capitol-hydraulic-pumps Image

Capitol Hydraulic Pumps

Capitol hydraulic pumps. Off of 2HEC 10200 transmission, pumps turn. 2 available, as pictured.
SMID: 109-8810-610
Condition: Good

capitol-transmission-parts Image

Capitol Transmission Parts

Capitol transmission parts. Oil dam, flywheel drive, and clutch housing. For SAE 1 bell housings
SMID: 117-5119-198
Condition: Good

capitol-drive-plate-with-stub-shaft Image

Capitol Drive Plate With Stub Shaft

Capitol Drive Plate With Stub Shaft. SAE 14 flywheel. Shaft 3 1/2 inches long, 2 inch diameter
SMID: 142-9653-336
Condition: Good

2he-1175-d-capitol-selector-valve Image

2HE-1175-D Capitol Selector Valve

2HE-1175-D Capitol Marine Transmission Selector Valve. Off of 2HEC-10200. Includes spacer plate pictured.
SMID: 152-9602-154
Condition: Good

13410-0100-capitol-oil-pump Image

13410-0100, Capitol Oil Pump

13410-0100, Capitol Marine Transmission Oil Pump. Off of 2HEC-10200 transmission. Pump turns over, appears good.
SMID: 152-9604-693
Condition: Good

capitol-gear-4he-10200-selector-valve Image

Capitol Gear 4HE-10200 Selector Valve

Capitol Gear 4HE-10200 Selector Valve Assembly. Includes 2HE-1175-D selector valve and spacer plate 2HE-1150. Removed from 4HE-10200 A.E.R. 2:1 transmission, serial no. 1170-1279
SMID: 155-6049-502
Condition: Good

capitol-gear-4he-10200-oil-pump Image

Capitol Gear 4HE-10200 Oil Pump

Capitol Marine Gear 4HE-10200 Oil Pump. Part no. 12, 410. Removed from 4HE-10200 A.E.R. 2:1, serial no. 1170-1279
SMID: 155-6051-354
Condition: Good

12412-capitol-oil-pump-drive-shaft Image

12412, Capitol Oil Pump Drive Shaft

12412, Capitol 4HE-10200 A.E.R. Marine Transmission Oil Pump Drive Shaft. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 155-6558-354
Condition: Excellent

1-13041-1000-capitol-marine-oil-pump Image

1-13041-1000, Capitol Marine Oil Pump

1-13041-1000, Capitol Marine Oil Pump. Removed from Capitol HP 28000, SN 10608-0487. Option code 2-28010-07011-10111. Used, in good condition
SMID: 155-7499-395
Condition: Good

1-09427-0800-capitol-marine-selector-valve Image

1-09427-0800, Capitol Marine Selector Valve

1-09427-0800, Capitol Marine Selector Valve. Removed from HP 28000 Marine Transmission. Includes 2 ea Commutator Tubes pictured, PN 1-13474-000.
SMID: 155-7506-120
Condition: Good

2he-1175-d-capitol-marine-gear-control-valve Image

2HE-1175-D, Capitol Marine Gear Control Valve

2HE-1175-D, Capitol Marine Gear Control Valve. Removed from 2HEA-10200 gear, will fit on 2HEA, 2HEC, 4HE Series marine gears. Includes 2HE-1150 Plate, Control Valve Base.
SMID: 155-9681-423
Condition: Excellent

capitol-marine-gear-output-flange-1-13825-0000 Image

Capitol Marine Gear Output Flange 1-13825-0000

1-13825-0000, FLANGE, OUTPUT for Capitol Marine Gear HP 28000.
good used
SMID: 159-1198-876
Condition: Good

1-10243-0300-capitol-oil-pump Image

1-10243-0300, Capitol Oil Pump

1-10243-0300, Capitol Oil Pump. Off of HE-10200 A.E.R. Transmission.
SMID: 164-9174-540
Condition: Good

1-00100-1003-capitol-marine-gear-clutch-assembly Image

1-00100-1003, Capitol Marine Gear Clutch Assembly

NSN: 3010-01-331-2734
1-00100-1003, Capitol Marine Gear Clutch Assembly. Used, in good condition. NSN 3010013312734
SMID: 165-8424-913
Condition: Good

1-12407-0000-capitol-marine-gear-output-flange Image

1-12407-0000, Capitol Marine Gear Output Flange

NSN: 3010-01-337-7696
1-12407-0000, Capitol Marine Gear Output Flange. Good used. NSN 3010013377696
SMID: 165-8426-670
Condition: New

capitol-marine-gear-flywheel-adapater Image

Capitol Marine Gear Flywheel Adapater

Capitol Marine Gear Flywheel Adapter. SAE 11.5. Includes Drive Flange and Driving Stub Shaft pictured.
SMID: 165-8500-474
Condition: Excellent