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fram-fuel-oil-filter Image

Fram Fuel Oil Filter

Fram Fuel oil filter. Model no. FBM1124-APB. For cartridge no. C-1124APS. New, unused.
SMID: 112-8376-695
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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motorola-tach-hour-meter-4-307-24-volts Image

Motorola Tach / Hour Meter 4-307, 24 volts

Motorola electric tachometer / hour meter. Model no 4-307. 24 volts Operates off of engine alternator only. New, in box, 1 available.
SMID: 112-9236-509
Condition: New

tachometer-drive-cable Image

Tachometer Drive Cable

NSN: 2990-00-623-9924
Tachometer Drive Cable. 60 inch long. Part no. 153636. New, as pictured. NSN 2990-00-623-9924, 2990006239924, 2990 00 623 9924
SMID: 113-1659-958
Condition: New
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5r6289-caterpillar-seal-kit Image

5R6289, Caterpillar Seal Kit

NSN: 3830-01-267-1354
5R-6289, Caterpillar seal kit. For D7G and other Ripper lift cylinders. Kit includes following part no's: 1672312, 1672201, 1J0708, 1P3702, 2K3258, 8C3840, 8T0785, 4J0522, 5J-4989/0101. NSN 3830-01-267-1354, 3830012671354, 3830 01 267 1354, New in box, 80 available.
SMID: 116-2506-768
Condition: New

twin-disc-drive-ring-5712 Image

Twin Disc Drive Ring - 5712

NSN: 2520-01-233-4830
Flywheel drive ring. Drive for air compressor. Part no. 5712. In excellent condition
SMID: 116-9750-197
Condition: Excellent

ge-3phase-1-4-hp-electric-motor Image

GE 3Phase 1/4 HP Electric Motor

General Electric 1/4 HP 3 phase electric motor. Model no. 5K45AC1980. 1725 RPM. Surplus new, unused.
SMID: 116-9756-216
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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dual-flex-engine-mounts Image

Dual Flex Engine Mounts

Dual Flex Engine mounts. Manufactured by Bushings, Inc. Model DF-216. Rated at 500 - 1200 lb, 80 - 500 HP engines (4 point mount). Sets of 4 ea.
SMID: 116-9826-291
Condition: New
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30-amp-safety-shutdown-switch Image

30 Amp Safety Shutdown Switch

Challenger Safety switch. 30 amp, 240 VAC, 250 VDC. NEMA 1 enclosure. Cat. no. HD221SNC. New in box.
SMID: 117-0452-540
Condition: New
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electric-motor-2-hp-3-phase Image

Electric Motor 2 HP 3 Phase

Electric motor. 2 HP 3 phase. Made by US Motors. Unimount 125. 1725 RPM. 208-230 / 460 VAC. Model ID no. Y12Y272R042M. New, unused
SMID: 117-0453-083
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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ge-cr224c210a-relay Image

GE CR224C210A Relay

General Electric Relay, part no. CR224C210A. 600 VAC maximum. Surplus new.
SMID: 117-0694-985
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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allen-bradley-24vdc-relay Image

Allen-Bradley 24VDC Relay

Allen-Bradley 24VDC Relay. Cat. no. 700DC-N300Z24. Series C. New, in box.
SMID: 117-0695-971
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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zem-rectifier-for-ducati-motorcylcle Image

ZEM Rectifier for Ducati Motorcylcle

ZEM rectifier for Ducati Motorcycle. Part no. 343542 8302. For 12VDC charge systems
SMID: 117-0700-691
Condition: New

sleeve Image


Sleeve. Part no. 1314476
SMID: 117-0706-740
Condition: New
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thermo-king-temperature-switch Image

Thermo King Temperature Switch

Thermo King temperature switch. Part no. 44-1924. New in box, 22 available.
SMID: 117-0706-984
Condition: New

cutler-hamer-type-m-relay Image

Cutler-Hamer Type M Relay

Cutler-Hamer type M latched relay. No. D26MRD602.
Type: M
Series: A2
Poles: 6 N.O - 0 N.C.
Coil: 240 VDC
Removed from equipment that was never put in service
SMID: 117-0712-509
Condition: Surplus - Low time

thermo-king-temp-valve Image

Thermo King Temp Valve

Thermo King temperature valve. Part no. 66-2024 8501. New in box, 3 ea available.
SMID: 117-0792-070
Condition: New
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brueninghaus-hydraulic-pump-model-a7vlo Image

Brueninghaus Hydraulic Pump model A7VLO

Brueninghaus hydraulic pump. model A7VLO, Part no. 02421565, serial no. 1989948. 1200 RPM motor. New, unused.
SMID: 117-3803-843
Condition: Surplus - New unused

dayton-hydraulic-pump Image

Dayton Hydraulic Pump

Dayton hydraulic pump. Model no. 4Z784. Off of Detroit Diesel 6-71.
SMID: 117-6407-753
Condition: Good

trombdetta-solenoid Image

Trombdetta Solenoid

Trombetta solenoid. PN P515-A57V12, serial no. 23504196. 12 VDC. Used as shutdown for Detroit Diesel engines.
SMID: 117-6905-488
Condition: Good
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asco-tri-point-flow-switch Image

ASCO Tri-Point Flow Switch

NSN: 5930-01-143-4965
ASCO Tri-Point flow switch. Cat. no. SD12B, serial no. 8619U. 125 / 250 VAC. 1/8 hp at 125 VAC, 1/4 hp at 250 VAC. Approved for hazardous locations. 3 ea available. NSN 5930011434965
SMID: 117-6907-014
Condition: Surplus - New unused

sae-0-to-sae-1-adapter Image

SAE 0 to SAE 1 Adapter

SAE 0 to SAE 1 adapter. Adapts SAE 0 bell housings to SAE 1 driven equipment. As pictured. 2 ea available.
SMID: 117-9418-327
Condition: Excellent
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4-pneumatic-solenoid-valve Image

4" Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

4" pneumatic solenoid valve. Made by Consolidated Control Company. Code identification no. 09790. Serial no. C3932. Pressure rating, inlet - 100 lbs, proof - 225lbs. Operating tempurature 925 deg F. Voltage 28 - 32 VDC. Current - 1 Amp, resistive - 5 amps, conductive -.3 amp. New in box.
SMID: 118-3058-093
Condition: New
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6v-53-marine-heat-exchanger-tank Image

6V 53 Marine Heat Exchanger Tank

Detroit Diesel 6V-53 marine heat exchanger tank. Manufacture San Juan Engineering. Part no. CS653A1. National Sock No. 4420-00-937-5901, 4420009375901, 4420 00 937 5901. LOA 36 inch, 4 1/4inch dia, 281/4 inch shell length (between channel heads). New in box, 2 ea available. To view application, SMID: 118-4017-696
Condition: New

perko-sea-strainer Image

Perko Sea Strainer

Perko raw water sea strainer 30 in long by 8 in wide. 3 in pipe inlet and outlet.
SMID: 118-5555-690
Condition: Good
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gray-marine-il-71-expansion-tank Image

Gray Marine IL 71 Expansion Tank

Gray Marine In Line 71 series expansion tank. Set up for keel cooling. Casting no. H29303247618. As is. Tank part no. D6-565.
SMID: 118-5556-280
Condition: As is
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copelamatic-compressor-model-no-mra2-0500-tfd Image

Copelamatic Compressor Model no MRA2-0500-TFD

Copelamatic refrigeration Compressor, model no. MRA20500TFD. Serial no. 89H15750W. 460 VAC 3 phase.
Application MEDR-12/LO R-502
SMID: 118-5557-192
Condition: Good
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niehoff-24v-alternator Image

Niehoff 24V Alternator

Niehoff 24 V alternator. model no. A501-1. 24 volt, 30 amps. Includes regulator model no. A501-2, voltage setting 27.7
SMID: 118-6169-445
Condition: Excellent

electronic-gear-shift-actuator Image

Electronic Gear Shift Actuator

Electronic Gear Shift Actuator. Sturdy Marine Division, Wilmington, N.C. Sturdy P.N. 83005530, DDC P.N. 23508958. Needs work, as pictured
SMID: 118-6608-447
Condition: As is

ddec-ii-diagnostics-box Image

DDEC II Diagnostics Box

DDEC 2 Diagnostics box. No numbers available, as pictured.
SMID: 118-6609-461
Condition: Good

robertshaw-thermo-switch Image

Robertshaw Thermo-Switch

Robertshaw Thermo-Switch. Model no. 99168. Cat part no. 5N8597. Actuates at 98.3C (208 F). Can be wired N.O or N.C. Thermocouple threaded standard 1/2 NPT. Surplus new, unused.
SMID: 119-3671-730
Condition: Surplus - New unused

staffa-hydraulic-motor Image

Staffa Hydraulic Motor

Staffa Hydraulic Motor. Five piston radial design. 2 1/8 inch output shaft. In excellent condition. Casting no. C27939A
SMID: 119-7563-846
Condition: Excellent

bendix-check-valve-pn-228194 Image

Bendix Check Valve PN 228194

NSN: 4820-00-633-3523
Bendix check valve. Part no. 228194. New in box. NSN 4820006333523
SMID: 120-3548-772
Condition: New

mallory-electronic-distributors Image

Mallory Electronic Distributors

Mallory electronic marine distributors. Non-tach drive. Fits GM 262-454, 502 CID engines except 348, 409, Tall block engines. Installed once, engines never turned over. 2 wire breakerless ignition module. Includes caps and rotors. 2 ea available.
SMID: 120-5870-296
Condition: New
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vickers-pump-pn-v201p13p1011 Image

Vickers Pump PN V201P13P1011

Vickers Pump PN V201P13P1011. Includes drive, as pictured.
SMID: 120-6650-192
Condition: Good
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vickers-hydraulic-pump Image

Vickers Hydraulic Pump

Vickers hydraulic vane pump. Model no. V20F1P13P, serial no. 3B8611L. Driven off of rear of Detroit Diesel engines.
SMID: 121-4337-037
Condition: Good
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jabsco-raw-water-pump-11870-0007 Image

Jabsco Raw Water Pump 11870-0007

Jabsco Raw water pump. Part no 11870-0007. 24V electric clutch. As pictured
SMID: 121-5621-619
Condition: Good
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twin-disc-pto-sae-3-c111hp3 Image

Twin Disc PTO SAE 3 C111HP3

Twin Disc PTO. Model no. C111HP3, spec no. 32369. SAE 3 housing, 2 1/4 in dia. output shaft
SMID: 121-5720-567
Condition: Good

pto-sae-2-housing Image

PTO, SAE 2 Housing

PTO, SAE 2 housing. Casting no. 8254. 2 1/4 inch output shaft. Output drive sheave part no. 60XH300-F
SMID: 121-6224-363
Condition: Good

pneumatic-actuator-pn-2320-1009-040 Image

Pneumatic Actuator PN 2320-1009-040

ARO Economair pneumatic actuator. Part no. 2320-1009-040. With hoses, as pictured.
SMID: 121-6419-378
Condition: New

bell-housing-adapter-sae-00-to-sae-0 Image

Bell Housing Adapter, SAE 00 to SAE 0

Bell housing adapter. Part no 6964. SAE 00 bell housing to SAE 0. 2 ea available.
SMID: 121-6747-095
Condition: Excellent