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clark-push-pull-cable-1778013 Image

Clark Push Pull Cable 1778013

NSN: 2990-01-049-8624
Clark Push Pull Cable. Part no. 177801. 5 ea available. NSN 2990010498624
SMID: 141-5295-221
Condition: New
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ac-oil-filters-type-s-2 Image

AC Oil Filters Type S-2

AC Oil Filter Assembly. Dual filter Type S-2. Element type P-117. Part no. 5572425
SMID: 141-5308-148
Condition: New
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105-273-prestolite-voltage-regulator Image

105-273, Prestolite Voltage Regulator

NSN: 2920-01-293-2862
105-273, Prestolite Voltage Regulator. 24V. Model no. 8RG3D39. NSN 2920012932862
SMID: 141-5980-217
Condition: New

abb-turbo-service-kit-v200-201 Image

ABB Turbo Service Kit V200-201

Wartsila / ABB Turbo Service Kit V200-201. Includes part no's:
SMID: 141-5983-492
Condition: New

fuel-injection-pump-plunger-and-barrel-assy Image

Fuel Injection Pump Plunger and Barrel Assy

NSN: 2910-00-107-2839
Fuel Injection Pump Plunger and Barrel Assy. Fairbanks Morse part no. 16605478. NSN 2910001072839
SMID: 141-5988-865
Condition: New

military-drive-shaft-12273738-1 Image

MIlitary Drive Shaft 12273738-1

NSN: 2520-01-079-4784
12273738-1, Military Drive Shaft. Used on M1A1 Tank. NSN 2520010794784
SMID: 141-5990-147
Condition: New

tumbler-case-assembly Image

Tumbler Case Assembly

NSN: 2540-00-168-2492
5613-50XL, Eastern Company Tumbler Case Assembly. Military part no. 7047095. 25 available NSN 2540001682492
SMID: 141-6000-529
Condition: New

dynaflex-exhaust-loop-clamp-73-500ms Image

Dynaflex Exhaust Loop Clamp 73-500MS

NSN: 5340-01-116-3443
Dynaflex Exhaust Loop Clamp. Part no. 73-500MS. NSN 5340011163443
SMID: 141-6854-741
Condition: New

eaton-starter-relay-sx7eg1 Image

Eaton Starter Relay SX7EG1

NSN: 2920-00-487-9461
Eaton Starter Relay. Part no. SX7EG1. NSN 2920004879461
SMID: 141-7640-301
Condition: Good

gm-allison-filter-parts-kit-6799371 Image

GM Allison Filter Parts Kit 6799371

NSN: 4920-00-862-5714
General Motors Allison filter Parts Kit. Part no. 6799371. 4 available. NSN 4920008625714
SMID: 141-7724-191
Condition: New

ge-packing-ring-6680563-8x101a150cb4 Image

GE Packing Ring 6680563-8X101A150CB4

NSN: 2825-00-372-9739
General Electric Packing Ring. Part no. 6680563-8X101A150CB4. 5 sets available. NSN 2825003729739
SMID: 141-7725-988
Condition: New
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quicksilver-tubing-32-54950-25 Image

Quicksilver Tubing 32-54950 25

Quicksilver Tubing. Part no. 32-54950 25. 25 ft per package, 12 packages available.
SMID: 141-8224-518
Condition: New
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ge-valve-seat-134b252be1 Image

GE Valve Seat 134B252BE1

NSN: 4820-00-691-5755
General Electric Valve Seat. Part no. 134B252BE1. 6 ea available. NSN 4820006915755
SMID: 141-8245-231
Condition: New
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northrop-grumman-seal-ring Image

Northrop Grumman Seal Ring

NSN: 2825-00-063-1160
Northrop Grumman Seal Ring. Part no.298D197H02. NSN 2825000631160
SMID: 141-8318-472
Condition: New

hydraulic-fluid-filter-336747 Image

Hydraulic Fluid Filter 336747

NSN: 4330-00-483-0952
Hydraulic Fluid Filter. Western Filter part no. 336747. 1 ea available. NSN 4330004830952
SMID: 141-8405-521
Condition: New

hydraulic-fluid-filter-419550-70-81 Image

Hydraulic Fluid Filter 419550 70 81

NSN: 4330-01-242-1400
Hydraulic Fluid Filter. Freightliner part no. 419550 70 81. element part no. 419553 71 03. NSN 4330012421400
SMID: 141-8846-910
Condition: New

falk-40t10-cover-and-grid-assembly Image

Falk 40T10 Cover and Grid Assembly

NSN: 3010-01-203-8772
Falk 40T10 Cover and Grid Assembly. For Falk Tapered Grid Steelflex Coupling Salt Water Service Pump.
SMID: 142-0556-659
Condition: New

mp-pumps-centrifugal-pump Image

MP Pumps Centrifugal Pump

NSN: 4320-00-792-8746
MP Pumps Centrifugal Pump. Part no. 12111. 1/2 inch suction and discharge. NSN 4320007928746
SMID: 142-0663-135
Condition: New

ren-lube-oil-level-indicator Image

Ren Lube Oil Level Indicator

Ren Lube Oil Level Indicator. As p[ictured
SMID: 142-0734-548
Condition: Good

bendix-inlet-fitting-241340 Image

Bendix Inlet Fitting 241340

NSN: 4730-01-093-9537
241340, Bendix Air Compressor Inlet Fitting, All Tu-Flo Except TF-300. 2 ea available. NSN 4730010939537
SMID: 142-1430-610
Condition: New

