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spicer-u-joint-yoke-pn-2-3-11781x Image

Spicer U-Joint Yoke PN 2-3-11781X

NSN: 2520-01-386-3384
Spicer universal joint yoke. Part no. 2311781X. New in box. NSN 2520013863384
SMID: 123-9118-481
Condition: New

disc-brake-pads-pn-57k0264 Image

Disc Brake Pads PN 57K0264

NSN: 2530-01-407-3977
Disc Brake Pads. Part no. 57K0264. 1 set of 4 pads. NSN 2530014073977.
SMID: 123-9141-188
Condition: New

tu-flo-500-compressor Image

Tu-Flo 500 Compressor

Bendix Tu-Flo 500 air compressor. Bendix part no. 283390, Detroit Diesel part no. 5145617. Serial no. 2C0774E. Belt driven.
SMID: 123-9384-264
Condition: Good
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twin-disc-pto-model-sp111p2 Image

Twin Disc PTO Model SP111P2

NSN: 2990-00-933-2954
Twin Disc PTO. Model SP111P2. BOM no SP111P211. Serial no. 1E8033. SAE 2 housing, single plate drive. Includes drive ring and bearing. NSN 2990-00-933-2954, 2990009332954, 2990 00 933 2954.
SMID: 123-9388-353
Condition: New

grooved-coupling-clamp Image

Grooved Coupling Clamp

NSN: 5342-00-959-8044
Grooved coupling clamp. Part no. N4309S5-300.
SMID: 124-1041-563
Condition: New

23121-mp-sea-water-pump Image

23121, MP Sea Water Pump

NSN: 2930-00-379-0094
MP Sea Water Pump. Part no. 23121. All bronze body and impeller. 1" NPT suction, 3/4" NPT dsicharge centrifugal pump. Adjustable shaft packing gland. Wick style shaft oiler. Belt driven, pedestal mount. NSN 2930003790094
SMID: 124-1124-938
Condition: New

chrysler-mirror-pn-3731309 Image

Chrysler Mirror PN 3731309

Chrysler Mirror PN 3731309.
SMID: 124-1129-013
Condition: New
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omc-power-module-pn-396077 Image

OMC Power Module PN 396077

NSN: 2920-01-396-1505
OMC Power Module PN 396077. for Eviinrude, OMC outboard motors. NSN 2920013961505
SMID: 124-1216-041
Condition: New

electric-dehydrator Image

Electric Dehydrator

NSN: 4440-01-069-2052
Electric Dehydrator. Dielectric Communications PN 3153935. Lockeed Martin Part no. 6575012-000. 120 VAC. NSN 4440010692052
SMID: 124-1541-057
Condition: Good

walker-air-intake-filter-pn-cd176 Image

Walker Air Intake Filter PN CD176

NSN: 2940-01-458-6589
Walker Air Intake Filter. Part no. CD176. NSN 2940014586589. 4 ea available.
SMID: 124-2667-493
Condition: New

hydraulic-cylinder-pn-486-000-044 Image

Hydraulic Cylinder PN 486-000-044

NSN: 2530-01-077-7732
Hydraulic Cylinder PN 486-000-044. Made by Raymond Corp. 15" long cylinder. NSN 2530010777732
SMID: 124-2944-046
Condition: New

borg-warner-5714307-clutch-plates Image

Borg Warner 5714307, Clutch Plates

NSN: 2520-01-409-1758
Borg Warner clutch plates. Part no. 5714307. 1571/W2195. Quantity available. NSN 2520014091758
[AM GENERAL-8661571]
SMID: 124-3365-041
Condition: New

wisconsin-motors-muffler-pn-wd66s5 Image

Wisconsin Motors Muffler PN WD66S5

NSN: 2990-00-936-5071
Wisconsin Motors Muffler PN WD66S5. NSN 2990009365071
SMID: 124-3368-136
Condition: New

filter-mounting-ring-pn-22118-34 Image

Filter Mounting Ring PN 22118-34

NSN: 2940-00-411-9931
Filter Mounting Ring. Part no. 2211834. NSN 2940004119931
SMID: 124-3373-092
Condition: New

clutch-plate-asembly-pn-a77917 Image

Clutch Plate Asembly PN A77917

NSN: 2815-00-333-1525
Clutch Plate. Made by Capitol. Part no. A77917. NSN 2815003331525
SMID: 124-3375-620
Condition: New

