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rexroth-pilotair-type-d-valve Image

Rexroth PilotAir Type D Valve

Rexroth PilotAir Type D Valve. Part no. 20032-1100. 1 ea avaialable
SMID: 136-0884-881
Condition: New
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roller-shaft Image

Roller Shaft

NSN: 1210-00-143-1413
Roller Shaft. Military part no. 268972PC1. 3 ea available. NSN 1210001431413
SMID: 136-0886-153
Condition: New

prestolite-rectifier-heat-sink Image

Prestolite Rectifier/Heat Sink

NSN: 2920-00-120-8605
Prestolite Rectifier/Heat Sink. Part no AMA-1046AS 50 ea available. NSN 2920012058605
SMID: 136-0886-626
Condition: New

versa-pneumatic-valve Image

Versa Pneumatic Valve

Versa Pneumatic Valve. Product no. VSG-3321
SMID: 136-0886-850
Condition: New

filler-cap Image

Filler Cap

NSN: 2930-01-546-9962
Filler Cap. Generac Products part no. 18648. NSN 2930015469962
SMID: 136-1825-907
Condition: New

eaton-0127808-brake-shoe-parts-kit Image

Eaton 0127808, Brake Shoe Parts Kit

NSN: 2530-00-139-2438
Brake Shoe Parts Kit. Eaton part no. 0127808. 2 kits available. NSN 2530013992438
SMID: 136-2001-430
Condition: New

tapco-clutch-master-cylinder Image

Tapco Clutch Master Cylinder

34665305, Tapco Clutch Master Cylinder. Jeep Cherokee (1994-1996).
SMID: 136-4405-309
Condition: New

muncie-pto Image

Muncie PTO

NSN: 2520-01-517-1822
Muncie PTO. Part no. 38326-07-H3KX. NSN 2520015171822
SMID: 136-4420-040
Condition: New

synchro-clamp Image

Synchro Clamp

NSN: 5340-00-801-6766
Synchro Clamp. Military part no. 10909322. 2 ea available. NSN 5340008016766
SMID: 136-4421-054
Condition: New

121084-10-tate-andale-lube-oil-strainer Image

121084-10, Tate Andale Lube Oil Strainer

NSN: 2940-00-111-5201
121084-10, Tate Andale Lube Oil Strainer. NSN 2940001115201
SMID: 136-4422-136
Condition: New

priming-pump-handle Image

Priming Pump Handle

NSN: 2910-01-264-8409
Priming Pump Handle. Zexel part no. 5220-5320. Isuzu part no. 5157610050.
Alternate part numbers [HYSTER-YALE-348461]
SMID: 136-4423-190
Condition: New

honeywell-micro-switch Image

Honeywell Micro Switch

Honeywell Micro Switch. Part no. BZ-2RW822-A2. 58 ea available
SMID: 136-4424-340
Condition: New

adjusting-screw-body Image

Adjusting Screw Body

NSN: 2840-00-798-6564
Adjusting Screw Body. Military part no. RD16228.
Crane Company part number RD24309. 20 ea available. NSN 2840007986564
SMID: 136-8741-850
Condition: New

hose-assembly Image

Hose Assembly

NSN: 4720-01-340-5840
Hose Assembly. Military part no. O7A134G0185KB, AS207G0185K00B. 3 ea available. NSN 4720013405840
SMID: 136-8744-873
Condition: New
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delco-generator-drive Image

Delco Generator Drive

Delco Generator Drive/Fan. Outside diameter 17 inches. Diameter across bolt holes 13 5/8 inches.
SMID: 136-9082-517
Condition: Excellent
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delco-generator-drive Image

Delco Generator Drive

Delco Generator Drive/Fan. Outside diameter 19 1/2 inches. Diameter across bolt holes 15 3/4 inches.
SMID: 136-9083-242
Condition: Excellent
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pendant-assembly Image

Pendant Assembly

NSN: 1710-00-739-5332
Pendant Assembly. Part no. 22-31808-9. 5 ea available. NSN 1710007395332
SMID: 136-9849-771
Condition: New
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3022660-1-solenoid-valve-kit Image

3022660-1, Solenoid Valve Kit

NSN: 4810-01-226-0248
Solenoid Valve Kit. Military part no. 3022660-1. NSN 4810012260248
SMID: 137-0453-795
Condition: New

delco-remy-generator-24-volt Image

Delco Remy Generator 24 Volt

Delco Remy Generator. 24 VDC. Model no. 110505450, end frame no. 1945110
SMID: 137-0458-091
Condition: New
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helical-gearshaft Image

Helical Gearshaft

NSN: 3040-00-883-0353
Helical Gearshaft. Military part no. 10932776. 2 ea available. NSN 3040008830353
SMID: 137-0459-353
Condition: New

flush-valve-assembly Image

Flush Valve Assembly

NSN: 4510-00-216-5474
Flush Valve Assembly. Sloan part no. CN-1003-A. 6 ea available. NSN 4510002165474
SMID: 137-0468-864
Condition: New

gear-755017a8225 Image

Gear 755017A8225

NSN: 3020-01-108-8018
Gear, Harris part no. 755017A8225. 34 ea available. NSN 3020010808018
SMID: 137-0469-841
Condition: New

rigid-connecting-link Image

Rigid Connecting Link

NSN: 3040-01-290-5063
Waukesha Rigid Connecting Link. Part no. D-020-055. NSN 3040012905063
SMID: 137-0470-964
Condition: New
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allis-chalmers-fuel-injection-pump Image

