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hydraulic-flow-regulator-12333014 Image

Hydraulic Flow Regulator 12333014

NSN: 2590-01-158-3018
Hydraulic Flow Regulator. Military part no. 12333014. NSN 2590011583018
SMID: 146-2478-550
Condition: New

bendix-piston-106111n Image

Bendix Piston 106111N

NSN: 2530-01-159-9748
Bendix Air Compressor Piston. Part no. 106111N. Includes wrist pin pictured. 3 ea available. NSN 2530011599748
SMID: 146-2480-096
Condition: New

disc-brake-pads-107285014 Image

Disc Brake Pads 107285014

NSN: 2530-01-284-8205
Disc Brake Pads. Part no. 107285014. Made by NMC/WOLLARD, INC. 3 pairs available. NSN 2530012848205
Sold in pairs (2 each)
SMID: 146-2480-802
Condition: New

morse-33-c-control-cable-15-ft Image

Morse 33-C Control Cable 15 Ft

NSN: 2990-01-082-1295
Morse 33-C Control Cable 15 Ft. Part no. 032377-03-180.0.
3 ea available. NSN 2990010821295
SMID: 146-2481-929
Condition: New
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siemens-md63b800-circuit-breaker Image

Siemens MD63B800 Circuit Breaker

Siemens MD63B800 Circuit Breaker. Trip unit Cat no. MD63T800. Shunt Trip Cat no. S07MN6. Type MD6 3 pole. 800A, 600 VAC.
SMID: 146-4109-388
Condition: Good

differential-driving-axle-r22-1030 Image

Differential Driving Axle R22 1030

NSN: 2520-01-529-2021
Marmon-Herrington Differential Driving Axle. Part no. R221030. 8 ea available. NSN 2520015292021
SMID: 146-5057-202
Condition: New
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itt-industrial-fluid-cooler-heat-exchanger Image

ITT Industrial Fluid Cooler Heat Exchanger

NSN: 4420-01-190-1106
ITT Industrial Fluid Cooler / Heat Exchanger. Part no. 5-034-04-042-001. Contract no. SPO76001V5494. Shell and tube side both tested at 188 lbs. Rated for use in steam service, also salt water. All bronze material tube and shell. 1 1/2 inch NPT connections tube and shell. LOA 48 inches, Shell OD 4 inches. 2 ea
SMID: 146-5233-640
Condition: New
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nartron-glow-plug-control-1310055 Image

Nartron Glow Plug Control 1310055

NSN: 2920-01-175-7214
Nartron Glow Plug Control. Part no. 1310055. 2 available. NSN 2920011757214
SMID: 146-5243-311
Condition: New

eaton-aerospace-pvb6lsy20cm1-vickers-eaton-hydraulic-pump Image

EATON AEROSPACE PVB6LSY20CM1, Vickers-Eaton Hydraulic Pump

NSN: 4320-00-600-8818
Vickers / Eaton Hydraulic Pump. Model no PVB6LSY20CM11.
Variable displacement in-line piston unit, 6 GPM. LH rotation. 2500-1500 PSI. NSN 4320006008818
SMID: 146-5657-316
Condition: New

trombetta-12v-pull-solenoid-p613-c1v12 Image

Trombetta 12V Pull Solenoid P613-C1V12

Trombetta 12V Pull Solenoid P613-C1V12. The Trombetta P613-C1V12 is a 12 volt pull type solenoid built to withstand high temperatues and high vibration environments. This side-mount solenoid uses a heavy spring return and has a maximum stroke of 1.5". Typical applications include mobile and stationary equipment,…
SMID: 146-5658-941
Condition: New
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synchro-start-solenoid-sa-1831-24 Image

Synchro-Start Solenoid SA-1831-24

NSN: 5945-01-068-9532
Synchro-Start Solenoid. Part no. SA-1831-24. Model SD, serial no. 47361. 24VDC. NSN 5945010689532
SMID: 146-5659-844
Condition: New

cabin-air-filter-element-w250c281 Image

Cabin Air Filter Element: W250C281

NSN: 2940-01-113-1248
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Cabin Air Filter Element. Part no. W250C281, 12294530. NSN 2940011131248
SMID: 146-5661-139
Condition: New
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eddy-current-probe Image

