeler-bros-24vdc-electric-motor Image

Wheeler Bros 24VDC Electric Motor

NSN: 6105-00-512-9225
Wheeler Brothers 24VDC Electric Motor. Part no. 598-30040-01. NSN 6105005129225
SMID: 127-8604-814
Condition: Surplus

delco-remy-solenoid-pn-1119757 Image

Delco Remy Solenoid PN 1119757

Delco Remy Solenoid. Part no. 1119757.
SMID: 127-8605-688
Condition: New

sediment-strainer-pn-12344900 Image

Sediment Strainer PN 12344900

NSN: 4730-01-305-9933
Sediment Strainer. Part no. 12344900. 3 ea available. NSN 4730013059933
SMID: 127-8606-359
Condition: New