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3n2839-caterpillar-cover Image

3N2839, Caterpillar Cover

Caterpillar D-353 intercooler cover. Part no. 3N2839.
SMID: 147-3438-778
Condition: Good

5l1757-cat-water-el Image

5L1757, Cat Water El

Caterpillar Water Ell, part no. 5L1757. for D-353, D-343 engines.
SMID: 149-5224-746
Condition: Excellent
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5n7016-cat-elbow Image

5N7016, Cat Elbow

5N7016, Caterpillar Water Elbow. 5N-7016
SMID: 149-8504-343
Condition: New
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9h1132-cat-adapter Image

9H1132, Cat Adapter

9H1132, Caterpillar Adapter
SMID: 151-8712-900
Condition: Excellent
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7n0125-cat-oil-cooler Image

7N0125, Cat Oil Cooler

7N0125, Caterpillar D-353 Oil Cooler. Other part no. 5L1770. Part of Group no. 4L8627.
SMID: 153-0292-693
Condition: Good

cat-d-353-fuel-injection-pump Image

Cat D-353 Fuel Injection Pump

Caterpillar D-353 Fuel Injection Pump. In used condition, rack moves freely, pump turns. Housing part no. 3S5454
SMID: 153-0804-036
Condition: As is

4l9633-cat-expansion-tank Image

4L9633, Cat Expansion Tank

4L9633, Caterpillar D-353 Expansion Tank. Includes water el 4L9985 and all brackets and parts pictured. Used, in good condition
SMID: 153-0819-659
Condition: Good

4l1239-cat-oil-cooler-core Image

4L1239, Cat Oil Cooler Core

4L1239, Caterpillar D-353 Transmission Oil Cooler Core. 13 plate. Also made for Detroit Diesel, part no. 8528169, 8502833, 8514600. All of which supercede to part no. 8547236. See housing assembly for this here:
(click here)
SMID: 153-0887-397
Condition: Good

3n2926-cat-elbow Image

3N2926, Cat Elbow

3N2926, Caterpillar Elbow. Used on D-353 aftercooler.
SMID: 153-1409-971
Condition: Excellent

3n2839-cat-aftercooler-cover Image

3N2839, Cat Aftercooler Cover

3N2839, Caterpillar Aftercooler Cover. for D-353 engines.
SMID: 153-1412-286
Condition: Good

5l1917-cat-oil-cooler-housing Image

5L1917, Cat Oil Cooler Housing

5L1917, Caterpillar D-353 Oil Cooler Housing. comes with cover 6L2001. We also have the core for this available: (click here)
SMID: 153-1424-556
Condition: Excellent

5l1864-cat-bonnet Image

5L1864, Cat Bonnet

5L1864, Caterpillar D-353 Bonnet. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 153-1426-859
Condition: Excellent

4l9869-cat-water-elbow Image

4L9869, Cat Water Elbow

4L9869, Caterpillar D-353 Water Elbow. Used, in excellent condition
SMID: 153-1427-641
Condition: Excellent

5h1249-cat-oil-pump-drive-assy Image

5H1249, Cat Oil Pump Drive Assy

Group 5H1249, Caterpillar D-353 Oil Pump Drive Assembly. Includes:
4H3485 Gear
5H5866 Bracket
2M7960 Bracket
4M4431 Shaft
6N4752 Gear
Used in good condition.
SMID: 153-1506-825
Condition: Good

6n6165-cat-manifold Image

6N6165, Cat Manifold

6N6165, Caterpillar D-353 Manifold / Aftercooler Housing. Used, in excellent condition. Also listed as part no's 7M6062, 8M9663, 8M9670
SMID: 153-2019-344
Condition: Excellent

2h2247-cat-fuel-pump-drive-gear Image

2H2247 Cat Fuel Pump Drive Gear

NSN: 3020-00-981-9867
2H2247, Caterpillar D-353 Fuel Pump Drive Gear. 4 available. NSN 3020009819867
SMID: 153-2031-186
Condition: Excellent

4l0496-cat-air-intake-elbow Image

4L0496, Cat Air Intake Elbow

4L0496, Caterpillar Air Intake Elbow. for 3304, 3306 engines.
SMID: 153-2701-321
Condition: Good

5l3211-cat-air-intake-cover Image

5L3211, Cat Air Intake Cover

5L3211, Caterpillar Air Intake Cover. Off of D-353 engine.
SMID: 153-3062-743
Condition: Excellent

8n1720-cat-con-rod Image

8N1720, Cat Con Rod

8N1720, Caterpillar Connecting Rod. for 330 series engines. 9 available, used.
SMID: 153-3580-174
Condition: Excellent

3n8769-cat-water-elbow Image

3N8769, Cat Water Elbow

3N8769, Caterpillar Pump Inlet Elbow. Fits 3408, 3408C, 3412, 3412C, 3412D, 3412E, D379B, D398.
SMID: 154-7588-606
Condition: Excellent

100-6550-cat-bell-housing Image

100-6550, Cat Bell Housing

NSN: 2805-01-429-0916
100-6550, Caterpillar Bell Housing. For 3126 engines. SAE #2. 2 housings available. NSN 2805014290916
SMID: 155-0851-480
Condition: Excellent

