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fuel-pump-pn-jsb4782 Image

Fuel Pump PN JSB4782

Fuel Pump. Part no. JSB4782. Made by John S. Barnes Co.
SMID: 131-0760-141
Condition: Excellent
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synchro-start-speed-switch Image

Synchro-Start Speed Switch

Synchro-Start Speed Switch. Model no. GO-3MD, part no. 04306-1016. Serial no. 37087.Trip
Speed 300, 600, 1212 RPM.
SMID: 131-1353-484
Condition: Excellent

mg-509-flange-adapter Image

MG-509 Flange Adapter

MG-509 Flange Adapter. Transmission side 7 1/4" OD, 6" bolt hole diameter. Length 5 5/8". Adapter side 8" OD, 7 1/8" bolt hole diameter, 3?8" bolt holes.
SMID: 131-1777-642
Condition: Excellent
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gould-500v-15a-circuit-breaker Image

Gould 500V, 15A Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-00-797-9692
Gould 500V, 15A Circuit Breaker. 3 pole. Part ETN1002. NSN 5925007979692
SMID: 131-1883-277
Condition: New

generator-blower-fan-mep-005a Image

Generator Blower Fan MEP-005A

NSN: 6115-50-060-5973
Generator Blower Fan for Military MEP-005A, MEP-004A genset. Part no. 158B153F01. Old NSN 6115-00-602-5973. New NSN 4140-00-602-5953. 3 each available.
SMID: 131-1947-151
Condition: Excellent
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braided-steel-hose-assembly Image

Braided Steel Hose Assembly

NSN: 4720-01-171-4414
Braided Steel Hose Assembly. part no. 43C413. NSN 4720011714414. 2 ea available.
SMID: 131-3782-750
Condition: New
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allison-housing-support-assembly Image

Allison Housing Support Assembly

NSN: 2520-01-086-3982
Allison Center Support Housing Assembly. Part no. 6880079. for Allison HT-700 transmissions. 2 ea available. NSN 2520010863982
SMID: 131-4632-128
Condition: New

allison-transmission-29507831-rotary-pump-sub-assembly Image

ALLISON TRANSMISSION 29507831 Rotary Pump Sub-Assembly

NSN: 4320-01-364-8293
Allison Rotary Pump Sub-Assembly. Part no. 29507831. For MD 3000 / B400 Series transmissions. 21 ea available. NSN 4320013648293
SMID: 131-4640-052
Condition: New

onan-generator-panel-134-2185-s1 Image

Onan Generator Panel 134-2185-S1

NSN: 6115-01-255-8154
Onan Generator Panel. Part no. 134-2185-S1. Part of air cooling shroud system for Onan 5kw, 10kw military gensets. 16 ea available. NSN 6115012558154
SMID: 131-4648-845
Condition: New

military-mounting-bracket Image

Military Mounting Bracket

NSN: 5340-01-338-7539
Military Mounting Bracket. Part no. 12301288. 70 ea available. NSN 5340013387539
SMID: 131-4650-026
Condition: New
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sporlan-sf-285-t-suction-filter Image

Sporlan SF-285-T Suction Filter

NSN: 4130-01-247-3966
Sporlan SF-285-T Suction Filter. New in box. NSN 4130012473966
SMID: 131-5336-330
Condition: New

13222e5276-whitey-40-series-directional-valve Image

13222E5276, Whitey 40 Series Directional Valve

NSN: 4820-01-326-7881
Whitey 40 Series Directional Valve. Stainless Steel 3 way directional ball valve. Rated service 1000 PSI. 3/8 NPT fittings. 120 ea available. End use military 600 GPH watermaker. Part no. 13222E5276. NSN 4820013267881
SMID: 131-5495-028
Condition: New

terex-hose-assembly-pn-707a6655 Image

Terex Hose Assembly PN 707A6655

NSN: 4720-01-151-2928
Terex Hose Assembly. Part no. 707A6655. 4 ea available. NSN 4720011512928
SMID: 131-5585-486
Condition: New

