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h38c-2619-000-ranco-heater-valve Image

H38C-2619-000, Ranco Heater Valve

NSN: 4820-01-189-2107
H38C-2619-000, Ranco Heater Valve
5/8 x 5/8 Cable-Op Water Valve HV029185 for Evans Tempcon. P/N’ S: AM089608 (Gov) – Ranco H38C-2619-000. 10 available. NSN 4820011892107
SMID: 154-6531-726
Condition: New

12332906-monorail-trolley Image

12332906, Monorail Trolley

NSN: 3950-01-184-4884
12332906, Military Monorail Trolley. BE Systems part number BML65172. TROLLEY INCLUDES:SPACER 1920712332903, 4 CAM FOLLOWERS 1920712332904, 4 WASHERS 96906MS27183-18. 12 available. NSN 3950011844884
SMID: 154-6878-283
Condition: New

7084444-3-8-dual-thread-stud Image

7084444, 3/8 Dual Thread Stud

NSN: 5307-00-678-6876
7084444, 3/8 Dual Thread Stud. One end 3/8x16 thread, other end 3/8x24. 3 1/4 inch long. Price is for lot of 10 studs. Several lots available. NSN 5307006786876
SMID: 154-6890-946
Condition: New

vogt-3-4-globe-stop-check-valve Image

Vogt 3/4" Globe Stop Check Valve

Vogt 3/4 inch Globe Stop Check Valve. All 316 stainless steel construction except valve handle. Number on bonnet AH 2 F316. Number on valve body 147320 R1 3/4. Several available.
SMID: 154-6891-852
Condition: New

c15099-0-kim-hotstart-head-and-valve-assy Image

C15099-0, Kim Hotstart Head and Valve Assy

NSN: 2990-01-193-0319
C15099-0, Kim Hotstart Head and Valve Assembly. 4 available. NSN 2990011930319
SMID: 154-7578-085
Condition: New

89420a-10-nelson-rain-cap Image

89420A-10, Nelson Rain Cap

89420A-10, Nelson Rain Cap. 2 inch OD
SMID: 154-7652-875
Condition: New

830620-delco-drive-assembly Image

830620, Delco Drive Assembly

NSN: 2920-01-429-5383
830620, Delco Starter Drive Assembly. NSN 2920014295383
SMID: 154-7662-136
Condition: New

35379064-doosan-parts-kit Image

35379064, Doosan Parts Kit

NSN: 4820-01-389-0475
35379064, Doosan Parts Kit. 10 kits available. NSN 4820013890475
SMID: 154-7663-252
Condition: New

209-68450-fluid-filter-head Image

209-68450, Fluid Filter Head

NSN: 2940-01-339-3846
209-68450, MB Components Fluid Filter Head. 1 inch NPT inlet and outlet. 2 available. NSN 2940013393846
SMID: 154-7670-161
Condition: New

sae-j1453-3-16-16-520202sa-stainless-elbow Image

SAE J1453-3 16-16 520202SA Stainless Elbow

NSN: 4730-01-540-5690
SAE J1453-3 16-16 520202SA Stainless Pipe to Tube Elbow. 1 inch NPT pipe to 1 inch compression tubing. All 316 Stainless Steel. 12 available. NSN 4730015405690
SMID: 154-7671-819
Condition: New

841258-02-trw-steering-gear-arm Image

841258-02, TRW Steering Gear Arm

NSN: 2530-01-158-3100
841258-02, TRW Steering Gear Arm. 2 available. General Dynamics part no. 10500506. NSN 2530011583100
SMID: 154-7832-940
Condition: New

h3393-20-hartwell-flush-latch Image

H3393-20, Hartwell Flush Latch

H3393-20, Hartwell Flush Latch. As pictured.
SMID: 154-7836-358
Condition: New

02va-rxrx-crompton-voltmeter Image

02VA-RXRX, Crompton Voltmeter

02VA-RXRX, Crompton Voltmeter. Square panel mount style, 0-600VAC
SMID: 154-8255-829
Condition: New

s2lilaaadaaao-summit-amp-gauge Image

S2LILAAADAAAO, Summit Amp Gauge

S2LILAAADAAAO, Summit AC Amp Gauge 0-100A range. Input range 0-5A. Panel mount, gauge face 3x2 1/4 inch square, mounting hole 2 inch. 5 available.
SMID: 154-8430-445
Condition: New

