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hyster-exhaust-pipe-114319w Image

Hyster Exhaust Pipe 114319W

NSN: 2990-00-522-2520
Hyster Exhaust Pipe. Part no. 114319W NSN 2990005222520
SMID: 143-7412-509
Condition: New

a2247d1018-rockwell-wedge-assembly Image

A2247D1018, Rockwell Wedge Assembly

NSN: 2530-00-117-9144
A2247D1018, Rockwell Wedge Assembly. For Rockwell-standard "Stopmaster" brakes using 3/4" block. 1-3/4" stroke x 12° 1-3/4" wedge assembly may be substituted as a complete assembly in place of 1-1/2" wedge assembly. NSN 2530001179144
SMID: 143-7746-208
Condition: New

d2h-a3ss-d1h-a3ss-barksdale-diaphragm-pressure-switch Image

D2H-A3SS, D1H-A3SS Barksdale Diaphragm Pressure Switch

Barksdale's Diaphragm Pressure Switches offer superior accuracy in a robust package, making them the ideal solution to your industrial pressure control needs. Diaphragm switches are ideal for applications demanding instrument class accuracy and where pressure pulsations are less than 25 cycles per minute. Available in…
SMID: 143-8010-879
Condition: New

alco-expansion-valve-xb1019fw351b Image

Alco Expansion Valve XB1019FW351B

Alco Expansion Valve. Part no. XB1019 FW35 1B.
SMID: 143-8021-506
Condition: New

ingersoll-rand-valve-30309728 Image

Ingersoll Rand Valve 30309728

Ingersoll Rand Low Discharge Valve. Part no. 30309728. 2 ea available.
SMID: 143-8101-546
Condition: New

ingersoll-rand-valve-30431159 Image

Ingersoll Rand Valve 30431159

Ingersoll Rand Discharge Valve. Part no. 30431159
SMID: 143-8102-699
Condition: New
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ingersoll-rand-valve-30309736 Image

Ingersoll Rand Valve 30309736

Ingersoll Rand Intake Valve. Part no. 30309736.
SMID: 143-8104-350
Condition: New

ingersoll-rand-valve-30405898 Image

Ingersoll Rand Valve 30405898

Ingersoll Rand Discharge Valve. Part no. 30405898
SMID: 143-8104-743
Condition: New

mep005a-acoustic-suppression-kit Image

MEP005A Acoustic Suppression Kit

NSN: 6166-01-234-6545
MEP005A Acoustic Suppression Kit. ASK 30. Model MEP005AAS. NSN 6166012346545. Dimensions 108X42X76H, weight 1426 lbs. Missing stacks for intake and exhaust. Made by Libby Mfg Company
SMID: 144-2607-348
Condition: As is

mep005a-acoustic-suppression-kit-ask-30 Image

MEP005A Acoustic Suppression Kit. ASK 30

NSN: 6166-01-234-6545
MEP005A Acoustic Suppression Kit. ASK 30. Model MEP005AAS. NSN 6166012346545. Dimensions 108X42X76H, weight 1426 lbs. made by Libby Mfg Company
SMID: 144-2608-727
Condition: As is

bell-housing-adapter-sae-2-to-sae-1 Image

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 2 to SAE 1

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 2 to SAE 1
SMID: 144-3453-997
Condition: Excellent
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twin-disc-technodrive-pto Image

Twin Disc Technodrive PTO

Twin Disc Technodrive PTO. Model no. RM150, 1.96:1 ratio. SAE 3, 11 1/2" dual plate clutch.
SMID: 144-3799-444
Condition: New
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600-gph-water-purification-unit Image

600 GPH Water Purification Unit

NSN: 4610-01-300-0918
600 GPH Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis. Purifies salt water, brackish water, impure fresh water sources to potable water. Model WPES2-TYPE II, serial no. WPES2-8270. This unit was refubished by the military, has been in storage for a few years. It has all the necessary pumps for operation, no hoses.…
SMID: 144-9093-888
Condition: As is
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northrop-grumman-gas-shock-92755 Image

