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8n4859-cat-d-353-governor Image

8N4859, Cat D-353 Governor

Caterpillar D-353 Governor. Part no. 8N4859. Base part no. 4N4315, body part no. 4N9850. Also part no's 6N6116, 2P8226, 6N1148 Off of Marine Engine.
SMID: 134-8778-938
Condition: As is

cat-d-353-fuel-pump-assembly Image

Cat D-353 Fuel Pump Assembly

Caterpillar D353 Fuel Pump Assembly. Includes filter housing, hand prime pump. Casting no's 2L6983, 3N509, 1H9894, 8L4911
SMID: 134-9128-004
Condition: Good
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cat-d-379-marine-aftercooler Image

Cat D-379 Marine Aftercooler

Caterpillar D379 Marine Aftercooler, 6L6394. As pictured.
SMID: 134-9385-184
Condition: Good
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cat-d-379-rocker-asssembly Image

Cat D-379 Rocker Asssembly

Caterpillar D379 rocker Arm assembly. 2 ea available.
SMID: 135-0053-756
Condition: Good
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cat-d-353-push-rods Image

Cat D-353 Push Rods

Caterpillar D353 push rods. 12 ea available.
SMID: 135-0054-230
Condition: Good
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cat-d-353-hand-prime-fuel-pump Image

Cat D-353 Hand Prime Fuel Pump

Caterpillar D353 Hand Prime Fuel Pump. As pictured
SMID: 135-0942-702
Condition: As is
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cat-d353-governor-drive-gear Image

Cat D353 Governor Drive Gear

NSN: 6115-00-055-7338
Caterpillar D-353 Governor Drive Gear. Part no. 9F1474. NSN 6115000557338
SMID: 135-1702-343
Condition: Excellent

pair-cat-d-379-turbo-cores Image

Pair Cat D-379 Turbo Cores

Pair Caterpillar D379 Turbo Cores. As pictured.
SMID: 135-5499-764
Condition: Core
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cat-d-353-governor-drive Image

Cat D-353 Governor Drive

Caterpillar D353 governor and injection pump drive. Casting no on body 6N4067. Includes drive gear 2H2247
SMID: 135-5941-561
Condition: Good
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4l9869-caterpillar Image

4L9869, Caterpillar

Caterpillar Ell. Part no. 4L9869. Off of D-353 engine. 1 ea available.
SMID: 137-0452-925
Condition: Good

caterpillar-pipe-flange-1w6810 Image

Caterpillar Pipe Flange 1W6810

Caterpillar Pipe Flange. Part no. 1W6810
SMID: 137-1834-715
Condition: Good

cat-d-353-coolant-tube Image

Cat D-353 Coolant Tube

Caterpillar D353 Coolant Tube Assembly. Part no's 5L2679, 5L2677, 5M9791. Line between oil cooler and aftercooler
SMID: 137-6322-575
Condition: Excellent
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cat-d-353-crankshaft-damper-5l2632 Image

Cat D-353 Crankshaft Damper 5L2632

Caterpillar D353 Crankshaft Damper. Part no. 5L2632
SMID: 137-6325-661
Condition: Excellent
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cat-d-353-water-pump-suction-line Image

Cat D-353 Water Pump Suction Line

Caterpillar D353 Water Pump Suction Line. Includes part no. 5L1757. From Expansion tank to water pump suction.
SMID: 137-6327-932
Condition: Excellent

cat-d-353-cooling-line-5l1057 Image

Cat D-353 Cooling Line 5L1057

Caterpillar D353 Cooling Line. Part no. 5L1057. Water pump discharge to oil cooler.
SMID: 137-6337-543
Condition: Excellent
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caterpillar-engine-control Image

Caterpillar Engine Control

NSN: 5930-01-309-1480
Caterpillar Engine Control Unit. Part no. 7W2743. Off of D-353 marine engine. 2 available. NSN 5930013091480
SMID: 137-6517-107
Condition: Excellent

caterpillar-tee-7l6329 Image

Caterpillar Tee 7L6329

Caterpillar Tee. Part no. 7L6329. Off of D-399 engine
SMID: 138-0728-744
Condition: Good
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caterpillar-elbow-2l9440 Image

Caterpillar Elbow 2L9440

Caterpillar Elbow. Part no 2L9440
SMID: 138-0834-042
Condition: Good

cat-3412-oil-filter-assembly Image

Cat 3412 Oil Filter Assembly

Caterpillar 3412 Oil Filter Assembly. Top piece bent, but usable. following part no's:
6N821, 6N822, 6N823, 6N3880, 2P4303, 2P4301
SMID: 138-3253-383
Condition: Good

2l7251-caterpillar-part-no Image

2L7251, Caterpillar part no.

