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navistar-air-brake-chamber Image

Navistar Air Brake Chamber

NSN: 2530-01-399-2439
Navistar Air Brake Chamber. Part no. 1619509C91. NSN 2530013992439
SMID: 135-2493-263
Condition: New
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eaton-pressure-plate-assembly Image

Eaton Pressure Plate Assembly

NSN: 2520-01-256-3657
Eaton Pressure Plate Assembly. Part no. 102048-1. 350MM Stamped Steel Push Type Single Plate (2400#). Navistar part no. 594453C91. NSN 2520012563657
SMID: 135-2494-239
Condition: New

spicer-drive-shaft Image

Spicer Drive Shaft

NSN: 2520-01-543-3724
Spicer Drive Shaft. Part no. 905343-0915. Military applilcation. U-joint caps are rusted. NSN 2520015433724
SMID: 135-2497-840
Condition: Good
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spartan-motors-gauge-set-1001309 Image

Spartan Motors Gauge Set 1001309

NSN: 2590-01-550-2112
Spartan Motors Gauge Set. Part no. 1001309. Military application, JOINT EOD RAPID RESPONSE VEHICLE (JERRV) 4X4 EOD VARIANT.
Kit includes 1 each of:
Fuel(R) 00041194-C00B60
Fuel (L) 00041194-C00760
Volts 00041194-C02540
SMID: 135-2838-609
Condition: New

block-plunger-locking-pawl Image

Block Plunger/Locking Pawl

NSN: 3040-01-154-7799
Block Plunger/Locking Pawl. Military part no. 10501029. 35 ea available. NSN 3040011547799
SMID: 135-2918-386
Condition: New

control-unit-r-h Image

Control Unit R.H.

NSN: 2920-01-137-5493
Colt Industries control unit. Part no. 13226E1595, assembly no. 10016078. 5 ea available. NSN 2920011375493
SMID: 135-2924-468
Condition: New

prestolite-voltage-regulator Image

Prestolite Voltage Regulator

NSN: 2920-01-180-8666
Prestolite Voltage Regulator / rear cover. Part no. AMA2004AS.
2 ea available. NSN 2920011808666
SMID: 135-2929-811
Condition: New

morse-cutting-1830-mill-machine-cutting-tool Image

Morse Cutting 1830, Mill Machine Cutting Tool

NSN: 3455-00-231-3476
Mill Machine Cutting Tool. Morse Cutting Tools part no. 1830. HSS.
7 ea available. NSN 3455002313476
SMID: 135-2998-708
Condition: New

brake-pad-kit Image

Brake Pad Kit

NSN: 2530-01-555-4781
S24C027-801002, BAE Systems Brake Pad Kit. Haldex brake pads part no. 92841. For use on Military MRAP Vehicles. NSN 2530015554781
SMID: 135-2999-892
Condition: New
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peerless-centrifugal-pump Image

Peerless Centrifugal Pump

Peerless Centrifugal Pump. Part no. WT844DP. Bronze body, old style adjustable packing. Pump turns, as-is
SMID: 135-3953-111
Condition: As is
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higgins-industrial-pump Image

Higgins Industrial Pump

Higgins Industrial Pump. Model PHB8. All bronze construction. 1/2 inch keyed shaft.
SMID: 135-3964-156
Condition: As is

pneumatic-tire-wheel Image

Pneumatic Tire Wheel

NSN: 2530-00-931-4701
Pneumatic Tire Wheel. Military part no 9-65390. NSN 2530009314701
SMID: 135-5439-573
Condition: New
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trim-lok-door-seal-strips Image

Trim-Lok Door Seal Strips

NSN: 5330-00-153-7348
Trim-Lok Door Seal Strips. 2 pieces each 70 ft long. Part no. 7375B3X3/8A. NSN 5330015317348
SMID: 135-5506-871
Condition: New

parker-tough-cover-hose Image

Parker Tough Cover Hose

NSN: 4720-01-579-7518
Parker Tough Cover 451TC-4 Hose. 3000 PSI rated, MSHA IC-40/26. 1/4" diameter X 16 1/2 ft. Several available. NSN 4720015797518
SMID: 135-5520-846
Condition: New
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synchro-start-speed-switch Image

Synchro-Start Speed Switch

Synchro Start Speed Switch. Model no. 026. Speed range 1362 /- 10.
SMID: 135-6025-540
Condition: Good
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door-lift-parts-kit Image

Door Lift Parts Kit

NSN: 2590-01-212-1057
Door Lift Parts Kit. AM General part no. 12340832, 5591655. 3 kits available. NSN 2590012121057.
SMID: 135-6110-877
Condition: New

delco-armature-1904976 Image

Delco Armature 1904976

Delco 40MT Starter Armature 1904976. 12V, Dryer type drive. 24 ea available
SMID: 135-7147-466
Condition: New

cameron-international-cylinder-head Image

Cameron International Cylinder Head

NSN: 2815-00-386-0269
Cameron International Cylinder Head. NSN 2815003860269
SMID: 135-7159-812
Condition: New
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cooper-bessemer-pump Image

Cooper Bessemer Pump

NSN: 2910-00-218-6620
Cooper Bessemer Pump. Part no. CB0061C, 10FS18-1. NSN 2910002186620
SMID: 135-7594-134
Condition: New
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vehicle-safety-belt Image

