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centrifugal-pump-impeller-pn-960365-16 Image

Centrifugal Pump Impeller PN 960365-16

NSN: 4320-01-118-5394
Centrifugal Pump Impeller. Part no. 960365-16. Made by Curtiss-Wright. 2 ea available. NSN 4320011185394
SMID: 125-3205-235
Condition: New

vehicular-splash-guard Image

Vehicular Splash Guard

NSN: 2540-01-203-5743
Vehicular Splash Guard. Part no. 12253665. US Army Tank Supply. NSN 2540012035743
SMID: 125-3210-546
Condition: New
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scot-centrifugal-pump-3146k039 Image

Scot Centrifugal Pump 3146K039

NSN: 4320-01-417-9072
Scot Centrifugal Pump. Model no. 3146K039. Baldor 3/4 HP 3 phase motor, cat no. M29A, spec no. 34A63-255. 208-230/460 VAC. Scot model 71 centrifugal pump. 1.25x.75 BN-CN seal, 4.70 dia impeller.
SMID: 125-3219-286
Condition: New

retainer-pin-pn-11768-123 Image

Retainer Pin PN 11768-123

NSN: 5315-00-264-0579
Retainer Pin. Part no. 11768-123. 3/4" dia x 6 5/16 length. Grooved both ends. NSN 5315002640579. Quantity available.
SMID: 125-3220-856
Condition: New
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airpax-3-phase-5a-breaker Image

AirPax 3 Phase 5A Breaker

NSN: 5925-01-144-9133
AirPax 3 Phase 5A Breaker. Part no. 299-3-4763-020. 440VAC 3 phase, 50-60 hz. Trip 6.25A. NSN 5925011449133
SMID: 125-3224-286
Condition: New

bosch-alternator-pn-f005-ao-0023 Image

Bosch Alternator PN F005-AO-0023

Bosch Alternator. Part no. F005-AO-0023. New. 14V 25 / 85A.
SMID: 125-3307-891
Condition: New

disc-brake-pads-pn-wpd7019-m Image

Disc Brake Pads PN WPD7019-M

NSN: 2530-01-477-4194
Disc Brake Pads. Part no. WPD7019-M. 2 sets of 4 pads available. Used on ECV HMMWV, XM1113 OR XM1114. NSN 2530014774194
SMID: 125-3309-214
Condition: New

bendix-air-brake-chamber-pn-225358 Image

Bendix Air Brake Chamber PN 225358

NSN: 2530-00-293-5139
Bendix Air Brake Chamber. Part no. 225358. Haldex part no. N20069. US Army Tank Command no 8357981. NSN 2530002935139
SMID: 125-3653-401
Condition: New

flow-sight-glass-indicator Image

Flow Sight Glass Indicator

NSN: 6680-01-121-0545
Jacoby-Tarbox Sight Glass flow indicator. Tyco Valves part no. SFF3F. 3 inch flange pipe. Max pressure 216 PSIG, Max temp 212 deg F. NSN 6680011210545
SMID: 125-3720-326
Condition: New
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semiconductor-device-pn-12322604 Image

Semiconductor Device PN 12322604

NSN: 5961-01-334-8065
Semiconductor Device. Part no. 12322604. Made by BAE Systems. NSN 5961013348065. Several available.
SMID: 125-3722-247
Condition: New

lubricator-worthington-compressor Image

Lubricator, Worthington Compressor

NSN: 4930-00-967-4827
Lubricator, Lubriquip part number 11-14-S4B. Worthington Compressor part number 6302B. New, 3 available. NSN 4930009674827
SMID: 125-3726-070
Condition: New

ge-circuit-breaker-225a-3-phase Image

GE Circuit Breaker 225A 3 Phase

NSN: 5925-01-342-8901
General Electric Circuit Breaker 225A 3 Phase. Part no. THFK236225WL. New, 2 ea available. NSN 5925013428901
SMID: 125-3740-452
Condition: New

weller-soldering-gun-tips Image

Weller Soldering Gun Tips

NSN: 3439-01-156-6747
Weller Soldering Gun Tips. Model ETO. 1.32 x 0.8mm. Large quantity available. NSN 3439011566747
SMID: 125-3741-014
Condition: New