Eddy Current Probe

NSN: 6635-01-378-7716
Eddy Current Probe. Veridian engineering part no. 112667. 2 ea available. NSN 6635013787716
SMID: 146-5662-201
Condition: New
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metrix-pump-adapter-1122f33h01 Image

Metrix Pump Adapter 1122F33H01

NSN: 4320-01-108-1533
Metrix Pump Adapter 1122F33H01. Made for Northrop-Gruman. NSN 4320011081533
[NORTHROP GRUMMAN-1122F33H01, 1122F68 PC 06, 617F181G01PC6]
SMID: 146-5663-644
Condition: New

transmission-insert-10910067 Image

Transmission Insert 10910067

NSN: 2520-00-937-1319
Transmission Insert. Military part no. 10910067. 3 ea available. NSN 2520009371319
SMID: 146-5670-124
Condition: New
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dresser-gear-end-cover-2r598-1 Image

Dresser Gear End Cover 2R598-1

NSN: 4310-00-956-9228
2R598-1, Dresser Gear End Cover. 2 ea available. NSN 4310009569228
SMID: 146-5852-350
Condition: New

7355520-terminal-lug-package-of-5-ea Image

7355520, Terminal Lug (Package of 5 ea)

NSN: 5940-00-735-5520
Terminal Lug. Military part no. 7355520. Package of 5 ea. Thomas and Betts part no. TG33. Large quantity available. NSN 5940007355520
SMID: 146-6878-641
Condition: New

mud-flaps-military-a52402-2 Image

Mud Flaps MIlitary A52402-2

NSN: 2540-00-928-6059
Mud Flaps. Military part no. A52402-2. Quantity available. 38 inch by 16 inch. Quantity available. NSN 2540009286059
SMID: 146-6880-423
Condition: New
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vehicle-insulation-12446852 Image

Vehicle Insulation 12446852

NSN: 2540-01-475-4708
Vehicle Insulation. Military part no. 12446852. 23 ea available. End use: W/S HMMWV; E/I TRUCK UTILITY, 2320-01-371-9583 NSN 2540014754708
SMID: 146-6882-815
Condition: New

sabre-exhaust-mixing-elbow-45260 Image

Sabre Exhaust Mixing Elbow 45260

NSN: 4730-01-233-1797
Sabre Exhaust Mixing Elbow 45260. Perkins Sabre Engines wet exhaust system elbow, for Sabre 5.95 liter is 363 cubic
inches with 212 horsepower, 4730012331797, BOAT, BRIDGE ERECTION MODEL USCSBMK 2
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SMID: 146-7141-662
Condition: New
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vaneaxial-fan-3255441 Image

Vaneaxial Fan 3255441

NSN: 4140-01-261-5724
Vaneaxial Fan. Curttiss-Wright Part number 3255441, BT 4535V-1. Made by IMC Magnetics. 440VAC 3 Phase, 400Hz. 5400 RPM. NSN 4140012615724
SMID: 146-7144-646
Condition: New

door-seal-8035443 Image

Door Seal 8035443

NSN: 2590-01-504-1685
Door Seal. Trak International part no. 8035443. 1 ea available in 6 ft length. NSN 2590015041685
SMID: 146-7228-550
Condition: New

ma52-21008-leaf-spring-alignment-clip Image

MA52-21008, Leaf Spring Alignment Clip

NSN: 2510-01-154-1349
Leaf Spring Alignment Clip. AM General part no. MA52-21008.
12 ea available. NSN 2510011541349
SMID: 146-7736-605
Condition: New

970-498-389-door-lock-assembly Image

970-498-389, Door Lock Assembly

NSN: 2540-00-007-2352
Door Lock Assembly. Trailmobile part no. 970-498-389 NSN 2540000072352
SMID: 146-7738-205
Condition: New

4730014782163-stainless-steel-pipe-elbow-3-3-4-id Image

4730014782163, Stainless Steel Pipe Elbow 3 3/4" ID

NSN: 4730-01-478-2163
Stainless Steel Pipe Elbow 3 3/4" inside diameter. Military part no. 136156.
NSN 4730014782163
SMID: 146-7746-832
Condition: New

metric-hex-head-cap-screw Image

Metric Hex Head Cap Screw

NSN: 5305-50-159-3667
Metric 6mm Hex Head Cap Screw. ASME number AES10M06A012WB4K42. Thousands available. NSN 5305015963667
SMID: 146-7748-635
Condition: New
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control-pedal Image

