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584051c2-international-oil-sender Image

584051C2, International Oil Sender

NSN: 6620-01-111-9063
584051C2, International Navistar Oil Pressure Sender. NSN 6620011119063
SMID: 151-6810-754
Condition: New

8678337-gm-control-valve Image

8678337, GM Control Valve

NSN: 4820-01-409-1218
8678337, GM Control Valve. Used in control bodies of GM 4L80E transmissions. 5 available. NSN 4820014091218
[General Motors-24246474]
SMID: 151-6812-751
Condition: New

0257010012-00-door-dovetail-wedge Image

0257010012-00, Door Dovetail Wedge

NSN: 2540-01-533-9733
0257010012-00, Door Dovetail Wedge. 34 available. NSN 2540015339733
SMID: 151-6901-369
Condition: New

ccv55248-08-racor-crankcase-filter Image

CCV55248-08, Racor Crankcase Filter

NSN: 2940-01-532-4369
Racor CCV55248-08 Closed Crankcase Ventilation Replacement Filter. 2 available. NSN 2940015324369
SMID: 151-7428-982
Condition: New

tda-r109994-volvo-air-dryer-filter Image

TDA-R109994, Volvo Air Dryer Filter

TDA-R109994, Volvo Air Dryer Filter.
Desiccant Cartridge for System Saver and
AD-SP Air Dryers
Fits all Meritor WABCO 1200 System Saver style air brake air dryers.
Also fits Bendix AD-SP style air dryers
NSN 4440014439031
SMID: 151-7431-351
Condition: New
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29511979-allison-neutral-safety-switch Image

29511979, Allison Neutral Safety Switch

NSN: 2920-01-114-7538
29511979, Allison Transmission Neutral Safety Switch. M939 M818 Military Truck Neutral Safety Switch. Cole Hersee part no. 92113-06. NSN 2920011147538
SMID: 151-7502-905
Condition: New

8262g90v-asco-solenoid-valve Image

8262G90V, Asco Solenoid Valve

8262G90V, Asco Red Hat Solenoid Valve. 1/4 inch NPT, 24VDC. Working Pressure 15 PSI. ASCO Power Technologies 8262G90 1/4" x 9/32" Solenoid Valve, Normally Closed
SMID: 151-7507-391
Condition: New

8342c1-asco-solenoid-valve Image

8342C1, Asco Solenoid Valve

8342C1, Asco Red Hat 4 way Solenoid Valve. 1/4 inch NPT, 100 PSI working pressure. 240 VAC. 2 available.
SMID: 151-7514-719
Condition: New

f5-5-43-spicer-u-joint Image

F5-5-43 Spicer U-Joint

F5-5-43 Spicer U-Joint. With lube fitting. 2 available.
SMID: 151-7521-623
Condition: New

aa42-warren-pumps-pillow-block-cap Image

AA42 Warren Pumps Pillow Block Cap

NSN: 3130-01-222-7293
AA42, Warren Pumps Pillow Block Bearing Cap. All bronze, with accessories pictured. NSN 3130012227293
SMID: 151-7949-661
Condition: New
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279615-bendix-unloader-kit Image

279615, Bendix Unloader Kit

NSN: 4310-00-930-6606
279615, Bendix Unloader Kit for TF500, TF501, TF600, TF700, TF1000, and TF1400 and TF750 Compressors. 4 available. NSN 4310009306606
SMID: 151-7951-402
Condition: New

328715x-chelsea-electric-pto-shift-kit Image

328715X, Chelsea Electric PTO Shift Kit

NSN: 4810-01-325-8157
328715X, Chelsea Electric PTO Shift Kit. 12V. Includes Component Kit 328963X, Solenoid 379193-1. NSN 4810013258157
SMID: 151-7955-142
Condition: New

276121-bendix-governor-maintenence-kit Image

276121, Bendix Governor Maintenence Kit

NSN: 4310-00-971-1910
276121, Bendix Governor Maintenance Kit. NSN 4310009711910
SMID: 151-8020-692
Condition: New