delco-remy-alternator-pn-1117148 Image

Delco Remy Alternator PN 1117148

NSN: 2920-01-011-6213
Delco Remy Alternator. Part no. 1117148. Navistar part number 1117143. 145A, 12VDC. Re-manufactured. 2 ea available. NSN 2920010116213
SMID: 125-3824-443
Condition: New

brake-line-air-filter Image

Brake Line Air Filter

NSN: 2530-00-797-9295
Brake Line Air Filter. Part no. N12969. 9 ea available. Bendix Part no. 225357 NSN 2530007979295
SMID: 125-4950-247
Condition: New

vehicular-door-hinge-pn-4668506 Image

Vehicular Door Hinge PN 4668506

NSN: 2510-01-420-3026
Vehicular Door Hinge. Part no. 4668506. Made by BAE Systems. Large Quantity available. Flat dimensions 22" x 4". Stainless Steel construction. NSN 2510014203026
SMID: 125-5022-844
Condition: New

truck-hydraulic-master-cylinder Image

Truck Hydraulic Master Cylinder

NSN: 2530-00-753-9267
Truck Hydraulic Master Cylinder. Diamond Reo part no. 419M2. Wagner Brake part no. 63477. 12 available. NSN 2530007539267
SMID: 125-5024-434
Condition: As is
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briggs-amp-stratton-muffler-kit-pn-297274 Image

Briggs & Stratton Muffler Kit PN 297274

NSN: 2990-00-412-1939
Briggs & Stratton Muffler Kit. Part no. 297274. 11 ea available. NSN 2990004121939
SMID: 125-5102-033
Condition: New

morse-control-cable-33-c-supreme Image

Morse Control Cable 33-C Supreme

NSN: 2990-01-383-0880
Morse Control Cable 33-C Supreme. 28 ft Morse part no. 301947 003, other lengths also available. Military Morse part no. 301947-003-02640. 5 ea available. NSN 2990013830880, 2990013725721, 2990013830890.
SMID: 125-5110-967
Condition: New
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gm-delco-windshield-washer-tank Image

GM Delco Windshield Washer Tank

NSN: 2540-00-140-3819
GM Delco Windshield Washer Tank. Part no. 3840083. 13 available. NSN 2540001403819
SMID: 125-5121-668
Condition: New

sediment-bowl-pn-33019 Image

Sediment Bowl PN 33019

NSN: 2940-00-790-6284
Sediment Bowl. Part no. 33019. Made by Arrow Pneumatics. NSN 2940007906284
SMID: 125-5125-885
Condition: New

u-joint-yoke-pn-2-3-11781x Image

U-Joint Yoke PN 2-3-11781X

Universal Joint Yoke. Dana Spicer part no. 2-3-12051X.
SMID: 125-5552-542
Condition: New

binks-spray-nozzle-pn-68ssx321 Image

Binks Spray Nozzle PN 68SSX321

NSN: 4940-01-284-1115
Binks Spray Nozzle. Part no. 68SSX321, 45-6801. NSN 4940012841115
SMID: 125-5553-827
Condition: New

ge-thrust-ring-pn-6668617-4 Image

GE Thrust Ring PN 6668617-4

NSN: 2825-00-216-9263
General Electric Thrust Ring set. Part no. 6668617-4. NSN 2825002169263
SMID: 125-5554-719
Condition: New
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215762pc1-gear-pn-21562-1 Image

215762PC1, Gear PN 21562-1

NSN: 1210-00-158-3593
Gear. Part no. 21562-1. 5 ea available.
NSN 1210001583593
SMID: 125-5556-548
Condition: New

kim-hotstart-engine-heater-pn-tps101gt8-000 Image

KIM HotStart Engine Heater PN TPS101GT8-000

NSN: 2990-01-496-2353
KIM HotStart Engine Heater. Part no. TPS101GT8-000 1000w, 120 VAC. 4 ea avaiable. NSN 2990014962353
SMID: 125-5558-869
Condition: New

tie-rod-end-connector-pn-es362s Image

Tie Rod End Connector PN ES362S

NSN: 2530-01-181-3930
Tie Rod End Connector. Federal Mogul Part no. ES362S. 36 available. Car Application Summary: Chevrolet Blazer 91-71; K10 86-75; K10 Pickup 74-71; K10 Suburban 86-71; K20 86-75; K20 Pickup 74-71; K20 Suburban 86-71; K30 86-77; K5 Blazer 86-75; V10 87; V10 Suburban 88-87; V1500 Suburban 91-89; V20 87; V20 Suburban…
SMID: 125-5632-672
Condition: New
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s62-74290-multipole-rotary-switch Image