Northrop Grumman Gas Shock 92755

NSN: 2040-01-420-7363
Northrop Grumman Gas Shock. Part no. 92755. 8 ea available. NSN 2040014207363
SMID: 144-9866-818
Condition: New
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oshkosh-hydraulic-ram-3173420 Image

Oshkosh Hydraulic Ram 3173420

NSN: 2590-01-230-3922
Oshkosh Hydraulic Ram. Part no. 3173420. NSN 2590012303922
SMID: 144-9868-109
Condition: New
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axletech-tie-rod-arm-e88550411 Image

Axletech Tie Rod Arm E88550411

NSN: 2530-01-548-6262
Axletech Tie Rod Arm. Part no. E88550411. 6 ea available. NSN 2530015486262
SMID: 144-9869-207
Condition: New

gear-assembly Image

Gear Assembly

NSN: 3020-00-389-3386
Gear Assembly. NSN 3020003893386
SMID: 144-9870-043
Condition: New
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navsea-watertight-door-kit Image

NavSea Watertight Door Kit

NSN: 3895-01-379-3546
NavSea Watertight Door Kit. Part no. WTDKit-2. 12 kits available. NSN 3895013793546
SMID: 145-2198-157
Condition: New

mcgraw-edison-rope-sheave Image

McGraw-Edison Rope Sheave

McGraw-Edison Rope Sheave Snatch Block. Part no. 3074UK-16. 16 inch, 16000 lb capacity. Rope size 2". 2 ea available. Weight 118 lbs. NSN 3940008792137
SMID: 145-3500-921
Condition: New
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military-brake-cable-1533-5901 Image

Military Brake Cable 1533-5901

NSN: 2530-01-048-8020
Military Brake Cable Assembly. Part no. 1533-5901. 26 available. NSN 2530010488020
SMID: 145-4443-059
Condition: New
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kw-products-grinding-wheel Image

KW Products Grinding Wheel

KW Products Grinding Wheel. 16x4 inch, 1075 Max RPM. Part no's C346929, 548-00-33-09. 2 ea available.
SMID: 145-4449-652
Condition: New

sloan-flush-stop-valve Image

Sloan Flush Stop Valve

NSN: 4510-00-139-4358
Sloan Flush Stop Valve. Part no. 0308757. 155 ea available. NSN 4510001394358
SMID: 145-4511-692
Condition: New

cylinder-head-lifting-attachment Image

Cylinder Head Lifting Attachment

NSN: 4910-00-456-7620
Cylinder Head Lifting Attachment. For lifting cylinder heads off of V engines easily. Oshkosh part no 2KM35. Kent Moore part no. J-22062-01. 3 ea available. NSN 4910004567620
SMID: 145-4518-171
Condition: New

ge-circuit-breaker Image

GE Circuit Breaker

GE Circuit Breaker. Catalog no. TEB132100WL. 100 Amp 240 VAC. 3 pole.
SMID: 145-6776-748
Condition: Surplus - New unused

mitsubishi-s4q-2-radiator-fan Image

Mitsubishi S4Q-2 Radiator Fan

Mitsubishi S4Q, S4Q-2 Radiator Fan. Part no. 32C4800401. Pusher type fan. Taken off of new engine. 2 ea available.
SMID: 145-8072-139
Condition: New

mitsubishi-s4l-2-radiator-fan Image

Mitsubishi S4L-2 Radiator Fan

Mitsubishi S4L-2 Radiator Fan. Suction Fan. Part no. MM40746001. Taken off of new engine.
SMID: 145-8156-735
Condition: New

kalmar-ac-hydraulic-cylinder-8636594 Image

Kalmar AC Hydraulic Cylinder 8636594

Kalmar AC Hydraulic Cylinder 8636594, 78636594-0, 863594-7, 8636594-7. NSN 2590-01-243-6079, 259001243-6079. Allis Chalmers 7 ea avilable
SMID: 146-0829-033
Condition: New

ford-bendix-valve-assembly-e3hz2b431-a Image

Ford Bendix Valve Assembly E3HZ2B431-A

NSN: 2530-01-175-7725
Ford Bendix Valve Assembly, Air Brake E3HZ2B431-A, E0HZ2B431-A,
Bendix E2HT-2B431-AA, NSN 2530011757725
SMID: 146-0832-405
Condition: New