Control Pedal

NSN: 2540-01-484-5305
Control Pedal. Aerol Co. part no. 51665. NSN 2540014845305
SMID: 146-7821-147
Condition: New

3675412403-alfa-laval-channel-plate-3675412403 Image

3675412403 Alfa Laval Channel Plate 3675412403

NSN: 4420-01-503-4473
3675412403 Alfa Laval Channel Plate. Part no. 3675412403. 72 ea available. NSN 4420015034473
more info
SMID: 146-7992-088
Condition: New

spartan-pressure-guage-0-150-psi Image

Spartan Pressure Guage 0-150 PSI

NSN: 6620-01-555-4816
Spartan Electronic Pressure Guage, 0-150 PSI. Part no. 1475-NN1A-011. Ametek part no. 080307682300. 92 ea available. NSN 6620015554816
SMID: 146-8425-440
Condition: New
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676499-dana-ctis-control-system Image

676499, Dana CTIS Control System

NSN: 5930-01-515-1041
Dana Central Tire Inflation System Control. Oshkosh part no. 3416465. Dana Spicer part no. 676499. 5 units available. Used on Military MK29, MK30 trucks. NSN 5930015151041
SMID: 146-8429-419
Condition: New
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c1912-distributor-parts-kit Image

C1912, Distributor Parts Kit

NSN: 2920-01-036-7505
Distributor Parts Kit. General Motors Part no. C1912. Several other applications, see chart below. 162 ea available. NSN 2920010367505
SMID: 146-8445-980
Condition: New
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110356r1-navistar-international-steering-arm Image

110356R1, Navistar International Steering Arm

NSN: 2530-00-040-9270
110356R1, Navistar International Steering Arm. For International 1700 trucks. Rockwell part no. KIT1330 5 sets of 2 ea available. NSN 2530004089270
SMID: 146-8681-148
Condition: New

axletech-air-brake-chamber Image

Axletech Air Brake Chamber

NSN: 2530-01-557-6113
Axletech Air Brake Chamber. Part no. 327601029E. General Dynamics part no. 327601004E. NSN 2530015576113
SMID: 146-8953-156
Condition: New

federal-mogul-master-cylinder Image

Federal Mogul Master Cylinder

NSN: 2530-00-204-4800
FEDERAL MOGUL CORP SUB WAGNER BRAKE MOOG AUTOMOTIVE DIV Master cylinder. Part no. F14247, FE14240, FE14240A. 4 available. NSN 2530002044800
SMID: 146-8956-790
Condition: New

cummins-air-compressor-3051041 Image

Cummins Air Compressor 3051041

NSN: 4310-01-268-8740
Cummins Air Compressor. Part no. 3051041, 3558006. Rebuilt. NSN 4310012688740
SMID: 146-9028-920
Condition: Rebuilt

toyota-17743-u2230-71-air-filter Image

Toyota 17743-U2230-71 Air Filter

Toyota 17743-U2230-71 Air Filter. Flame retardent.
SMID: 146-9039-786
Condition: New
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skytrak-side-window-8036351 Image

Skytrak Side Window 8036351

NSN: 2510-01-504-2923
Skytrak Millennia 42110/MMV side window. Part no. 8036351. 2 ea available. NSN 2510015042923. End use item NSN 3930014862151
SMID: 146-9045-216
Condition: New

571754c91-navistar-air-brake-valve Image

571754C91, Navistar Air Brake Valve

NSN: 2530-01-278-3645
Navistar International Air Brake Valve. Part no. 571754C91, 2585506C91. Proportioning and Warning Valve. 2 ea available. For International Loadstar 1800, 1890 trucks. NSN 2530012783645
SMID: 146-9048-705
Condition: New

bendix-wheel-cylinder-kit-66620 Image

Bendix Wheel Cylinder Kit 66620

NSN: 2530-01-026-9998
Bendix Wheel Cylinder Kit. part no. 6662. GM part no. 5472326. 3 kits available. NSN 2530010269998
SMID: 146-9287-190
Condition: New

load-king-seal-18067 Image

Load King Seal 18067

NSN: 2530-00-074-7495
18067, Garlock Stemco Hub Seal. 3 ea available. NSN 2530000747495
SMID: 146-9287-824
Condition: New