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be15486001-ct-current-transformer-basler Image

BE15486001, CT, Current Transformer, Basler

NSN: 5950-01-197-4765
BE 16866-001, CT, Current Transformer, Basler, BE15486001,
A-509992, BE16866-001
NSN 5950011974765
Reference: 80-7547, DOD,
403728-001, DRS CONSOLID
SMID: 147-7112-752
Condition: New

ra-70adc10-basler-reference-adjuster Image

RA-70ADC10, Basler Reference Adjuster

NSN: 6110-01-568-9540
RA-70ADC10, Basler Electric Microprocessor Based Reference Adjuster
300-8283440 ITEM 4
NSN 6110015689540
SMID: 157-3596-824
Condition: New

basler-apr125-5-voltage-regulator Image

Basler APR125-5 Voltage Regulator

Basler APR125-5 Voltage Regulator. Used, removed from working unit.
• Regulation Accuracy better than ± 0.25%
• Frequency Compensated
• Overexcitation Shutdown
SMID: 159-2925-574
Condition: Excellent

basler-kr4f-m-voltage-regulator Image

Basler KR4F-M Voltage Regulator

NSN: 6110-00-133-0916
Basler KR4F-M Voltage Regulator. Used, removed from working unit. Part number 9116100103
• Regulation accuracy better than ± 1%.
• Applicable to either 50 Hz or 60 Hz generators.
• EMI suppressed.
SMID: 159-2931-777
Condition: Excellent

basler-kr4f-voltage-regulator Image

Basler KR4F Voltage Regulator

NSN: 6110-00-133-0916
Basler KR4F Voltage Regulator. Part number 9042600100. Used, removed from working unit. NSN 6110001330916
SMID: 159-2939-407
Condition: Excellent

basler-kr7f-voltage-regulator Image

Basler KR7F Voltage Regulator

NSN: 6110-01-098-7442
Basler KR7F Voltage Regulator. Part number 9055400100. Used, removed from working unit. NSN 6110010987442
SMID: 159-3444-245
Condition: Good

basler-kr7ffx-voltage-regulator Image

Basler KR7FFX Voltage Regulator

NSN: 6110-01-319-7166
Basler KR7FFX Voltage Regulator. Part number 9161100100. Used, removed from working unit. NSN 6110013197166
SMID: 159-3446-865
Condition: Good

basler-kr4ff-voltage-regulator Image

Basler KR4FF Voltage Regulator

Basler KR4FF Voltage Regulator. Part number 911400100. Used, removed from working unit
SMID: 159-3448-752
Condition: Good

kr4f-basler-voltage-regulator-needs-work Image

KR4F, Basler Voltage Regulator Needs Work

NSN: 6110-00-133-0916
KR4F, Basler Voltage Regulator Needs Work. Burn mark on circuit board (see photo). Part number 911600111. NSN 6110001330916
SMID: 159-4398-015
Condition: As is

kr4ff-basler-static-voltage-regulator Image

KR4FF, Basler Static Voltage Regulator

NSN: 6110-01-206-2358
KR4FF, Basler Static Voltage Regulator. Removed from working unit. Offered as-is. NSN 6110012062358
SMID: 163-8805-874
Condition: As is