57k0402-engine-modification-kit-2920013204801 Image

57K0402, Engine Modification Kit 2920013204801

NSN: 2920-01-320-4801
Engine Modification Kit. Part no. 57K0402. 2 available. NSN 2920013204801
SMID: 124-3446-087
Condition: New

protek-diaphragm-primer-dp7 Image

Protek Diaphragm Primer DP7

Protek DP7 Diaphragm Primer contains a rubber diaphragm working in an aluminum chamber. A levered handle attached to it by a connecting rod actuates the diaphragm. Air is drawn into the chamber through a suction valve on the up-stroke and discharged through a discharge valve on the down-stroke. Primer body is of a light
SMID: 124-3452-602
Condition: New

hyster-load-bearing-pn-329090 Image

Hyster Load Bearing PN 329090

NSN: 3110-01-228-7511
329090, Hyster Mast Roller Bearing. 31.69mm Wide, 90.58mm Outer Diameter, 34.78mm Inner Diameter
Sealed Bearing. 5 ea available. NSN 3110012287511
SMID: 124-3453-166
Condition: New

window-controller-temp-sensor Image

Window Controller / Temp Sensor

NSN: 2090-00-475-0142
Window Controller / Temp Sensor. BAE Model KS12000. Input 440 VAC 1 phase, 10A. Item ID 05088-C703925218. 6 ea available. NSN 2090004750142.
SMID: 124-3455-019
Condition: New

chrysler-mirror-pn-55034122 Image

Chrysler Mirror PN 55034122

NSN: 2540-01-385-4232
55034122, Chrysler Mirror. Used on 84-96 Jeep Cherokee 4 door, right front. NSN 2540013854232
SMID: 124-3455-723
Condition: New

adapter-for-motorite-compression-testers Image

Adapter for Motorite Compression Testers

NSN: 4910-01-098-4605
70-0306, Adapter for Motorite Compression Testers. For Cummins NH engines using "Cylindrical PTC" injectors V6, V8, V12, 5 1/2" bore. 3 available. NSN 4910010984605
SMID: 124-3457-677
Condition: New

salt-water-coolant-pumps-by-mp-pumps Image

Salt Water Coolant Pumps by MP Pumps

Salt Water Coolant Pumps. By MP Pumps, model no. 22662, serial no 971123. 4 ea available, 1 with 6 in pulley on 5/8" keyed shaft. 2 1/2" NPT suction, 2" discharge. All bronze impeller and pump body. 2 new, 2 low hour used.
SMID: 124-3522-243
Condition: Surplus - Low time

sendure-oil-cooler-pn-2253-1-7 Image

Sendure OIl Cooler PN 2253-1-7

Sendure Oil Cooler. Part no. 2253-1-7. Heat Exchanger. Good used.
SMID: 124-3528-815
Condition: Good

sendure-oil-cooler-pn-10559-1-7 Image

Sendure Oil Cooler PN 10559-1-7

Sendure Oil Cooler heat exchanger. Part no. 10559-1-7. Good used
SMID: 124-3530-913
Condition: Good

bronze-prop-20r-x-19-x-1-1-2 Image

Bronze Prop 20R x 19 x 1 1/2

Bronze 4 blade prop 20R x 19 x 1 1/2. Made by Federal Prop. Part no. 62551. New.
SMID: 124-3537-202
Condition: New

2-1-2-stuffing-box Image

2 1/2" Stuffing Box

2 1/2" stuffing box. Made by Columbian. Solid Bronze construction. New, 1 available. NSN 2040007059249
SMID: 124-4231-333
Condition: New
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kim-hot-start-engine-coolant-heater Image