049163-sauer-danfoss-cylider-block Image

049163, Sauer-Danfoss Cylider Block

NSN: 4320-01-033-3005
049163, Sauer-Danfoss Cylider Block. Used in 20 series hydraulic pumps. NSN 4320010333005
SMID: 151-8035-561
Condition: New
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sa2-406-c-e-niehoff-voltage-regulator Image

SA2-406, C.E. NIEHOFF Voltage Regulator

NSN: 2920-01-333-0170
SA2-406, C.E. NIEHOFF & CO. Voltage Regulator. 12V, use on A1-200, A1-202 alternators NSN 2920013330170
SMID: 151-8041-124
Condition: New

1116406-gm-voltage-regulator Image

1116406, GM Voltage Regulator

NSN: 2920-01-192-5673
1116406, General Motors Voltage Regulator. 1974623. 12 available. NSN 2920011925673
SMID: 151-8110-364
Condition: New

88-20120-fan-shroud Image

88-20120 Fan Shroud

NSN: 2930-01-431-3485
88-20120 Military Fan Shroud. NSN 2930014313485
SMID: 151-8113-525
Condition: New

r26p-racor-spin-on-filter Image

R26P, Racor Spin On Filter

NSN: 2940-01-395-8798
Racor R26P Fuel Filter/Water Separator Element. 45GPM 30 Micron Fuel Filter/Water Separator Replacement Element Assembly- 30 Micron. For 220 Series. 2 available. NSN 2940013958798
SMID: 151-8197-353
Condition: New

r26s-racor-spin-on-filter Image

R26S, Racor Spin On Filter

Racor R26S Fuel Filter/Water Separator Element. 30GPM 2 Micron Fuel Filter/Water Separator Replacement Element Assembly- 2 Micron. For 220 Series.
SMID: 151-8200-148
Condition: New

97719921-isuzu-oil-filter Image

97719921, Isuzu OIl Filter

97719921, ISUZU GENUINE PARTS DIESEL LUBE OIL FILTER 2-90654-600-0 2906546000. 7 available
SMID: 151-8201-763
Condition: New
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p158670-donaldson-air-filter Image

P158670, Donaldson Air Filter

NSN: 2940-01-018-4873
P158670, Donaldson Air Filter. 1 available. NSN 2940010184873
SMID: 151-8214-149
Condition: New
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gce-10-zinga-filter Image

GCE-10, Zinga Filter

NSN: 2940-01-332-0851
GCE-10, Zinga Spin On Filter. 10 Micron. NSN 2940013320851
SMID: 151-8466-695
Condition: New
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u329e535-track-roller Image

U329E535, Track Roller

NSN: 2530-00-865-6931
U329E535, Arrow-Master Track Roller. NSN 2530008656931
SMID: 151-8816-208
Condition: New

u5bw40u-eciu-rowpu-filter Image


NSN: 4330-01-128-6277
U5BW40U-ECIU, Filterite ROWPU Filter. Parker-Hannifin part no. C13226E2210, XTL5M40-2AXA. Replaces cartridge filter elements in 600 GPH Military ROWPU. Large quantity available, sold in boxes of 8 each. NSN 4330011286277.
SMID: 151-9230-719
Condition: New
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20937413-blaw-knox-filter Image

20937413, Blaw-Knox Filter

NSN: 4330-01-391-1499
20937413, Blaw-Knox Hydraulic Filter. 00164-379-00. 3 available. NSN 4330013911499
SMID: 151-9235-382
Condition: New

250025-525-sullair-oil-filter Image

250025-525, Sullair Oil Filter

NSN: 2940-01-320-2713
Genuine Sullair 250025-525 Fiberglass Element Oil Filter. 1 available. NSN 2940013202713
SMID: 151-9754-459
Condition: New

130523802-perkins-oil-filter Image

130523802, Perkins Oil Filter

130523802, Perkins Oil Filter
SMID: 151-9757-341
Condition: New
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149-1914-05-onan-fuel-filter Image

