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alternator-mitsubishi-32a68-00400-12v-s4s Image

Alternator Mitsubishi 32A68-00400, 12V, S4S

Alternator Mitsubishi 32a68-00400, 12V, off of S4S
SMID: 103-7660-716
Condition: Surplus - New unused

oil-pump-hercules-d198-d298-d2000-d3000 Image

Oil Pump Hercules D198 D298 D2000 D3000

Oil Pump for Hercules Diesel engines models D198 D298 D2000 D3000. Good used, 2 available. also have new pump available, (click here)
SMID: 103-9757-570
Condition: Excellent

injection-pump-3500-ac-dcmfc-629-2lq Image

Injection Pump 3500 AC DCMFC 629 2LQ

Standyne Fuel Injection Pump 3500 Allis-Chalmers DCMFC 629 2LQ 5806192
SMID: 104-2250-956
Condition: Rebuilt

injection-pump-4-cyl-onan-2-4a-80a-9540a Image

Injection Pump, 4 cyl. ONAN, 2/4A-80A-9540A

NSN: 6115-00-466-1030
Rebuilt Injection Pump, 4 cylinder and 2 cylinder. ONAN air cooled, M50 2/4A-80A-9540A, AMBAC. Fits US Military generator sets Model MEP-003A and MEP-002A NSN 6115-00-466-1030
SMID: 104-7078-946
Condition: Rebuilt

isuzu-4bd1-injection-pump Image

ISUZU 4BD1 Injection Pump

ISUZU 4BD1 Injection Pump, NO101402 4030
SMID: 105-1060-715
Condition: Core

sa-4148-t-solenoid-24-volt-synchrostart Image

SA-4148-T, Solenoid 24 volt, Synchrostart

Solenoid 24 volt, Synchro-start, MOD 1751-24E7UIBIA, part #SA-4148-T
SMID: 105-1221-676
Condition: Surplus - New unused

sa-3934-t-solenoid-24-volt-syncrostart Image

SA-3934-T, Solenoid 24 volt, Syncrostart

SA-3934-T, Syncrostart fuel shutoff Solenoid, 24 volt. Model 1751-24E7UIBI. Removed from new engines, never used.
SMID: 105-1222-669
Condition: Surplus - New unused

1111561-ignition-unit-6-cylinder-military-24-volts Image

1111561, Ignition Unit 6 cylinder, Military, 24 volts

NSN: 2920-00-294-3679
1111561, General Motors Ignition Unit 6 cylinder, Military, 24 volts, model 1111561, ordnance #7353276. 3 available. NSN 2920002943679,
DJID W81LG662341729
SMID: 105-1395-917
Condition: Good

speed-sensitive-switch-go-3ma Image

Speed Sensitive Switch, GO-3MA

Speed Sensitive Switch, Syncrostart, GO-3MA, part#SA-897, trip speed sw 1. 300 sw 2.600 sw 3. 1225
SMID: 105-1399-020
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-71-series-fresh-water-pump Image

Detroit Diesel 71 series Fresh Water Pump

Detroit Diesel 71 series Fresh Water Pump, Part #23506028, LH, high output, several available.
SMID: 106-8936-324
Condition: Surplus - New unused

holley-carburetor-model-385jj Image

Holley Carburetor Model 385JJ

Holley Carburetor Model 385JJ. Very large 2 bbl side draft. Unknown application. Rebuilt, in excellent condition.
SMID: 108-6646-832
Condition: Rebuilt

caterpillar-governor-gear-pn-6l3476 Image

Caterpillar Governor Gear. PN 6L3476

Caterpillar Governor Gear. PN 6L3476. New, unused.
SMID: 108-6791-009
Condition: Surplus - New unused

thrust-plate-rocker-shaft-pn-3229492 Image

Thrust Plate, Rocker Shaft. PN 3229492

NSN: 2815-00-363-8583
Cleveland Diesel Thrust Plate, Rocker Shaft. PN 3229492. New, several available. NSN 2815003638583
SMID: 108-6791-826
Condition: Surplus - New unused

caterpillar-water-pump-gear-pn-6l3507 Image

Caterpillar Water Pump Gear. PN 6L3507

6L3507, Caterpillar Water Pump Gear. 40 teeth, new in box.
SMID: 108-6792-334
Condition: Surplus - New unused