p2ilaadaaao-summit-amp-gauge Image

P2ILAADAAAO, Summit Amp Gauge

P2ILAADAAAO, Summit Amp Gauge. AC Amp Gauge 0-100A range. Input range 0-5A. Panel mount, gauge face 3 x 2 1/4 inch square, mounting hole 2 inch. 10 available.
SMID: 154-8787-393
Condition: New

p3ilaaadaaaq-08-summit-amp-gauge Image

P3ILAAADAAAQ-08 Summit Amp Gauge

P3ILAAADAAAQ-08 Summit AC Amp Gauge. 0-200 Amps, 0-5 Amp input range. 11 available.
SMID: 154-8792-514
Condition: New

ujlc-altra-industrial-u-joint Image

UJLC, Altra Industrial U-Joint

NSN: 2520-01-204-0922
UJLC, Altra Industrial Motion U-Joint. NSN 2520012040922
SMID: 154-8868-802
Condition: New

q500b-hubbell-500w-flood-lamp Image

Q500B Hubbell 500W Flood Lamp

NSN: 6230-01-011-4837
Q500B Hubbell 500W Quartz Flood Lamp. UL listed for wet locations. 8 available. NSN 6230010114837
SMID: 154-8948-410
Condition: New

4011t82p02-gas-turbine-insulation-blanket Image

4011T82P02, Gas Turbine Insulation Blanket

NSN: 2840-01-072-7793
4011T82P02, General Electric Gas Turbine Insulation Blanket. Made for GE by Thermal Structures, Inc, part no. 54787. 30 available. NSN 2840010727793
SMID: 154-9390-881
Condition: New

821-256-2-eaton-brake-solenoid Image

821-256-2, Eaton Brake Solenoid

NSN: 5945-01-246-6737
821-256-2, Eaton Brake Solenoid. Intricate Design Corp part no. 828-684-9803. 42 available. NSN 5945012466737
SMID: 154-9398-570
Condition: New

12008203-military-vehicle-u-joint Image

12008203, Military Vehicle U-Joint

NSN: 2520-01-040-7086
12008203, Military Vehicle U-Joint. NSN 2520010407086
SMID: 154-9470-029
Condition: New

052384-neapco-universal-joint Image

052384, Neapco Universal Joint

NSN: 2520-00-911-5063
052384, Neapco Universal Joint. 5 available. NSN 2520009115063
SMID: 154-9482-606
Condition: New

1-1-4-x-1-1-4-x-1-2-pipe-tee-10-each Image

1 1/4 X 1 1/4 X 1/2 Pipe Tee (10 each)

NSN: 4730-00-265-9736
1 1/4 X 1 1/4 X 1/2 Pipe Tee. Made by Ward Pipe. Black pipe fittings. Price is for box of 10. NSN 4730002659736
SMID: 154-9571-914
Condition: New

a-a-59494-pneumatic-tire-and-wheel Image

A-A-59494, Pneumatic Tire and Wheel

NSN: 2530-01-122-8340
A-A-59494, Pneumatic Tire and Wheel. 4.80-8. NSN 2530011228340
SMID: 154-9898-681
Condition: New

as1007w0406-aerofit-bulkhead-fitting Image

AS1007W0406, Aerofit Bulkhead Fitting

NSN: 4730-01-518-3283
AS1007W0406, Aerofit Bulkhead Tubing Reducer Fitting. Sold in lot of 10 pieces. NSN 4730015183283
SMID: 154-9907-180
Condition: New

p3ilaaadaaat-08-summit-amp-gauge Image

P3ILAAADAAAT-08, Summit Amp Gauge

P3ILAAADAAAT-08, Summit AC Amp Gauge. 0-400A range. 5A input. 6 available.
SMID: 154-9991-876
Condition: New

p2ilaaadaaal-summit-amp-gauge Image

P2ILAAADAAAL, Summit Amp Gauge

P2ILAAADAAAL, Summit Panel Mount AC Amp Gauge. 0-50A range, 0-5A input range. 3 available
SMID: 154-9992-841
Condition: New

