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deroit-diesel-6-71n-marine-engine Image

Deroit Diesel 6-71N Marine Engine

Detroit Diesel 6 71N Marine Engine Model no. 67575LA
With allison SAE no. 2 bell hsng and flywheel
SMID: 107-2893-717
Condition: As is

12v-71-na-lh-rotation Image

12V-71 NA LH Rotation

12V 71 NA marine engine. Model no. 7122-7300, converted to LH rotation. Serial no. 12VA39606. N-55 injectors. SAE 1 housing. Excellent running take-out, 70 lbs oil pressure. Hydraulic governor drive without governor.
SMID: 119-3866-519
Condition: Excellent

detroit-diesel-6v-92-ta-8067-7840 Image

Detroit Diesel 6V-92 TA 8067-7840

Detroit Diesel 6V92 TA. Model no. 8067-7840, serial no. 6VF-065865. SAE 1 bell housing and flywheel. 60 lbs oil pressure. Oil pan leaks. Running take-out. No starter, as pictured.
SMID: 119-4901-962
Condition: As is

gray-marine-6-71-engine Image

Gray Marine 6-71 Engine

Gray Marine 6-71 Engine. Model RD, serial no. 6A141698. High block engine, N60 injectors. No gov ernor. engine does not turn, suspect blower frozen. As is.
SMID: 131-4374-759
Condition: As is