rexroth-hydraulic-motor-m15s-9ah7-3-b Image

Rexroth Hydraulic Motor M15S-9AH7-3-B

NSN: 4320-01-487-7023
Rexroth Hydraulic Motor M15S-9AH7-3-B, 17-2-0213-1, M15S-9AH7-3-B, 58114 M155-AH7-3-B, NSN 4320014877023, 7ea
SMID: 146-0836-433
Condition: New

cm-automotive-systems-inc-mdl-102-cti-cont Image

CM Automotive Systems Inc, Mdl: 102, CTI Cont

NSN: 4810-01-359-2945
CM Automotive Systems Inc, Mdl: 102,
CTI Controller - 10214033, 10214033 REV E, OSHKOSH CORP 3154923, quantity used available, 4810-01-359-2945, NSN 4810013592945
SMID: 146-0846-690
Condition: Fair

mico-brake-caliper-02-530-400 Image

Mico Brake Caliper 02-530-400

NSN: 2530-01-336-7021
Mico Brake Caliper. Part no. 02-530-400. Used on Military JLG 28000 forklifts. 1 available. NSN 2530013367021
SMID: 146-1770-703
Condition: New

axletech-brake-spider-3211z6370 Image

AxleTech Brake Spider 3211Z6370

NSN: 2530-01-549-0414
3211Z6370, Axle Tech Brake Spider.
Oshkosh part number 23KP538
Meritor part number 321101025E, 3211Z6370. NSN 2530015490414
SMID: 146-1782-560
Condition: New

bendix-master-cylinder-12203 Image

Bendix Master Cylinder 12203

NSN: 2530-01-332-6079
Bendix Master Cylinder. Part no. 12203. Ford part no. E6TZ2140-A. NSN 2530013326079
SMID: 146-1789-250
Condition: New

united-technologies-bendix-drive-200560 Image

United Technologies Bendix Drive 200560

United Technologies Bendix Drive 200560. NSN 2920004404902
SMID: 146-1790-798
Condition: New

3m-fluid-filter-13107-01 Image

3M Fluid Filter 13107-01

NSN: 2910-00-289-8334
3M Fluid Filter 13107-01. Made by Cuno. Replacement cartridge 200030. Max pressure 90 PSI, max temp 300 deg F. 2 ea available. NSN 2910002898334
SMID: 146-1791-997
Condition: New

demco-wheel-cylinder-part-no-17185 Image

Demco Wheel Cylinder Part no. 17185

NSN: 2530-01-288-9779
Demco Wheel Cylinder Part no. 17185. Right Hand for Duo-Servo 12" Hydraulic Brakes
For use with 12" x 2" Duo-Servo Hydraulic Brake. Fits Part No. 3201916. NSN 2530012889779
SMID: 146-1877-620
Condition: New

bendix-air-brake-check-valve-280809n Image

Bendix Air Brake Check Valve 280809N

NSN: 2530-00-483-0834
280809N, Bendix DC-4 Double Check Valve, Three Female 3/8" NPT Ports & One Male 3/8" NPT Port. NSN 2530004830834
SMID: 146-1942-892
Condition: New

ac-delco-seal-kit-18h159 Image

AC Delco Seal Kit 18H159

NSN: 2530-01-395-6133
AC Delco Front Caliper Seal Kit 18H159. GM part no. 18031633. Six kits available. NSN 2530013956133
SMID: 146-1944-619
Condition: New

eaton-transmission-selector-valve-a4490 Image

Eaton Transmission Selector Valve A4490

NSN: 2520-01-182-9245
Eaton Transmission Selector Valve. Part no. A4490. NSN 2520011829245
SMID: 146-2393-884
Condition: New

hydraulic-flow-regulator-12333014 Image

Hydraulic Flow Regulator 12333014

NSN: 2590-01-158-3018
Hydraulic Flow Regulator. Military part no. 12333014. NSN 2590011583018
SMID: 146-2478-550
Condition: New