4l8784-cat-adapter Image

4L8784, Cat Adapter

4L8784, Caterpillar Housing Adapter. Both sides SAE 1, 8 inches thick. Used on D-379, G-379 engines.
SMID: 155-4835-995
Condition: Excellent

3n0751-cat-aftercooler-core Image

3N0751, Cat Aftercooler Core

NSN: 2930-01-239-3478
3N0751, Caterpillar Aftercooler Core. For use in D-353 marine or fresh water applications. NSN 2930012393478
SMID: 157-0045-404
Condition: Excellent

3n6127-cat-crankshaft-pulley Image

3N6127, Cat Crankshaft Pulley

3N6127, Caterpillar Crankshaft Pulley. 2 groove. For 3300 series engines.
SMID: 157-0720-826
Condition: Excellent

cat-crate-1 Image

Cat Crate 1

Contains D-379 turbos, D-353 main caps, D-353 rocker arms and running gear, gears, lifting eyes, etc
SMID: 157-1327-422
Condition: As is
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cat-crate-2 Image

Cat Crate 2

Contains SMID's:
SMID: 157-1328-471
Condition: As is
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group-no-6l6394-cat-aftercooler-assembly Image

Group no. 6L6394, Cat Aftercooler Assembly

Group no. 6L6394, Caterpillar Marine Aftercooler Assembly. Used on D-379, D-398, D-399 engines. Includes housings, part no's: 6
L6293, 6L6294. Cores part no's 3N4363, 3N4364. Crossove part no. 6L8764.
SMID: 157-1413-524
Condition: Good

7m9544-cat-air-start-valve Image

7M9544, Cat Air Start Valve

NSN: 4820-01-675-5061
7M9544, Caterpillar Air Start Valve. For 3300 series engines. Used, in excellent condition. NSN 4820016755061
SMID: 157-9023-371
Condition: Excellent

5r2462-caterpillar-hydraulic-governor Image

5R2462, Caterpillar Hydraulic Governor

5R2462, Caterpillar Hydraulic Governor. Woodward part number 0510-232A. Removed from Cat D-343 engine in MEP009A Military generator. Excellent used.
SMID: 161-0035-198
Condition: Excellent

1w7415-caterpillar-flange Image

1W7415, Caterpillar Flange

NSN: 4730-01-355-6279
1W7415, Caterpillar Flange
NSN 4730013556279
SMID: 162-0321-555
Condition: Excellent

7n4519-caterpillar-oil-filter-base Image

7N4519, Caterpillar Oil Filter Base

NSN: 2940-01-058-8073
7N4519, Caterpillar Oil Filter Base.
Interchange part numbers: 2P4303, 6N7163, 2P4302, 4N2357. NSN 2940010588073
SMID: 162-7398-367
Condition: Good

6l3051-caterpillar-elbow Image

6L3051, Caterpillar Elbow

6L3051, Caterpillar Elbow. Off of D-343 engine.
SMID: 162-8691-096
Condition: New

4n3857-cat-pipe-head-outlet Image

4N3857, Cat Pipe-Head Outlet

4N3857, Caterpillar Pipe-Head Outlet. Good used.
SMID: 162-9823-929
Condition: Excellent

3n4849-caterpillar-water-pump-elbow Image

3N4849, Caterpillar Water Pump Elbow

NSN: 4730-01-485-8917
3N4849, Caterpillar Brass Water Pump Elbow. NSN 4730014858917
SMID: 163-1115-269
Condition: Excellent

4w6043-cat-oil-cooler Image

4W6043, Cat Oil Cooler

4W6043, Caterpillar Oil Cooler. For Cat 980C Wheel Loader. Comes as pictured.
SMID: 163-3361-769
Condition: Excellent

2p3912-1678123-caterpillar-viscous-damper Image

2P3912, 1678123 Caterpillar Viscous Damper

NSN: 2815-01-126-0275
2P3912, 1678123 Caterpillar Viscous Vibration Damper. Includes insert pictured. Off of 3300 series engine. NSN 2815011260275
SMID: 163-4663-577
Condition: Good

5l7632-caterpillar-exhaust-elbow-turbo-support Image

5L7632, Caterpillar Exhaust Elbow Turbo Support

NSN: 2990-00-981-9041
5L7632, Caterpillar Exhaust Elbow Turbo Support. NSN 2990009819041
SMID: 163-5444-006
Condition: Excellent

1p0009-cat-connecting-rod-d-379-d-398-d-399 Image

1P0009, Cat Connecting Rod D-379, D-398, D-399

NSN: 2815-00-725-0545
1P0009, Caterpillar D379, D398, D399 Connecting Rod. Alternate for 0R0921, 1S4618, 1P0008, 1S4617, 4L3840. Used, as pictured. NSN 2815007250545
SMID: 163-9073-823
Condition: Good

2s2489-caterpillar-turbo Image

2S2489, Caterpillar Turbo

NSN: 2950-00-690-7124
2S2489, Caterpillar Turbo, Fits D-353, D-398 engines. Turbo is used, turns. NSN 2950006907124
SMID: 164-1919-039
Condition: Good

7n5582-cat-lifting-eye Image

7N5582, Cat LIfting Eye

NSN: 5342-00-490-9325
7N5582, Caterpillar lifting eye. Other part number 4L9614. Used on D353C, D9G, D9H, G353D. NSN 5342004909325
SMID: 164-2782-917
Condition: Excellent