aeroquip-hose-assembly Image

Aeroquip Hose Assembly

NSN: 4720-01-128-4587
Aeroquip Hose Assembly. 1" flare, reverse flare ends. 26 " long. Following numbers on hose: 2651-12 MSHA IC-64/2 4Q91. NSN 4720011284587
SMID: 131-5834-803
Condition: New

deutz-water-hose-pn-118-1933 Image

Deutz Water Hose PN 118 1933

NSN: 4720-12-362-5057
Deutz Water Hose. Part no. 1181933. Numbers on hose CONTI-TCH-01 N-H-20x5-04/04-NBR/CR. NSN 4720123625057
SMID: 131-5841-215
Condition: New

dayton-3-phase-1-5hp-motor Image

Dayton 3 Phase 1.5HP Motor

Dayton 3 Phase 1.5HP Electric Motor. 208-220/440 VAC. Frame 184, 1750 RPM. Model no. 2N934L.
SMID: 131-6011-039
Condition: Surplus - Low time

rotron-centrifugal-fan Image

Rotron Centrifugal Fan

NSN: 4140-00-841-5905
Rotron Centrifugal Fan. Spec no. 18925, serial no. N00622. Series 318JS. 220 VAC 3 phase, 50-60 Hz. 3150 RPM. NSN 4140008415905
SMID: 131-6012-479
Condition: Surplus - Low time

american-bosch-fuel-injection-pump Image

American Bosch Fuel Injection Pump

American Bosch Fuel Injection Pump. Type APF4A65017390. Serial no. 650353. Governor GPA-80B, 21210. Firing order 1-2-4-3.
SMID: 131-7056-731
Condition: Surplus
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american-bosch-fuel-injection-pump-core Image

American Bosch Fuel Injection Pump Core

American Bosch Fuel Injection Pump Core. Type APF6R90QK4005587. Serial no. 237608. customer no. P11582. Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
SMID: 131-7074-155
Condition: New

bracket-pn-9349689 Image

Bracket PN 9349689

NSN: 5342-01-144-8032
Military bracket. Part no. 9349689. 120 available. NSN 5342011448032.
SMID: 131-8276-821
Condition: New

three-speed-switch Image

Three Speed Switch

International Signal and Control Corp 3 speed switch. Element no 1 trip speed 290-310 rpm, no 2 trip speed 590-610 rpm, no 3 1200-1225 rpm. Part no. 36024-LDW-72-2203-1. Comes with plug pictured.
SMID: 131-9206-679
Condition: Good

clayton-dewandre-hydraulic-pump Image

Clayton Dewandre Hydraulic Pump

Clayton Dewandre Hydraulic Pump. Numbers cast on pump RE110C, 26J77. Number on tag 390A.
SMID: 131-9213-920
Condition: As is

engine-modification-kit-pn-57k1320 Image

Engine Modification Kit PN 57K1320

NSN: 2910-01-370-5911
Engine Modification Kit. Part no. 57K1320. Fuel Injection Pump modification kit. 13 Kits available. NSN 2910013705911
SMID: 131-9226-658
Condition: New

stanadyne-pump-head-and-rotor Image

Stanadyne Pump Head and Rotor

NSN: 2910-01-161-6536
Stanadyne Injection Pump Head and Rotor. Part no. 20155. For Allis Chalmers injection pump G0248. Allis Chalmers Military 60kw gensets MEP006. 8 ea available. NSN 2910011616536
SMID: 131-9228-007
Condition: New

eaton-power-steering-pump Image

Eaton Power Steering Pump

NSN: 2530-01-146-8868
Eaton Power Steering Pump. Part no. ER-16439-1. AM Gneral part no. 5994957. NSN 2530011468868
SMID: 131-9229-455
Condition: New

slide-rail-assembly Image

Slide Rail Assembly

NSN: 2540-01-155-4141
5731156, AM General Slide Rail Assembly. 44618-001. Used on Military M915A1 trucks. NSN 2540011554141
SMID: 131-9231-550
Condition: New