9m0854-caterpillar-oil-fitting Image

9M0854, Caterpillar Oil Fitting

Caterpillar PN 9M0854 Oil Fitting. OIl filter base turbocharger assembly fitting. 3 available
SMID: 108-6808-367
Condition: Surplus - New unused

caterpillar-pn-7l7841 Image

Caterpillar PN 7L7841

Caterpillar PN 7L7841. cover. Unknown application.New, unused.
SMID: 108-6808-703
Condition: Surplus - New unused

perkins-piston-pn-31351454p Image

Perkins Piston.PN 31351454P

Perkins Piston.PN 31351454P Includes wrist pin. New, unused.
SMID: 108-6877-228
Condition: Surplus - New unused

detroit-diesel-flywheel Image

Detroit Diesel Flywheel

Detroit Diesel "71" series flywheel. New, unused. SAE 2, Delco generator drive bolt pattern. Part no. 5155831.
SMID: 109-8715-720
Condition: Surplus - New unused

hercules-oil-pan Image

Hercules Oil Pan

Hercules Oil Pan. Fits D298ER engine. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 110-3148-152
Condition: Excellent

oil-pump-hercules-d198-d298-d2000-d3000 Image

Oil Pump Hercules D198 D298 D2000 D3000

Oil Pump for Hercules Diesel engines models D198 D298 D2000 D3000. New, unused. 2 ea available. Also available used, (click here)
Part no. 40-3025151.
SMID: 110-3308-956
Condition: New

sa-4645-t-solenoid-24-volt-syncrostart Image

SA-4645-T, Solenoid 24 Volt, Syncrostart

Solenoid 24 volt, Syncro-start SA-4645-T 24VDC solenoid. Model no. 1751-24E7U1B1S1A, part no. SA-4645-T. Serial no. 10183.
SMID: 110-3313-071
Condition: New

cummins-thermostat Image

Cummins Thermostat

Cummins Thermostat. Part no. 1-169268. New in box.
SMID: 110-5124-262
Condition: Surplus - New unused

mitsubishi-thermostat-pn-34346-11500 Image

Mitsubishi Thermostat PN 34346-11500

Mitsubishi Thermostat PN 3434611500. New in box.
SMID: 110-5138-369
Condition: New

cable-drive-adapter Image

Cable Drive Adapter

NSN: 3010-00-562-0421
Cable Drive Adapter. 90 deg angle adapter Part no. 7061216. 3/4" threaded fittings. For tachometer or speedometer drive cable. 3 ea available. NSN 3010005620421
SMID: 110-5389-418
Condition: New

31358116-perkins-cylinder-liner Image

31358116, Perkins Cylinder Liner

NSN: 2815-00-872-6326
31358116, Perkins Cylinder liner for 4.107 engine. Made by Ducrom. National Stock No. 2815-00-872-6326, 2815008726326, 2815 00 872 6326. New in box.
SMID: 110-7014-068
Condition: Surplus - New unused

perkins-6-354-phase-2-cylinder-head Image

Perkins 6-354 Phase 2 Cylinder Head

Perkins 6-354 Phase 2 Cylinder Head. Part no. D94414. Casting no. 97116720. New, unused.
SMID: 110-8681-293
Condition: Surplus - New unused

piston-ring-expander-part-no-3306569 Image

Piston Ring Expander Part no.3306569

Piston Ring Expander Part no.3306569. Natonal Stock No. 2815-00-364-3827, 2815003643827, 2815 00 364 3827. 4 available.
SMID: 110-9112-565
Condition: New
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3306568-emd-oil-control-ring Image

