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fuel-injection-pump-cat-d353 Image

Fuel Injection Pump CAT D353

Used Fuel Injection Pump for Caterpillar D353 engine
early style. Pump turns was off of running engine. Good re buildable core. Casting 3S5454
SMID: 103-6536-466
Condition: Core
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governor-cat-d398-d379-early-style-variable Image

Governor CAT D398 D379 early style, Variable

Governor CAT D398 D379 early style, Variable Speed
SMID: 103-9758-332
Condition: Good

water-cooled-manifold-cat-3116 Image

Water Cooled Manifold Cat 3116

Water Cooled Manifold Cat 3116, Marine manifold Cat 3116, Casting numbers 1515915, 12762845, good used take-offs
SMID: 105-2592-549
Condition: Good

caterpillar-3306-valve-cover Image

Caterpillar 3306 Valve Cover

Caterpillar 3306 Valve Cover. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 110-5658-866
Condition: Good
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caterpillar-d-353-oil-cooler-7n0125 Image

Caterpillar D-353 Oil Cooler 7N0125

Caterpillar D 353 oil cooler. Combination engine oil and transmission oil cooler. Assembly no. 7N125. Casting no. 3N7090. Includes end pieces and housing Part no. 5L1884, 5L1317. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 111-1787-358
Condition: Good

cat-thermostat-housing-pn-6l1880 Image

Cat thermostat Housing PN 6L1880

6L1880, Cat thermostat Housing, D-398. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 111-2652-678
Condition: Good

cat-thermostat-housing-pn-6l1880 Image

Cat Thermostat Housing PN 6L1880

Cat thermostat Housing PN 6L1880. Includes water intake PN 4L2826. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 111-2735-497
Condition: Good

cat-water-pump-pn-5l2674 Image

Cat Water Pump PN 5L2674

Caterpillar Water Pump. Part no. 5L2674. Pump does not turn, rebuildable core.
SMID: 111-2800-450
Condition: Core

cat-exhaust-ell-pn-8l9771 Image

Cat Exhaust Ell PN 8L9771

Cat Exhaust Ell PN 8L9771. used, in good condition.
SMID: 111-2909-908
Condition: Good

cat-3408-valve-cover-pn-6n2438 Image

Cat 3408 Valve Cover PN 6N2438

Cat 3408 Valve Cover. Part no 6N2438. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 111-2980-322
Condition: Good

cat-water-pump-housing-pn-6l2674 Image

Cat Water Pump Housing PN 6L2674

Cat Water Pump Housing. part no 6L2674. Housing only, as pictured.
SMID: 111-2980-887
Condition: Good

cat-radiator-mounting-plate-pn-2l4097 Image

Cat Radiator Mounting Plate. PN 2L4097

Cat Radiator Mounting Plate. PN 2L4097. 4 available.
SMID: 111-2982-835
Condition: Surplus - New unused

cat-fuel-injector-lines-pn-4l2121 Image

Cat Fuel Injector Lines PN 4L2121

Cat Fuel Injector Lines. Part no. 4L2121. 4 available.
SMID: 111-3234-282
Condition: Excellent

cat-fuel-injector-lines-pn-4l2120 Image

Cat Fuel Injector Lines PN 4L2120

Cat Fuel Injector Lines. Part no. 4L2120. 3 available.
SMID: 111-3235-399
Condition: Excellent

cat-fuel-injector-line-pn-4l2128 Image

Cat Fuel Injector Line PN 4L2128

Cat Fuel Injector Line. Part no. 4L2128. 1 available.
SMID: 111-3236-233
Condition: Excellent

cat-fuel-injector-lines-pn-4l2124 Image

Cat Fuel Injector Lines PN 4L2124

Cat Fuel Injector Lines. Part no. 4L2124. 2 available
SMID: 111-3236-526
Condition: Excellent

cat-d-353-marine-raw-water-pump-pn-2n2506 Image

Cat D-353 Marine Raw Water Pump PN 2N2506

Cat D-353 Marine Raw Water Pump. Includes elbow 7L6351, elbow 1N8348, chamber 1N8349. Used, as pictured. For use with raw water aftercooler 2N2407
SMID: 111-6971-460
Condition: As is

caterpillar-water-pipe-pn-4l8728 Image

Caterpillar Water Pipe PN 4L8728

Caterpillar water pipe, part no. 4L8728. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 113-1124-342
Condition: Good
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cat-d-330-oil-pan Image

CAT D-330 Oil Pan

Caterpillar D330 oil pan. As pictured
SMID: 116-8031-262
Condition: Good

cat-3306-harmonic-balancer-and-sheave Image

CAT 3306 Harmonic Balancer and Sheave

Caterpillar 3306 industrial engine harmonic balancer. comes with 3 pulley sheave. Off of 3306 generator drive engine, Block serial no. 35Z13874, arr. no. 1082861. Part no. 2P3912. As pictured.
SMID: 118-4275-503
Condition: As is

cat-3306-vertical-exhaust-fitting-with-ell Image

Cat 3306 Vertical Exhaust Fitting With Ell

Caterpillar 3306 Vertical Exhaust fitting. Group assembly no. 3N30128. Used, as pictured. Includes exhaust elbow
SMID: 118-5212-723
Condition: Good
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3306-turbo-cooling-line Image

