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fluid-passage-pin-pn-2623022 Image

Fluid Passage Pin PN 2623022

NSN: 5315-00-165-8470
Fluid Passage Pin. Military Part no. 2623022. 4 ea available. NSN 5315001658470
SMID: 129-6171-732
Condition: New

acme-cryogenics-vacuum-jacketed-valve Image

Acme Cryogenics Vacuum Jacketed Valve

Acme Cryogenics Vacuum Jacketed Valve, 1 inch. V-1060 Series Development of the CVI globe valve resulted from the requirement for high quality cryogenic valves having performance features not available in other commercially offered valves. Available from stock in sizes from 1/2 in. to 4 in, CVI pipe– size valves…
SMID: 129-7867-105
Condition: New

oil-burner-tip-pn-1-00x80r Image

Oil Burner Tip PN 1.00X80R

NSN: 4530-00-087-1407
Oil Burner Tip. Monarch Mfg Part no. 1.00X80R. Several available. NSN 4530000871407
SMID: 129-7873-135
Condition: New

delco-ndh-bearing-pn-900048 Image

Delco NDH Bearing PN 900048

Delco NDH Ball Bearing. Part no. 900048
SMID: 129-7879-238
Condition: New

control-cable-pn-ro8dth78 Image

Control Cable PN RO8DTH78

NSN: 2590-01-125-4243
RO8DTH78, Richland Controls 82 inch push-pull Control Cable. NSN 2590011254243
SMID: 129-7964-718
Condition: New

cooper-stainless-steel-ball-valve Image

Cooper Stainless Steel Ball Valve

Cooper Stainless Steel Ball Valve. Part no. HP5-4150SC. 3/4" female NPT ball cock valve.
SMID: 129-7965-916
Condition: New
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3-way-selector-valve-pn-704702-2 Image

3 Way Selector Valve PN 704702-2

3 Way Selector Valve. Retek Part no. 704702-2. Martin part no. ST47D36-2
SMID: 129-7967-443
Condition: New

metro-crown-tie-rod-end-pn-200-86 Image

Metro Crown Tie Rod End PN 200-86

NSN: 2530-01-039-6080
Metro Crown Tie Rod End. Part no. 200-86. NSN 2530010396080
SMID: 129-8062-310
Condition: New
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8893687-allison-oil-pump-housing Image

8893687, Allison Oil Pump Housing

NSN: 2815-00-463-5877
Allison Oil Pump Housing. Part no. 8893687.
NSN 2815004635877
SMID: 129-8064-449
Condition: New

manual-control-lever-pn-255229 Image

Manual Control Lever PN 255229

NSN: 3040-01-313-2838
Manual Control Lever Damlier Truck part no. 255229. 14 available. NSN 3040013132838
SMID: 129-8384-967
Condition: New

rix-fuel-filter-pn-77-428 Image

Rix Fuel Filter PN 77-428

NSN: 4330-00-120-3252
Rix Fuel Filter. Part no. 77-428. 5 ea available. NSN 4330012083252
SMID: 129-9001-714
Condition: New
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general-electric-steam-turbine-valve Image

General Electric Steam Turbine Valve

NSN: 2825-00-114-1421
General Electric Steam Turbine Valve. Part no. 101B285CDP25. 3 ea available. NSN 2825001141421
SMID: 129-9019-761
Condition: New

connector-3-8-1-4-inch-pipe Image

Connector 3/8 - 1/4 inch Pipe

NSN: 1025-01-031-5228
Connector 3/8-1/4 inch Pipe E& E part no. 12008557. Several available. NSN 1025010315228
SMID: 129-9250-750
Condition: New

trw-400-hz-electric-motor Image

TRW 400 Hz Electric Motor

NSN: 6105-00-019-1727
TRW 400 Hz Electric Motor. Model no. 241YH45. 200 VAC, 2A. 3/4 HP, 11400 RPM. CCW rotation. NSN 6105000191727
SMID: 129-9251-353
Condition: New

seal-sizer-pn-j-38736-3 Image

Seal Sizer PN J-38736-3

NSN: 5120-01-422-5411
Seal Sizer. Kent-Moore Part no. J-38736-3. 5 available. NSN 5120014225411
SMID: 129-9254-280
Condition: New

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Marotta 3 Way Solenoid Valve

Marotta 3 Way Solenoid Valve. Model no. 543HL-1, part no. 281876-9001. 1/4 inch NPT fittings. 2 position, NC. 18-32 VDC.
SMID: 129-9694-713
Condition: New

allison-piston-clutch-retainer-pn-8351588 Image

Allison Piston Clutch Retainer PN 8351588

NSN: 2520-00-936-5335
Allison Piston Clutch Retainer. Military part no. 8351588. Several available. NSN 2520009365335
SMID: 129-9695-641
Condition: New

rockford-u-joint-yoke-pn-2-64506 Image

Rockford U-Joint Yoke PN 2-64506

NSN: 2520-01-048-5524
Rockford U-Joint Yoke PN 2-64506. NSN 2520010485524
SMID: 129-9696-759
Condition: New

control-cable-pn-300-29-14 Image

Control Cable PN 300-29-14

NSN: 2995-01-203-0982
Control Cable. Military part no 300-29-14. NSN 2995012030982
SMID: 129-9705-361
Condition: New

06ea660001-carrier-pump-bearing-head-assembly-kit Image

06EA660001, Carrier Pump Bearing Head Assembly Kit

NSN: 4130-00-974-7334
Carrier Pump Bearing Head Assembly Kit. Part no. 06EA660001.
NSN 4130009747334
SMID: 129-9707-920
Condition: New

military-wire-harness-pn-11652180 Image

Military Wire Harness PN 11652180

NSN: 6150-01-167-1827
Military Wire Harness. Part no. 11652180. 2 ea available. NSN 6150011671827
SMID: 129-9862-541
Condition: New

handle-lincoln-pn-40-067 Image

Handle, Lincoln PN 40-067

Handle, Lincoln part no. 40-067
SMID: 129-9865-194
Condition: Good
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fuel-filter-strainer-pn-5576855 Image