24-diameter-cooling-fan Image

24" Diameter Cooling Fan

24" Diameter Cooling Fan. 6 blade pusher fan. Center hole 2" diameter, 3/8" mounting holes 2" apart. Unknown application.
SMID: 131-9745-384
Condition: Excellent
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stewartt-warner-tach-senders Image

Stewartt Warner Tach Senders

NSN: 6680-00-125-8541
Stewart-Warner Tach Senders. Part no. 811532. In storage a long time, but new. 4 ea available, one with drive shaft. As pictured. NSN 6680001258541
SMID: 132-0073-251
Condition: New

fluid-flow-restrictor Image

Fluid Flow Restrictor

NSN: 4730-00-880-0205
General Dynamics fluid flow restrictor. Part no. 12H1323-3. NSN 4730008800205
SMID: 132-0075-872
Condition: New

42-radiator-fan Image

42" Radiator Fan

42 inch diameter radiator fan. Center hole 2 inch diameter, mounting bolts 4 inch diameter.
SMID: 132-0163-805
Condition: Good
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exhaust-rain-cap Image

Exhaust Rain Cap

Exhaust Rain Cap. Covers 5 inch dia. exhaust.
SMID: 132-0420-436
Condition: New
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pyle-starline-neptune-connector Image

Pyle Starline Neptune Connector

Pyle Starline Neptune Connector. 7 inches long, 3 1/4 inch hole opening. threaded one end. No part no. available. 10 ea available.
SMID: 132-0425-066
Condition: New
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high-pressure-check-valve Image

High Pressure Check Valve

Fluid Mechanics Valve Company 6000 PSI check valve. Grayloc inlet and outlet fittings. Model 2100, part no. 2105-231-12. 316 Stainless Steel construction. 5 ea available, also 3 ea 2105-231-08
SMID: 132-0427-516
Condition: New
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sv11a32p4ps-circle-seal-controls-solenoid-valve Image

SV11A32P4PS, Circle Seal Controls Solenoid Valve

Circle Seal Controls Solenoid Valve. Model no. SV11A32P4PS. Rated 3000 PSI. 115 VAC. 1/4 inch NPT ports. 4 ea available.
SMID: 132-0443-478
Condition: New

apco-hi-pressure-valve Image

APCO Hi Pressure Valve

APCO Hi Pressure Valve. Part no. A196-1V. All stainless steel construction, 6000 PSI max.
SMID: 132-0683-913
Condition: New
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futurecraft-1-inch-ball-valve Image

Futurecraft 1 Inch Ball Valve

Futurecraft 1 Inch Ball Valve. Part no. 10431-5. Martin Controls part no. A002CV-016-04. Stainless Steel construction.
SMID: 132-0685-890
Condition: New

vickers-hydraulic-pump Image

Vickers Hydraulic Pump

Vickers Hydraulic Pump. Part no. V30E1P13P. Several available.
SMID: 132-1295-479
Condition: Good
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shawmut-amp-trap-semmiconductor-fuses Image

Shawmut Amp Trap Semmiconductor Fuses

Shawmut Amp Trap Semiconductor fuses. 70A, 130V. A13X70, Type 4. Distributed by Southco Fasteners, part no. 97-50-330-12. 5 ea available.
SMID: 132-2760-645
Condition: New
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me049239-mitsubishi-safety-relay Image

ME049239, Mitsubishi Safety Relay

Mitsubishi Safety Relay. Part no. ME049239. 2 ea available. R8T30175
SMID: 132-3181-684
Condition: New

federal-mogul-seal-pn-415938 Image

Federal Mogul Seal PN 415938

NSN: 5330-01-164-8552
Federal Mogul Seal. Part no. 415938. 4 ea available. NSN 5330011648552
SMID: 132-3895-188
Condition: New