briggs-and-stratton-armature-coil Image

Briggs and Stratton Armature Coil

NSN: 2920-01-210-6593
Briggs and Stratton Armature Coil. Part no. 398811. 9 ea available. NSN 2920012106593
SMID: 142-1685-497
Condition: New

a06718-perko-7-1-4-inch-skene-chocks Image

A06718, Perko 7 1/4 Inch Skene Chocks

NSN: 2040-01-108-1645
Perko 7 1/4 Inch Skene Chocks. Part no. A06718. Comes in set of two, left and right hand. Triple plated Chrome on Bronze. NSN 2040011081645
SMID: 142-1775-121
Condition: New

dayton-model-1tdn2-blower Image

Dayton Model 1TDN2 Blower

7021-1998, Dayton Model 1TDN2 Blower. 12 CFM, 3340 RPM, 115VAC 60/50hz (2C782).
SMID: 142-1776-262
Condition: Excellent

hatch-dog-assembly Image

Hatch Dog Assembly

NSN: 2040-01-298-3614
Stainless Steel Hatch Dog Assembly. Military part no. EDA 87-7. Several available. NSN 2040012983614
SMID: 142-1941-587
Condition: New
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cole-hersee-solenoid-24063 Image

Cole Hersee Solenoid 24063

NSN: 5945-00-081-9491
Cole Hersee Solenoid. Part no. 24063. 24VDC. 10 ea available. NSN 5945000819491
SMID: 142-1942-442
Condition: New

timken-jhm840449-jhm840410-tapered-roller-bearing Image

Timken JHM840449-JHM840410, Tapered Roller Bearing

NSN: 3110-01-165-1405
Timken Tapered Roller Bearing. Part no. JHM840449-JHM840410.
SMID: 142-1961-844
Condition: New

kokusan-sn2111-glow-plug-timer Image

Kokusan SN2111 Glow Plug Timer

Kokusan Glow Plug Timer. Part no. SN2111. 2 ea available.
SMID: 142-2458-860
Condition: New

mitsubishi-oil-filter-34340-10101 Image

Mitsubishi Oil Filter 34340-10101

Mitsubishi Oil Filter. Part no. 34340-10101. 8 ea available.
SMID: 142-2459-531
Condition: New

chrysler-heater-core-4034997 Image

Chrysler Heater Core 4034997

NSN: 2540-01-166-1342
Chrysler Heater Core. Part no. 4034997. For 78-79 light duty trucks. NSN 2540011661342
SMID: 142-2469-592
Condition: New

browning-4b58sd-q-d-sheave Image

Browning 4B58SD Q-D Sheave

Browning 4B58SD Q-D Sheave, Cast Iron, 4 Groove, A or B Belt, Uses SD Bushing. 2 inch bore, 6.15 inch OD
SMID: 142-2564-576
Condition: New

browning-b5v74-sheave Image

Browning B5V74 Sheave

Browning Cast Iron 1 Groove, B5V74 Sheave. 7.68", outside diameter, uses A, AX, 4L, B, BX, 5L, 5V, 5VX section belts and B bushing. Ability to run multiple belt sections allows a variety of pitch diameters and power ranges. Incorporates Browning Split Taper Bushing - The only bushing system that provides a true…
SMID: 142-2566-854
Condition: New

browning-b-25mm-split-taper-bushing Image

Browning B 25MM Split Taper bushing

Browning B 25MM Split Taper bushing. Bore Size 25mm, flange OD 3-11/16” .
SMID: 142-2568-043
Condition: New

no image available

ME059701, Mitsubishi Glow Plug Indicator

Mitsubishi Glow Plug Indicator. Part no. ME059701. Several available.
SMID: 142-2630-074
Condition: New
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drive-hub Image

Drive Hub

Drive Hub. Unknown manufacture, no numbers available. Large end 6 bolt holes 13 inches diameter. Small end 4 ea 3/8x18 threaded holes 4 3/4 inch diameter. Mounted on 2 1/2" keyed shaft. 7 1/2 inches long, 90 lbs
SMID: 142-4379-370
Condition: New

hartman-400-hz-contactor Image

Hartman 400 HZ Contactor

Hartman 400 HZ Contactor. Part no. BR-394A, 8150001. Serial no. CC56497. 225 Amps, 115/200VAC. 3PDT continuous coil. 400HZ
SMID: 142-4453-167
Condition: New

schwitzer-duroflow-blower Image

Schwitzer DuroFlow Blower

Schwitzer DuroFlow Positive Displacement Blower. 4 inch inlet and outlet. No Data tag on blower. Teco 20HP 3 phase 60hz motor. Type ASFA, 230/460 VAC. 3520 RPM.
SMID: 142-5483-537
Condition: Good
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prestolite-24v-alternator Image

Prestolite 24V Alternator

NSN: 6115-01-459-1661
Prestolite 24V Marine Alternator. Model no. 8EM3005CA. 24VDC, 18A. As-is. NSN 6115014591661
SMID: 142-5495-210
Condition: As is
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rf-1026-k-amp-n-air-filter Image

RF-1026, K& N Air Filter

K& N Air Filter. Part no. RF-1026. 2 ea available.
SMID: 142-6539-062
Condition: New

bell-housing-adapter-sae-4-to-sae-5 Image

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 4 to SAE 5

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 4 to SAE 5. 5 ea available.
SMID: 142-6878-308
Condition: Good

bell-housing-adapter-sae-3-to-sae-4 Image

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 3 To SAE 4

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 3 To SAE 4
SMID: 142-6878-869
Condition: Good