Fuel Filter Strainer PN 5576855

Fuel Filter Strainer. Part no. 5576855. Re-usable element.
SMID: 129-9865-781
Condition: Surplus - New unused

simplex-load-bank-controller-pn-24132100 Image

Simplex Load Bank Controller PN 24132100

Simplex Load Bank Controller. Part no. 24132100. 75 KW capacity, 480 VAC 3 phase. 3 wire. Control power 120 VAC internal transformer. serial no. 35399-99-42.
SMID: 130-0120-286
Condition: Excellent
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briggs-and-stratton-governor-blade-pn-297309 Image

Briggs and Stratton Governor Blade PN 297309

Briggs and Stratton Governor Blade. Part no. 297309. 3 ea available.
SMID: 130-0208-045
Condition: New
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oilgear-oil-pump Image

OilGear Oil Pump

OilGear Axial Piston Oil Pump. Model no. PVWH10RSYCNSN, serial no. 95191818. 3000 psi continuous, 3500 psi max. 9.5 GPM.
SMID: 130-0908-643
Condition: New

bearing-cap-assembly-pn-9786e123 Image

Bearing Cap Assembly PN 9786E123

NSN: 3130-01-486-6860
Bearing Cap Assembly. Military Part no. 9786E123. NSN 3130014866860. also listed under NSN 2805008328021, part no. 13214E8215. 79 ea available.
SMID: 130-1064-141
Condition: New

reaction-cylinder-assembly-pn-10503394 Image

Reaction Cylinder Assembly PN 10503394

NSN: 2540-01-168-9885
Reaction Cylinder Assembly. General Dynamics Part no. 10503394.
Static length 12 inches. 2 ea available. NSN 2540011689885
SMID: 130-1586-081
Condition: New

oshkosh-grooved-pulley-pn-1435900 Image

Oshkosh Grooved Pulley PN 1435900

NSN: 3020-01-229-9770
Oshkosh Grooved Pulley. Part no. 1435900. 17" OD x 2 5/8" wide x shaft diameter 5". NSN 3020012299770
SMID: 130-2808-209
Condition: New
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vulcan-flexible-coupling-pn-900a55p01-std Image

Vulcan Flexible Coupling PN 900A55P01/STD

NSN: 3010-01-411-2771
Vulcan Flexible Coupling. Part no. 900A55P01/STD. Made by American Vulcan Corp. Model EZS / EZ195. NSN 3010014112771, EZSEZ195SERIES1300, Special Features: Use with 16RP200M engines for marine propulsion duty in tropical conditions, vulkan series 1300 without torsional limiting device, ezs metal parts excep outer…
SMID: 130-2812-211
Condition: New

wajax-tube-retainer-pn-ez-188 Image

WAJAX Tube Retainer PN EZ-188

NSN: 4730-01-219-6600
WAJAX Tube Retainer PN EZ-188. Large quantity available. NSN 4730012196600
SMID: 130-3910-192
Condition: New

military-genset-stationary-exciter Image

Military Genset Stationary Exciter

NSN: 6115-00-602-5972
Military Genset Stationary Exciter. Used on Hercules powered Military 15, 30 KW gensets MEP-004A, MEP005A. NSN 6115006025972
SMID: 130-7387-178
Condition: Excellent
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airtex-fuel-pump-pn-rd725 Image

Airtex Fuel Pump PN RD725

NSN: 2910-01-173-2124
Airtex Fuel Pump. Part no. RD725. NSN 2910011732124
SMID: 130-9202-103
Condition: New

twin-disc-hydraulic-pump-x-5958 Image

Twin Disc Hydraulic Pump X-5958

Webster Hydraulic Pump. Model X-5958. For Twin Disc Marine gears MG-512, MG-514, others. Core.
SMID: 130-9279-131
Condition: Core
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sperry-vickers-hydraulic-pump Image

Sperry-Vickers Hydraulic Pump

Sperry-Vickers Hydraulic Pump. G202D9B1, A11A40L. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 130-9282-251
Condition: Excellent

jabsco-pedestal-mount-raw-water-pump Image

Jabsco Pedestal Mount Raw Water Pump

Jabsco Pedestal Mount Raw Water Pump. Old style with adjustable packing and oiler. Bronze impeller. Numbers on housing 23323, M-33-L
SMID: 130-9287-452
Condition: Good
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sherwood-belt-driven-raw-water-pump Image

Sherwood Belt Driven Raw Water Pump

Sherwood Belt Driven Raw Water Pump. Neoprene impeller, 1 1/4" hose connects. 6 inch pulley.
SMID: 130-9288-282
Condition: Good
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vickers-vane-type-hydraulic-pump Image

Vickers Vane Type Hydraulic Pump

Vickers Vane Type Hydraulic Pump. V101S5S1620. 600RR. Casting no. 317667. 2 ea available.
SMID: 130-9289-619
Condition: Excellent

isspro-magnetic-pickup Image

ISSPRO Magnetic Pickup

ISSPRO Magnetic Pickup. Part no ISPR8935. 3/4-16 x 2 1/2" long. 4 ea available.
SMID: 131-0141-180
Condition: New
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borg-warner-hydraulic-pump Image

Borg Warner Hydraulic Pump

Borg Warner Hydraulic Pump. for Pettibone - Mulliken 10, 000 lb forklift. Army model MHE215. Part no. MHD332812EZ51R01. Turns tight, may need work
SMID: 131-0673-380
Condition: As is