S62-74290, Multipole Rotary Switch

NSN: 5930-00-581-6037
S62-74290, Multipole Rotary Switch. Military ID 9000-S6202-74290 SYMBOL 2687.2. Made by Winchester Industries. NSN 5930005816037.
SMID: 125-5633-678
Condition: New

racor-fluid-filter-head-pn-rk22140 Image

Racor Fluid Filter Head PN RK22140

NSN: 2910-01-492-8072
Racor Fluid Filter Head. Part no. RK22140. 8 ea available. NSN 2910014928072
SMID: 125-5728-717
Condition: New

1891080-delco-remy-distributor-rotor-pn-d428 Image

1891080. Delco Remy Distributor Rotor PN D428

NSN: 2920-01-019-7223
General Motors Delco Remy Distributor Rotor PN D428. GM Special Porducts Division. 33 ea available. NSN 2920010197223
SMID: 125-5729-289
Condition: New

meco-pump-impeller-pn-1001747000 Image

MECO Pump Impeller PN 1001747000

NSN: 4320-01-230-4056
MECO Pump Impeller. Part no. 1001747000. New. NSN 4320012304056
SMID: 125-5963-345
Condition: New

rotron-tubeaxial-fan-pn-tn3a2 Image

Rotron Tubeaxial Fan PN TN3A2

NSN: 4140-00-469-5355
Rotron Tubeaxial Fan. Part no. TN3A2. 115VAC, 50/60 HZ, 85W. 3 ea available. NSN 4140004695355
SMID: 125-5964-465
Condition: New

26342-mitsubishi-caterpillar-fork-lift-tie-rod-end Image

26342, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Fork Lift Tie Rod End

NSN: 2530-00-810-9121
Mitsubishi Caterpillar Fork Lift Tie Rod End. Part no. 26342. 36 available.

NSN 2530008109121
SMID: 125-5983-314
Condition: New

brake-master-cylinder-eis-pn-e2842 Image

Brake Master Cylinder EIS PN E2842

Brake Master Cylinder. EIS Part no. E2842. Bendix part no. 1122, Ford part no. B4Q2140A, GM Delco part no. 76462. New
SMID: 125-6068-748
Condition: New
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cummins-903-front-pto-housing-and-drive Image

Cummins 903 Front PTO Housing and Drive

Cummins VT903 Front PTO Housing and Drive. SAE 2 housing. With Drive, Damper and Drive ring. PTO also available (click here). Housing part no. 2102796, Drive hub part no. 183439, Drive ring part no 8931. Vibration Damper part no. 1991198. Will sell all or
SMID: 125-6139-583
Condition: Excellent

adapter-batten-pn-12x2555d Image

Adapter Batten PN 12X2555D

NSN: 1080-01-081-1022
Adapter Batten. Part no. 12X2555D. Quantity available. NSN 1080010811022
SMID: 125-6143-313
Condition: New
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twin-disc-pto-sae-2-model-5l111hp2 Image

Twin Disc PTO SAE 2 Model 5L111HP2

Twin Disc PTO SAE 2 Model 5L111HP2. BOM no 5L111P201, serial no. 163953. Rebuilt.
SMID: 125-6222-140
Condition: Rebuilt

generator-stator-pn-27-197 Image

Generator Stator PN 27-197

NSN: 2920-01-256-2253
Generator Stator. Part no. 1892941. Made by General Motors.
Cadillac AC DELCO/ GM STATOR 100 Amp/12 Volt 27SI/Type Alternator 100A/12V
4 ea available. NSN 2920012562253
SMID: 125-6223-174
Condition: New

allison-steel-clutch-plate-pn-dax11996 Image

Allison Steel Clutch Plate PN DAX11996

NSN: 2520-01-073-4265
Allison Steel Clutch Plate. Part no. DAX11996. Military part no. 12267373. 2 ea available. NSN 2520010734265
SMID: 125-6226-530
Condition: New
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drive-shaft-pn-1050267 Image

Drive Shaft PN 1050267

NSN: 2820-01-164-5802
1050267, Drive Shaft. Made by Spicer corp for GM Diesel Division. General Dynamics part number 10505032. 2 available. NSN 2820011645802
SMID: 125-6230-102
Condition: New