Vehicle Safety Belt

NSN: 2540-01-286-7674
Vehicle Safety Belt. Military part no. 12301346. 2 sets available. NSN 2540012867674
SMID: 135-8207-836
Condition: New

bendix-disc-brake-pads-4238786 Image

Bendix Disc Brake Pads 4238786

NSN: 2530-01-171-5347
MKD221, Bendix Disc Brake Pads. Part no. 4238786. Fits 1983 Dodge Rampage Pickup 4 cyl. others. NSN 2530011715347
SMID: 135-8368-485
Condition: New

turbine-liner-assembly Image

Turbine Liner Assembly

NSN: 2835-50-020-1042
Turbine Liner Assembly. Solar Turbine Power part no. 39851-100. NSN 2835002051042
SMID: 135-8369-065
Condition: New
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583358-omc-sending-unit Image

583358, OMC Sending Unit

NSN: 2990-01-355-6350
OMC Sending Unit. Part no. 583358. NSN 2990013556350
SMID: 135-8371-153
Condition: New

positioner-arm Image

Positioner Arm

NSN: 2590-01-151-7780
Positioner Arm. Oshkosh part no. 6HR963. Used on HEMTT Trucks. NSN 2590011517780
SMID: 135-8372-609
Condition: New

hmmwv-fov-steering-column-parts-kit Image

HMMWV FOV Steering Column Parts Kit

NSN: 2510-01-399-5280
HMMWV FOV Steering Column Parts Kit. Military part no. 57K0286. 25 kits available. NSN 2510013995280
SMID: 135-8372-996
Condition: New

cap-410461 Image

Cap 410461

NSN: 4940-01-117-9095
Cap. Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems
Inc. part no. 410461. 2 available. NSN 4940011179095
SMID: 135-8375-660
Condition: New

fluid-pressure-filter Image

Fluid Pressure Filter

NSN: 4330-00-005-7652
Fluid Pressure Filter. FPS Technologies part no. FRK300382-3A. 3 ea available. NSN 4330000057652
SMID: 135-8378-410
Condition: New

parker-series-2a-air-cylinder Image

Parker Series 2A Air Cylinder

Parker Series 2A Air Cylinder. Model no. 03.25 CB2AUS29A4.750. Serial no. FF283927A.
Envelope pressure 250 PSI air.
SMID: 135-8380-522
Condition: New
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donaldson-air-filter-akp101916 Image

Donaldson Air Filter AKP101916

NSN: 2940-00-876-2212
Donaldson Air Filter. Part no. AKP101916. 6 ea available. NSN 2940008762212
SMID: 135-8956-622
Condition: New

leece-neville-28v-generator Image

Leece Neville 28V Generator

NSN: 2920-00-555-2205
Leece Neville 28V Generator. Part no. 54540N. 70 amp, 2000 watt. 28.5 VDC. Reversible rotation, 1050-8000 RPM. NSN 2920005552205
SMID: 135-8972-109
Condition: New
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ge-deflector-assembly Image

GE Deflector Assembly

NSN: 2825-00-446-6657
General Electric Deflector Assembly. Part no. 8012349G1. 3 ea available. NSN 2825004466657
SMID: 135-9044-885
Condition: New
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westinghouse-turbine-blade-wheel Image

Westinghouse Turbine Blade Wheel

NSN: 2825-00-379-3581
Westinghouse Turbine Blade Wheel. Part no. 1111248. NSN 2825003793581
SMID: 135-9051-658
Condition: New
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6680715-4-6-7-ge-carbon-packing-assembly Image

6680715-4-6-7, GE Carbon Packing Assembly

NSN: 2825-00-306-1447
General Electric Carbon Packing Assembly. Part no. 668071G3. 4 ea available. NSN 2825003061447
SMID: 135-9134-967
Condition: New

carbon-packing-assembly Image

Carbon Packing Assembly

NSN: 2825-00-388-6933
Westinghouse Carbon Packing Assembly. Part no. D15-5440PC705-710-717. 3 ea available. NSN 2825003886933
SMID: 136-0086-872
Condition: New
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titan-brake-shoe Image

Titan Brake Shoe

NSN: 2530-01-052-6019
Titan Brake Shoe. Part no. 10953. 1 shoe only. NSN 2530010526019
SMID: 136-0346-979
Condition: New
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trunnion-42-30318-1 Image

Trunnion 42-30318-1

NSN: 1710-00-315-9739
Trunnion. Military part no. 42-30318-1. 21 ea available. NSN 1710003159739
SMID: 136-0865-806
Condition: New
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hamilton-sundstrand-control-rod-706393 Image


NSN: 2530-00-451-3553
Control Rod. Military part no. 706393. Quantity available. NSN 2530004513553
SMID: 136-0881-381
Condition: New

shim-ring-10503921 Image

Shim Ring 10503921

NSN: 5356-21-878-7283
Shim Ring. Military part no. 10503921. Quantity available. NSN 5356218787283
SMID: 136-0882-696
Condition: New

torsion-bar-support Image

Torsion Bar Support

NSN: 2590-00-010-3793
Torsion Bar Support. Military part no. 10862510. Several available. NSN 2590000103793
SMID: 136-0884-293
Condition: New

tube-assembly Image

Tube Assembly

NSN: 4710-01-460-2431
Metallic Tube Assembly. Military part no. 20-01847. 2 ea available. NSN 4710014602431
SMID: 136-0884-444
Condition: New