3306568, EMD Oil Control Ring

EMD Oil Control Ring. Part no.s 3306568, G5965, DSA700-77-M-Y232. National Stock no. 2815-00-273-0427, 2815 00 273 0427, 2815002730427.
SMID: 110-9171-904
Condition: New

cooper-besssemer-bearing Image

Cooper Besssemer Bearing

Cooper Besssemer Bearing. Lower bearing half, part no. GNB-7-B. New, unused.
SMID: 111-1619-967
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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256290-40-3035066-white-hercules-water-pump Image

256290, 40-3035066, White / Hercules Water Pump

NSN: 2930-00-855-5403
White / Hercules Water Pump. Fits D198ER / D298ER engines and others, MEP004 and MEP005. Used, as pictured. 256290-DS, 40-3035066, 40-3035060,
869-40-3035066, White engines, White/Hercules
NSN 2930008555403
SMID: 111-1784-660
Condition: Good

hercules-white-d298er-head-pn-293200e Image

Hercules / White D298ER Head PN 293200E

Hercules D298ER Head. Part no. 293200E, mftr code 28265. national Stock no. 2815-00-922-0179, 2815009220179, 2815 00 922 0179. Several available.
SMID: 111-2891-747
Condition: As is

hercules-white-d198er-intake-manifold-pn-290679d Image

Hercules / White D198ER Intake Manifold PN 290679D

NSN: 2815-00-226-7940
Hercules D198ER Intake Manifold. For 4 cylinder engine. manufacture no. 28265, part no. 290679D. Used, in good condition. NSN 2815002267940
SMID: 111-2903-513
Condition: Good

tappet-guide-pn-n60-773 Image

Tappet Guide PN N60-773

Tappet Guide PN N60-773. National Stock No. 2825-01-259-8010, 2825012598010, 2825 01 259 8010. New, in box.
SMID: 111-2988-531
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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hercules-white-thermostat-housing-and-spacer Image

Hercules / White Thermostat Housing And Spacer

Thermostat Housing And Spacer. For Hercules / White D198ER, D298ER engines. Part no. 288750C, spacer part no. 288728B. National stsock no. 2815-00-477-6001. Used, as pictured.
SMID: 111-2995-797
Condition: Good
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hercules-white-oil-pan-pn-40-3019051d Image

Hercules / White Oil Pan PN 40-3019051D

Hercules / White Oil Pan. Fits D298ER engines. PN 40-3019051D.
SMID: 111-2996-127
Condition: Good
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cooper-bessemer-gasket-pn-ls-14-f Image

Cooper Bessemer Gasket PN LS 14 F

Cooper Bessemer Gasket. Part no. LS 14 F. Steel. Unused, minor rusting from storage.
SMID: 111-3321-117
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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hercules-white-exhaust-manifold-pn-40-3032801d Image

Hercules / White Exhaust Manifold PN 40-3032801D

Hercules / White Exhaust Manifold Manufacture code no. 28265. Fits D198ER engines. part no. 40-3032801D. Used, in good condition. to view engine application
SMID: 111-3325-255
Condition: Good
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cat-solenoid-pn-2n2385 Image

Cat Solenoid PN 2N2385

NSN: 5945-00-169-5622
2N2385, Caterpillar Starter Solenoid. Part no. 2N2385, mfr no. 1115524. 24-32V. New old stock in box. NSN 5945001695622
SMID: 111-3943-202
Condition: Surplus - New unused

5101775-detroit-diesel-v-71-92-marine-water-rail Image

5101775, Detroit Diesel V-71, 92 Marine Water Rail

NSN: 2815-01-052-5667
Detroit Diesel V-71, 92 series marine water rail. Part no. 5101775. Casting no. 23501238. 2 available. New, unused.
SMID: 112-7318-373
Condition: New

oil-pump-for-hercules-d198-d298-d2000-d3000 Image

Oil Pump for Hercules D198 D298 D2000 D3000

Oil Pump for Hercules Diesel engines models D198 D298 D2000 D3000. Part no. 40-3025151. Used, as pictured.
SMID: 112-8375-497
Condition: Good