KIM Hot Start Engine Coolant Heater

NSN: 2990-00-772-2783
KIM Hotstart Engine Coolant Heater. Part no. A110. 120 VAC, 1000W. New. NSN 2990007722783
SMID: 124-4233-627
Condition: New

automotive-electrical-test-unit Image

Automotive Electrical Test Unit

NSN: 4910-01-417-1870
Automotive Electrical Test Unit. For Alternator, Generator, Regulator and Starter testing. Model no.97-1110, serial no. 068. Power input 208/230/460VAC 60 Hz. 35KVA 220/380/440 VAC 50 Hz. Ampere Rating 97/88/44 Amp 60 Hz, 92/53/46 Amp 50 Hz. 25 hours on unit, in like new condition. Complete with all accesories…
SMID: 124-4650-666
Condition: Surplus - Low time

65700-35606-101-sikorsky-seal-installation-tool Image

65700-35606-101, Sikorsky Seal Installation Tool

NSN: 4920-00-948-3969
Sikorsky Seal Installation Tool. Part no. 65700-35606-101. NSN 4920009483969.
SMID: 124-4820-157
Condition: New

bowman-heat-exchanger-model-ec100 Image

Bowman Heat Exchanger Model EC100

Bowman Heat Exchanger Model EC100. New, unused.
SMID: 124-4823-454
Condition: New

sendure-heat-exchanger Image

Sendure Heat Exchanger

Sendure Heat Exchanger. LOA 10 1/2 inches. Tube side 1 1/2 inch hose, shell side 1/2 inch NPT Good used.
SMID: 124-4823-840
Condition: Good

sendure-heat-exchanger-a1150-c Image

Sendure Heat Exchanger A1150-C

NSN: 2520-00-866-5366
Sendure Heat Exchanger A1150-C. Surplus new. Chrysler Marine part number. PMI5327NSN 2520008665366
SMID: 124-4823-946
Condition: Surplus - New unused

bowman-heat-exchanger Image

Bowman Heat Exchanger

Bowman Heat Exchanger. Part no. 3992. For Mitusbishi L-3E engine.
SMID: 124-5097-246
Condition: New
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harrison-high-pressure-heat-exchanger Image

Harrison High Pressure Heat Exchanger

NSN: 4420-00-910-6067
Harrison radiator division General Motors High Pressure Heat Exchanger. Model no. HE6524-365. Type B, class 1. Part no. 8533307, serial no. 1-59100. Contract no. N00104-70-A-0008. Max pressure 300 PSI case, 165 psi core. CID no. 030080513. Replaces model no. HE2524-365, part no. 8502115. New, unused. NSN…
SMID: 124-5177-187
Condition: New
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bell-housing-adapter-sae-0-to-sae-1 Image

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 0 to SAE 1

Bell Housing Adapter SAE 0 to SAE 1. Part no. 8407.
SMID: 124-5177-650
Condition: Excellent

anchorlok-air-brake-chamber-pn-do339835 Image

AnchorLok Air Brake Chamber PN DO339835

NSN: 2530-01-384-7343
AnchorLok Air Brake Chamber. Part no. DO339835. Haldex part number 3030. Dana part number M10WR303. Meritor part number B493276D30. NSN 2530013847343
SMID: 124-5188-141
Condition: New

racor-terminal-probe-kit-rk11741 Image

Racor Terminal Probe Kit RK11741

NSN: 2910-01-120-8961
Racor Terminal Probe Kit RK 11741.Part no. RK 11-1553. 4 ea available. NSN 2910011208961
SMID: 124-5253-944
Condition: New
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anco-wiper-blade-arm Image

Anco Wiper Blade Arm

NSN: 2090-01-436-9571
LE721139-15B, Illinois Auto Electric Wiper Blade Arm. NSN 2090014369571
SMID: 124-5257-813
Condition: New

chelsea-parker-pto-shift-cable-cover Image

Chelsea/Parker PTO Shift Cable Cover

Chelsea/Parker PTO Shift Cable Cover. Part no. 328805-1X
SMID: 124-5272-043
Condition: New

zinc-anode Image

Zinc Anode

NSN: 5342-00-725-3998
Zinc Anode. 3/4" long, 12-28 male thread 1 end, female opposite end. 3/4" long zinc. 100 available. Part no. V8500-19. NSN 5342007253998
SMID: 124-5343-542
Condition: New