ms21914-10w-flareless-tubing-cap Image

MS21914-10W, Flareless Tubing Cap

NSN: 4730-00-454-9631
MS21914-10W, Flareless Tubing Cap
Tube outside diameter: 5/8", aluminum alloy, pressure seal, flareless tube, (NEW REVISION) MS21914 series fitting.
Connection Style: Pressure seal flareless
Material: Aluminum alloy 7075
SMID: 155-0006-270
Condition: New

p3ilaaadaaat-summit-ac-amp-gauge Image

P3ILAAADAAAT, Summit AC Amp Gauge

P3ILAAADAAAT, Summit Panel Mount AC Amp Gauge. 0-400A range, 0-5A input range.
SMID: 155-0088-570
Condition: New

p2ilaaadaaat-summit-ac-amp-gauge Image

P2ILAAADAAAT, Summit AC Amp Gauge

P2ILAAADAAAT, Summit Panel Mount AC Amp Gauge. 0-400A range, 0-5A input range.
SMID: 155-0089-480
Condition: New

059183a-bauer-triplex-filter-cartridge Image

059183A, Bauer TRIPLEX Filter Cartridge

NSN: 4330-01-350-9101
059183A, Bauer TRIPLEX Filter Cartridge. This cartridge is widely popular in Bauer Compressors portable line such as the JUNIOR, OCEANUS, CAPITANO and some MARINER compressors. Cartridge has a bottom nipple with two o-rings. Filter will process up to 3200 CF of air between changes. Fits all Bauer P0 TRIPLEX filter…
SMID: 155-0251-526
Condition: New

ch820pl-fram-oil-filter Image

CH820PL, Fram Oil Filter

CH820PL, Fram Oil Filter. 20 available
SMID: 155-0514-399
Condition: New

p36433-brake-seal-kit Image

P36433, Brake Seal Kit

NSN: 2530-00-071-2170
P36433, KOEHRING CO LORAIN DIV Brake Seal Kit. 5 kits available. NSN 2530000712170
SMID: 155-0678-974
Condition: New

ted134100-ge-circuit-breaker Image

TED134100, GE Circuit Breaker

TED134100, GE Circuit Breaker. 100A, 480VAC, 250VDC, 3P, Molded Case, 5kAIC.
Designed for commercial and industrial applications where safety, high performance and continuity of service are essential. Listed to UL standard 98 enclosed and dead front switches. Suitable for use as service equipment when installed in…
SMID: 155-1976-362
Condition: Excellent

ted134015-ge-circuit-breaker Image

TED134015, GE Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-01-024-1862
TED134015, GE Circuit Breaker. Designed for commercial and industrial applications where safety, high performance and continuity of service are essential. Listed to UL standard 98 enclosed and dead front switches. Suitable for use as service equipment when installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code.…
SMID: 155-1982-949
Condition: Excellent

p3ilvvas-08-summit-volt-meter Image

P3ILVVAS-08, Summit Volt Meter

P3ILVVAS-08, Summit Panel Mount AC Volt Meter. 0-300 VAC
SMID: 155-3609-701
Condition: New

p2ilaaadaaas-summit-amp-gauge Image

P2ILAAADAAAS, Summit Amp Gauge

P2ILAADAAAS, Summit Panel Mount Amp Gauge. Dial range 0-300A AC, Input range 0-5A AC
SMID: 155-4473-626
Condition: New

p2ilvvau-08-summit-voltmeter Image

P2ILVVAU-08, Summit Voltmeter

P2ILVVAU-08, Summit Panel Mount Voltmeter. 0-500VAC range.
SMID: 155-4474-046
Condition: New

p3ilvvau-08-summit-voltmeter Image

P3ILVVAU-08 Summit Voltmeter

P3ILVVAU-08 Summit Panel Mount Voltmeter. 0-500 VAC
SMID: 155-4474-707
Condition: New

2-inch-copper-alloy-pipe-collar Image

2 Inch Copper Alloy Pipe Collar

NSN: 4730-00-289-8493
15-03-0109, Electric Boat Corporation 2 Inch Copper Alloy Pipe Collar. L41B SOCKET BRAZING RING (PIPE) ALL ENDS. UNTHREADED INTERNAL PIPE ALL ENDS. 22 available. NSN 4730002898493
SMID: 155-4752-409
Condition: New