149-1914-05, Onan Fuel Filter

NSN: 2940-01-320-1268
149-1914-05, Onan Fuel Filter Element. ONAN MODEL 873B-4PKCFJ26873B SERIES DKC DIESEL GENERATOR SET. NSN 2940013201268
SMID: 151-9766-177
Condition: New

re521248-john-deere-fuel-filter Image

RE521248, John Deere Fuel Filter

RE521248, John Deere Fuel Filter/Water Separator. Designed for marine use. Five available.
SMID: 151-9829-571
Condition: New

ph3612-fram-oil-filter Image

PH3612, Fram Oil Filter

PH3612, Fram Oil Filter. This filter fits most Detroit Diesels in the following engines 4-53 6V-53 6V-53T 4-71 6-71 6V-71 8V-71 12V-71 8V-92 Cummins following engines H6 903 QST30 KTA38 KTA50 KT19 VTA28 N14 KTA1150 N855 NTC350 NTF365 L6 NTA400 PT270 NH230 LTA10 VYA1710, others.
SMID: 151-9834-066
Condition: New

c1187apl-fram-fuel-filter-cartridge Image

C1187APL, Fram Fuel Filter Cartridge

C-1187APL, Fram Fuel Filter Cartridge. 12 available.
SMID: 151-9835-679
Condition: New

108-0340-01-0-hale-fuel-tank Image

108-0340-01-0, Hale Fuel Tank

NSN: 2910-01-228-5714
108-0340-01-0, Hale Fuel Tank. 2 available. NSN 2910012285714
SMID: 151-9840-980
Condition: New

k25-schroeder-filter Image

K25, Schroeder Filter

NSN: 4330-00-443-0015
Schroeder K25 E-Media Hydraulic Filter Cartridge, Cellulose, Removes Rust, Metallic Debris, Fibers, Dirt; 9" Height, 3.9" OD, 1.625" ID, 25 Micron. 3 available. NSN 4330004430015
SMID: 151-9851-708
Condition: New
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33231-wix-filter Image

33231, Wix Filter

33231, Wix Fuel Filter. Principal Application: Ford Medium Duty Trks w/6.6L, 7.8L Engines, Atlas-Copco, DAF, John Deere, New Holland, Volvo Trks, Other (Can use 33411, complete spin on w/drain - if a spin-on w/ drain sensor port required, use 33184 or 33611)
Style: Spin On Fuel Water Separator w/ Open End Bottom
Service: Fuel
Height: 5.145
Outer Diameter Top:…
SMID: 151-9854-419
Condition: New

929615-parker-hannifin-hydraulic-filter Image

929615 Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic Filter

NSN: 2530-00-147-6453
929615 SL, Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic Filter. NSN 2530001476453
SMID: 151-9855-635
Condition: New
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pf906-baldwin-fuel-filter Image

PF906, Baldwin Fuel Filter

Baldwin PF906 Secondary Fuel Filter. Sold in packs of 4, two packs available
SMID: 152-0005-723
Condition: New

934020400-dollinger-filter Image

934020400, Dollinger Filter

NSN: 4330-00-470-4708
934020400, Dollinger Filter. 3 available. NSN 4330004704708
SMID: 152-0008-644
Condition: New
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hf4-050-gf-b-pti-technologies-filter-element Image

HF4-050-GF-B, PTI Technologies Filter Element

HF4-050-GF-B, PTI Technologies Filter Element. Can be used for filtering hydraulic fluid, water glycols, diesel, machining fluids, lubricating oil, coolants, gasoline, process fluids, turbine and compressor lube oils, synthetic lubricants, and many more chemicals. 3 available.
SMID: 152-0012-655
Condition: New

1233s-heating-element Image

1233S, Heating Element

NSN: 3439-00-950-4219
1233S, Heating Element, 33 W, For Weller SL325, SL335, SL345 & SL500 Soldering Irons. 29 available. NSN 3439009504219
SMID: 152-0014-642
Condition: New

12-910121-540-engler-120vac-houmeter Image

12-910121-540, Engler 120VAC Houmeter

NSN: 6645-00-151-5280
12-910121-540, Engler 120VAC Hourmeter. Panel mount, powered by 120 VAC. Body diameter 2 inches. NSN 6645001515280
SMID: 152-0026-698
Condition: New