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new-dgc-2020-digital-genset-controller Image

NEW! DGC-2020 Digital Genset Controller

The DGC 2020 is a highly advanced integrated genset control system that provides genset control, transfer switch control, metering, protection and programmable logic in a simple, easy to use, reliable, rugged, and cost effective package.
Features include:
Generator Metering/Engine Metering
Genset Control
SMID: 119-1425-008
Condition: New
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sa-888-synchro-start-overspeed-switch Image

SA-888, Synchro-Start Overspeed Switch

NSN: 2990-00-691-0307
SA-888, Synchro Start Overspeed Switch. Model no GO-2. Trip speed 600 - 2150 RPM. For MB-18 gen set, D52-840, New, 25 ea available. NSN 2990006910307
SMID: 123-1451-882
Condition: New

woodward-opto-isolator-pn-5441-635 Image

Woodward Opto Isolator PN 5441-635

NSN: 2090-01-379-8621
Woodward Opto Isolator. Part no.5441-635. Serial no. 11459496. NSN 2090013798621. New, unused.
SMID: 124-2317-956
Condition: New

syncho-start-ovrspeed-switch-pn-3n4913 Image

Syncho Start Ovrspeed Switch PN 3N4913

Syncho Start Ovrspeed Switch. Part no. 3N4913. Model GOC, serial no. 2276. Off of Cat D-379.
SMID: 125-3649-798
Condition: Excellent
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barber-colman-governor-interface-module Image

Barber Colman Governor Interface Module

NSN: 2990-01-213-2115
Barber Colman Governor Interface Module. Part no. DYNA18104-0-0-24. 24V. Serial no. 2899E9. NSN 2990012132115.
SMID: 125-7526-932
Condition: New

barber-colman-actuator-dync-11001-304 Image

Barber Colman Actuator DYNC-11001-304

NSN: 3010-01-418-9961
Barber Colman Actuator DYNC-11001-304-0-24. 24 VDC. New, 7 ea available. NSN 3010014189961
SMID: 130-2805-194
Condition: New

synchro-start-overspeed-switch-model-gya Image

Synchro-Start Overspeed Switch Model GYA

Synchro Start Overspeed Switch. Model GYA, part no. SA-624. As pictured
SMID: 131-8881-560
Condition: Good
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sa-569-d-synchro-start-overspeed-switch Image

SA-569-D, Synchro-Start Overspeed Switch

Synchro Start Overspeed Switch. Two speed switch. Model no. GO-2. Serial no. 106763. Part no. SA-569-D. Trip speed 300-1080 RPM
SMID: 132-2774-639
Condition: Good

military-voltage-regulator-55001-0501 Image

Military Voltage Regulator 55001-0501

Military Voltage Regulator. Part no. 55001-0501. Out of 60Kw Detroit Diesel driven genset. 2 ea, as is.
SMID: 134-9809-914
Condition: As is
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dynagen-gsc300-genset-control Image

DynaGen GSC300 Genset Control

Includes 6 Engine Instruments
The GSC300 is designed to provide autostart control, protection, and engine instrumentation for all types of diesel and gas generator sets. The module is easily configured using either the front panel buttons or our PC configurator software. The GSC300 provides direct mounting compatibility with other DynaGen controllers such as the GSC400 to allow for a full range of options to fit the…
SMID: 136-8736-192
Condition: New

dgc-500-400hz-genset-control Image

DGC-500 400HZ Genset Control

Basler DGC-500 400HZ Genset Control. DGC500- F5J0, modified 9355400101 for 400 cycle operation. 1 available.
SMID: 136-8737-019
Condition: New

synchro-start-overspeed-control Image

Synchro-Start Overspeed Control

SynchroStart Overspeed Control Switch. Model GWA, part no. SA-611-T. Serial no. 67677. 3700-4000 RPM. Good used.
SMID: 137-1825-809
Condition: Good

american-bosch-actuator-agb-100 Image

American Bosch Actuator AGB-100

American Bosch Actuator AGB-100
SMID: 138-0228-800
Condition: Good
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synchro-start-overspeed-switch Image

Synchro Start Overspeed Switch

Synchro Start Overspeed Switch. Model GOM, part no. SA-503-A. Serial no. 21233. RPM Range 1850-2300
SMID: 139-0602-094
Condition: Excellent

barber-colman-speed-control Image

Barber Colman Speed Control

Barber Colman Electronic Speed Control. Model DYN1, part no. 10644-000-12. Serial no. 200G105. 12 VDC. Taken off of running unit.
SMID: 139-3534-212
Condition: Good

gac-gns2000-series-genset-control Image

GAC GNS2000 Series Genset Control

GAC’ s Generator Set Controller Series (GNS2000 Series) is a family of highly-flexible generator set controllers for standalone applications. The  GNS2000 Series, designed for both electronically and mechanically controlled engines, is ruggedly constructed with simple-to-use microprocessor technology. GAC’…
SMID: 140-0684-486
Condition: New
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synchro-start-overspeed-switch Image

Synchro-Start Overspeed Switch

Synchro-Start Overspeed Switch. Model GYA. Detroit Diesel part no. 5131864. 3700 to 4600 RPM range.
SMID: 141-3480-289
Condition: Good
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american-bosch-actuator-agb-200 Image