3306 Turbo Cooling Line

Caterpillar 3306 Turbo cooling line. From oil cooler to turbo. Part no. 6N6057 Used, as pictured.
SMID: 118-5227-291
Condition: As is
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cat-3306-turbo-oil-line-pn-6n7752 Image

Cat 3306 Turbo Oil Line PN 6N7752

Caterpillar 3306 turbo oil line. Part no. 6N7725. Supply oil line to turbo. Off of engine serial no. 35Z13874, arr. no. 1082861.
SMID: 118-5569-340
Condition: Good

cat-oil-cooler Image

Cat Oil Cooler

Caterpillar oil cooler. Assembly part no's. 6N98541, 7L4890. As pictured.
SMID: 120-7071-583
Condition: Good

cat-g-399-magneto Image

Cat G-399 Magneto

Caterpillar G-399 Magneto, Off of Natural gas powered G-399 engine. As pictured
SMID: 121-2178-520
Condition: Good

7l0603-cat-3306-pto-housing Image

7L0603, Cat 3306 PTO Housing

Caterpillar 3306 PTO Housing. SAE 5 housing. Part no. 7L603
SMID: 121-5702-853
Condition: Good

cat-3306-pto-pulley-pn-4n1047 Image

Cat 3306 PTO Pulley PN 4N1047

Caterpillar 3306 PTO Pulley. Sheave type, part no. 4N1047.
SMID: 121-5718-404
Condition: Good

6l1654-cat-d-343-jacket-water-housing-pn-6l1654 Image

6L1654, Cat D-343 Jacket Water Housing PN 6L1654

Caterpillar D-343 Oil cooler jacket water housing. Part no.6L1654
SMID: 121-6051-888
Condition: Good

6l5028-cat-d-343-turbo-mount-bracket-pn-6l5028 Image

6L5028, Cat D-343 Turbo Mount Bracket PN 6L5028

Caterpillar D-343 Turbo mount bracket. As pictured. Part no. 6L5028
SMID: 121-6056-434
Condition: Good

cat-d-343-water-ell-pn-6l3183 Image

Cat D-343 Water Ell PN 6L3183

Caterpillar D-343 surge tank water ell. Part no. 6L3183
SMID: 121-6061-812
Condition: Good
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cat-d-343-aftercooler-air-transfer-piping Image

Cat D-343 Aftercooler Air Transfer Piping

Caterpillar D-343 After-cooler air transfer piping. Includes part no. 6L4916, 6L2925, and inter-connect tube, part no. 6L2922
SMID: 121-6061-989
Condition: Good
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cat-d-343-turbocharger-oil-valve Image

Cat D-343 Turbocharger Oil Valve

Caterpillar D-343 turbocharger oil valve. Part no. 7M6855. With adapter part no. 8M5942. With mounting bracket.
SMID: 121-6068-549
Condition: Good
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cat-d-343-elbow-to-cylinder-block-pn-6l1601 Image

Cat D-343 Elbow to Cylinder Block PN 6L1601

Caterpillar D-343 surge tank water line component. Part no. 6L1601. Elbow to cylinder block
SMID: 121-6072-195
Condition: Good

cat-d-379-oil-pump-shaft-pn-5l5981 Image

Cat D 379 Oil Pump Shaft PN 5L5981

Caterpillar D379 Oil Pump shaft. Part no. 5L5981. As pictured
SMID: 121-6410-434
Condition: Excellent

cat-d379-piping-reducer-pn-5l8856 Image

Cat D379 Piping Reducer PN 5L8856

Caterpillar D-379 piping reducer. Part no. 5L8856.
SMID: 121-6651-116
Condition: Good

cat-transmission-oil-cooler-pn-7l2264 Image

Cat Transmission Oil Cooler PN 7L2264

Caterpillar transmission oil cooler. Part no. 7L2264. Off of Twin Disc MG-521 gear, Cat D379 engine. Perfex part no. X518200C66. End cap casting numbers:
G6825, G6830, G6882, G6833
SMID: 121-6757-841
Condition: Good
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cat-d379-oil-filter-assembly-pn-5l8359 Image

Cat D379 Oil filter Assembly PN 5L8359

Caterpillar D 379 Oil filter assembly. Part no. 5L8359. end cap part no. 5L8363, 6L1535. Early style.
SMID: 121-6762-244
Condition: Good

cat-d379-marine-exhaust-manifold-pn-4l9151 Image

Cat D379 Marine Exhaust Manifold PN 4L9151

Caterpillar D 379 marine exhaust manifold. Part no. 4L9151. Includes part numbers 4L9194, 6L1880. One of pair. Early style D-379.
SMID: 121-6833-063
Condition: Good

caterpillar-injection-pump Image

Caterpillar Injection Pump

Caterpillar injection pump. Group no. 1M7482, casting no. 5M6027. For Cat 950 Payloader.
SMID: 123-1193-118
Condition: Good

d-343-turbo-water-shield Image

D-343 Turbo Water Shield

Caterpillar D-343 turbo water shield. Part no. 6L4209. Used, as pictured
SMID: 123-5081-503
Condition: Good