Caterpillar part no. 2L7251
SMID: 138-6196-686
Condition: Good

caterpillar-part-no-6n123 Image

Caterpillar Part no. 6N123

Caterpillar Part no. 6N123. Part of oil cooler assembly for 3306 engine.
SMID: 138-6955-218
Condition: Good

caterpillar-water-outlet-2p8870 Image

Caterpillar Water Outlet 2P8870

Caterpillar Water Outlet. Part no. 2P8870. for 3306 engine. 2 ea available
SMID: 138-6955-855
Condition: Good
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caterpillar-3306-vibration-damper Image

Caterpillar 3306 Vibration Damper

Caterpillar 3306 Vibration Damper. With 2 sheave pulley
SMID: 138-6966-627
Condition: As is

caterpillar-bell-housing-8n2392 Image

Caterpillar Bell Housing 8N2392

Caterpillar Bell Housing. Part no. 8N2392. SAE 1
SMID: 138-7215-600
Condition: Good

caterpillar-water-pipe-4l2133 Image

Caterpillar Water Pipe 4L2133

Caterpillar Water Pipe. Part no. 4L2133
SMID: 138-9996-320
Condition: New
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cat-d-398a-governor-housing Image

Cat D-398A Governor Housing

Caterpillar D-398A Governor Housing. Includes part no's 5L1829, 5L5153, 3L3478, 9N9129
SMID: 140-2331-732
Condition: Good

5l1864-caterpillar-bonnet-5l1864 Image

5L1864, Caterpillar Bonnet 5L1864

5L1864, Caterpillar Bonnet. Off of Cat D-353 engine.
SMID: 141-4095-470
Condition: Good

caterpillar-gear-cover-9n5576 Image

Caterpillar Gear Cover 9N5576

NSN: 5340-01-321-8788
9N5576, Caterpillar Gear Cover. Good used. NSN 5340013218788
SMID: 141-4787-481
Condition: Good

cat-elbow-3n8472 Image

Cat Elbow 3N8472

Caterpillar elbow. Part no. 3N8472. For D-353 engine
SMID: 141-5050-630
Condition: Excellent
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cat-water-elbow-4n3964 Image

Cat Water Elbow 4N3964

Caterpillar Water Elbow. Part no. 4N3964
SMID: 141-5115-225
Condition: Good
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cat-water-pump-3400-series Image

Cat Water Pump 3400 Series

Caterpillar Water Pump, 3400 Series. Following part no's: 4N1941, 7C1652, 2P3696
SMID: 142-7820-718
Condition: Excellent

cat-con-rod-8n1727 Image

Cat Con Rod 8N1727

Caterpillar 3400 connecting rod. Casting no 8N1727, part no 8N1726. Used, 4 ea available
SMID: 142-8434-212
Condition: Good

cat-flywheel-3n3804 Image

Cat Flywheel 3N3804

Caterpillar Flywheel. Part no. 3N3804. Needs new drive ring
SMID: 143-0426-962
Condition: As is
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cat-d-353-air-starter Image

Cat D-353 Air Starter

Caterpillar D-353 Air Starter. Numbers stamped: L22132, S.C.0.0. Part no 3L988
SMID: 143-1553-973
Condition: Good
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caterpillar-d-353-injection-pump Image

Caterpillar D-353 Injection Pump

Caterpillar D-353 Injection Pump and Governor drive, Casting numbers on housings 6N4067, 3S5454, 2L6983. Includes drive gear part no. 2H2247.
SMID: 143-1983-468
Condition: As is
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caterpillar-pulley-6n0762 Image

Caterpillar Pulley 6N0762

Caterpillar Pulley. Part no. 6N0762
SMID: 143-6885-874
Condition: Excellent

cat-oil-filter-head-8n6212 Image

Cat Oil Filter Head 8N6212

Caterpillar Oil Filter Head. Part no. 8N6212. Replaces 2W6681
SMID: 143-6994-618
Condition: Excellent
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cat-d-353-bell-housing-6h6663 Image

Cat D-353 Bell Housing 6H6663

Caterpillar D-353 Bell Housing. Part no. 6H6663
SMID: 143-9575-225
Condition: Good

caterpillar-coolant-tube-4n7109 Image

Caterpillar Coolant Tube 4N7109

Caterpillar Coolant Tube. Part no. 4N7109
SMID: 144-4922-413
Condition: Good
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cat-3304-raw-water-pump Image

Cat 3304 Raw Water Pump

Caterpillar 3304 Raw Water Pump. Part no. 5N9357. Jabsco part no. 17810-0000. Used, as pictured
SMID: 145-5662-871
Condition: Good