American Bosch Actuator AGB-200

American Bosch Actuator AGB-200. Modified by Hobart part no. 482335
SMID: 141-3481-274
Condition: Good

synchro-start-overspeed-switch Image

Synchro-Start Overspeed Switch

Synchro Start overspeed switch. Model no GO-2. Part no SA-569-04-500. Switch 1 600 RPM, Switch 2 2070-2150 RPM
SMID: 141-5289-565
Condition: Good
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synchro-start-speed-switch-go-3ma Image

Synchro Start Speed Switch GO-3MA

Synchro Start Speed Switch. Model no. GO-3MA. Part no. SA-0897, serial no. 23302. Three trip speeds, 300, 600 and 1225 RPM.
SMID: 145-0196-915
Condition: New

murphy-wd100-k-swichgage-kit Image

Murphy WD100-K Swichgage Kit

Murphy WD100-K Swichgage Kit. The WD100 Swichgage® Kit provides engine monitoring that shuts down farm, construction, or other engine powered equipment when dangerous pressures or temperatures occur. The control center for this kit is the compact and adjustable Universal Mounting Panel. This Panel holds two…
SMID: 145-6848-729
Condition: New

synchro-start-speed-switch-56131874 Image

Synchro-Start Speed Switch 56131874

Synchro-Start Speed Switch. Part no. 5131874. Model GW-2. Switch 1 1400-1800 RPM, switch 2 3000-4300 RPM
SMID: 146-5675-208
Condition: Good

gac-igc745-02-04-generator-control-usa-made Image

GAC IGC745-02-04 Generator Control **USA MADE**

Governors of America IGC745-02-04 Generator Controller. The IGC is a highly configurable, compact, panel mounted module designed for the control and protection of diesel and spark ignited engines. This integrated speed control system is a high performance multi-functional isochronous digital speed control that can be…
SMID: 155-8361-763
Condition: New

ecc328-24-gac-generator-control-usa-made Image

ECC328-24, GAC Generator Control **USA MADE**

Governors of America ECC328-24 Generator Speed Control. The ECC328 speed control unit is an electronic device designed to control engine speed with precise response to transient engine loads changes. The closed loop speed control, when connected to a proportional actuator and supplied with a speed signal/ frequency…
SMID: 155-8362-713
Condition: New

122-3055-mep-805a-voltage-regulator Image

122-3055, MEP 805A Voltage Regulator

NSN: 6110-01-374-0836
122-3055, MEP 805A Voltage Regulator. Made by Libby Manufacturing. Part no. 30554SOCN88-225. Used on military MEP-805A 30kw generator sets. 2 available. NSN 6110013740836
SMID: 156-2946-358
Condition: New

kcr-760-kato-voltage-regulator-part-821-76111-02 Image

KCR-760 Kato Voltage Regulator Part 821-76111-02

NSN: 6110-01-472-8450
This voltage regulator is designed for operation with brushless synchronous generators. The voltage regulator controls generator voltage by regulating the amount of current it supplies the exciter field.
This voltage regulator consists of transformers, transistors, silicon diodes, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs),…
SMID: 156-3303-910
Condition: New

gac-aln050-24-linear-actuator-usa-made Image

GAC ALN050-24 Linear Actuator **USA MADE**

GAC ALN050-24 Linear Actuator
GAC’ s ALN linear actuators provide highly accurate precise positioning for close loop control with a minimum number of moving parts, prolonging the life of the actuator. With no sliding parts and totally sealed, its reliability is outstanding and no maintenance is necessary. Engine applications include large block pumps, dual medium carburetors, and some large carburetors. The linear actuator provides pushing force from its output shaft to control engine fuel in an electric engine governor system. The ALN is a proportional solenoid actuator where the output shaft position varies proportionally with current strength. An integral return spring provides a fail safe feature, setting the output shaft to the zero fuel position when power is turned off.
Low Cost, Compact Design
Fast Response
SMID: 161-7300-427
Condition: New

gac-ecc328-12-genrator-speed-control-usa-made Image

GAC ECC328-12 Genrator Speed Control **USA MADE**

Governors of America ECC328-12 Generator Speed Control. The ECC328 speed control unit is an electronic device designed to control engine speed with precise response to transient engine loads changes. The closed loop speed control, when connected to a proportional actuator and supplied with a speed signal/ frequency from
SMID: 161-7381-992
Condition: New

8271-468-woodward-generator-loading-control Image

8271-468, Woodward Generator Loading Control

NSN: 5999-01-302-8737
8271-468, Woodward Generator Loading Control 8271468. Relay Module Load Controller. Removed from working unit. NSN 5999013028737
SMID: 162-9474-634
Condition: Excellent

dynagen-trade-es52-automatic-engine-controller Image

DynaGen™ ES52 Automatic Engine Controller

DynaGen™ ES52 Automatic Engine Controller. This is the best automatic engine control of it's kind for generators, pumps, or other unattended engine applications.
Can replace ECU87, ECU88, 9907, 9910, 9988L, 9988N and Murphy ASM150 or ASM160 with very little modification. Also replaces Panelsource AS52 and AS51
SMID: 163-7686-687
Condition: New