Allis Chalmers Fuel Injection Pump

Allis Chalmers 3500 Fuel Injection Pump. Roosa Master, Stanadyne DBGFC637-1EZ. Manufacture part no. 4026738. Core.
SMID: 137-0552-791
Condition: Core

allis-chalmers-3500-series-fan Image

Allis Chalmers 3500 Series Fan

Allis Chalmers 3500 Series Pusher Fan
SMID: 137-0616-769
Condition: New
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shouldered-shaft Image

Shouldered Shaft

NSN: 3040-01-313-2838
Shouldered Shaft. Military part no. 12351123. 2 ea available. NSN 3040013132838
SMID: 137-1586-822
Condition: New

onan-generator-drive-plate Image

Onan Generator Drive Plate

Onan Generator Drive Plate. SAE 3. Off of 60QL-299/18A generator end.
SMID: 137-1764-252
Condition: Good
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600-gph-rowpu-electric-motor Image

600 GPH ROWPU Electric Motor

600 GPH ROWPU High Pressure Pump Electric Motor. Drives Hi Pressure RO pump on military 600 GPH watermakers. 20 HP, 1175 RPM. Numbers 50BC3JP3, 35BC02XP3
SMID: 137-2778-656
Condition: Excellent
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600-gph-rowpu-booster-pump Image

600 GPH ROWPU Booster Pump

600 GPH ROWPU Booster Pump. Pumps from multimedia filter to cartridge filter. Baldor 3 ph motor 34-5104-3226.
SMID: 137-3303-173
Condition: Good
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rotary-phase-converter Image

Rotary Phase Converter

WMS Rotary Phase Converter. Maxiphase model RPC20-60, serial no. 08114759W. NL Amps 18, 230VAC 60 Hz. combined total HP 60, Largest single motor HP 20.
SMID: 137-3318-114
Condition: New
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drive-plate Image

Drive Plate

Drive Plate. 8 1/2" diameter. Center hole 2" diameter. Outer bolt holes 7 7/8" across, inner bolts 2 3/4" across
SMID: 137-4082-658
Condition: Good
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lucas-cav-injection-pump-core Image

Lucas CAV Injection Pump Core

Lucas CAV Injection Pump Core. part no. 3249480, model no. 57/800/171875. core condition, does not turn. Off of 4 cylinder Bedford Diesel
SMID: 137-4268-880
Condition: Core
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star-powr-7-4l-exhaust-elbow Image

Star Powr 7.4L Exhaust Elbow

Star Powr 7.4L Exhaust Elbow. Off of Star Powr, Ford 7.4 liter Power Stroke marine engine. Part no. 3900361M1. Use only in fresh water.
SMID: 137-6931-470
Condition: Excellent
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star-powr-7-4l-bell-housing Image

Star Powr 7.4L Bell Housing

Star Powr 7.4L Bell Housing. Off of Star Powr, Ford 7.4 liter Power Stroke marine engine. Will accept Hurth, Paragon or Borg Warner gears.
SMID: 137-6933-101
Condition: Excellent

harrison-radiator-co-oil-cooler Image

Harrison Radiator Co Oil Cooler

Harrison Radiator Co Oil Cooler. Model no. HE1250-301, serial no. V-5418. Test 200 PSI.
SMID: 137-9538-543
Condition: Good

mitsubishi-alternator-12v-40a Image

Mitsubishi Alternator 12V 40A

Mitsubishi Alternator. 12V, 40A. Part no. A7TA0171B. Model no. 30A68-00801. Off of Mitsubishi L3-E engine. New take-off.
SMID: 137-9708-886
Condition: New
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mitsubishi-alternator-12v-50a Image

Mitsubishi Alternator 12V 50A

Mitsubishi Alternator. 12V, 50A. Part no. A7T02077C. Model no. 32A68-00302. Off of Mitsubishi S4Q engine. New take-off.
SMID: 137-9709-293
Condition: New

16a12-01000-mitsubishi-engine-stop-timer Image

16A12-01000, Mitsubishi Engine Stop Timer

Mitsubishi Engine Stop Timer. Part no. 16A12-01000. New in box. 7 available.
SMID: 137-9710-389
Condition: New

air-brake-chamber-housing Image

Air Brake Chamber Housing

NSN: 2530-01-234-7354
Bendix Air Brake Chamber Housing. Part no. 225643. NSN 2530012347354
SMID: 137-9711-032
Condition: New

chelsea-pto-control-cable Image

Chelsea PTO Control Cable

Chelsea PTO Control Cable. Part no. 378441-10
SMID: 137-9711-644
Condition: New