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air-inlet-housing-5128082-detroit-diesel Image

Air Inlet Housing 5128082, Detroit Diesel

Air Inlet Housing 5128082, Detroit Diesel
SMID: 104-0238-725
Condition: Surplus - New unused

8l4853-voltage-suppressor Image

8L4853, Voltage Suppressor

8L4853, Caterpillar Voltage Suppressor. 4 in stock
SMID: 105-2521-190
Condition: Surplus - New unused

diode-cat-6l6500-68-4282-7806 Image

Diode CAT 6L6500 68-4282 7806

6L6500, Caterpillar Diode. 68-4282 7806, 3 each in stock
SMID: 105-3207-959
Condition: Surplus - New unused

detroit-diesel-bell-housings Image

Detroit Diesel Bell Housings

NSN: 2815-00-577-8237
New Detroit Diesel in-line "71" Series Bell Housings. Allison SAE 2 bell housings, new in box, Cosmoline coated. 2 available. Part no. 5147078. NSN 2815005778237.
SMID: 107-5235-593
Condition: New

new-caterpillar-piston-pn-2m5558 Image

New Caterpillar Piston PN 2M5558

2M5558, New Caterpillar Piston. For Cat D-330 / 333 Engine. Uses ring set 3S-4029. New in box.
SMID: 108-6630-978
Condition: Surplus - New unused

cat-water-pump-housing-pn-6l210b Image

Cat Water pump housing. PN 6L210B

Caterpillar Water pump housing. PN 6L210B. New in box
SMID: 108-6790-299
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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cat-fan-drive-unit-cover-pn-6l3200 Image

CAT Fan Drive Unit cover. PN 6L3200

Caterpillar Fan Drive Unit cover. PN 6L3200. New, 2 available.
SMID: 108-6790-761
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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cat-oil-screen-pn-8h9450 Image

Cat Oil Screen PN 8H9450

Cat Oil Screen PN 8H9450. Caterpillar Oil Screen. New, unused.
SMID: 108-6807-837
Condition: Surplus - New unused

cat-governor-weights-pn-8h7582 Image

Cat Governor Weights PN 8H7582

NSN: 2530-00-924-9969
8H7582, Cat Governor Weight. Caterpillar governor counterweights. New in box. Used on D320A Industrial engines, D330A Marine engines. NSN 2530009249969
SMID: 108-6815-212
Condition: Surplus - New unused

caterpillar-pn-6l2762-lever Image

Caterpillar PN 6L2762. Lever

Caterpillar PN 6L2762. Lever
SMID: 108-6876-736
Condition: New

piping-adapter-cat-pn-5l8856 Image

Piping adapter Cat PN 5L8856

Piping adapter Cat PN 5L8856. Caterpillar Part no. 5L8856. 3 3/8" long, ID: 3 1/2", 3". Used, 1 available.
SMID: 108-6887-365
Condition: Excellent
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cat-bushing-pn-1m1226 Image

Cat Bushing PN 1M1226

Cat Bushing PN 1M1226. Caterpillar Part no. 1M1226.
SMID: 108-6887-737
Condition: Surplus - New unused

detroit-diesel-fuel-cooler Image

Detroit Diesel Fuel cooler

Detroit Diesel Fuel cooler. 2" water inlets, 1/4" fuel inlets. 19" LOA. 2 available, used. PN 5136348
SMID: 109-6555-113
Condition: Excellent

caterpillar-glow-plugs Image

Caterpillar Glow Plugs

3T9563, Caterpillar Glow Plugs. Old part no. 1P7324. New, unused. 6 available.
SMID: 109-6562-921
Condition: Surplus - New unused

5104774-governor-housing-assembly-for-detroit-diesel Image

5104774, Governor Housing Assembly For Detroit Diesel

Governor Housing assembly for Detroit Diesel V-71, 92 series engines. Housing only. Casting no. 5133295-M, 5133295. National Stock No. 2990012058755. New, unused. Part no. 5104774. 2 available.
SMID: 109-9063-819
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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cummins-cylinder-liners Image

Cummins Cylinder Liners

Cummins Cylinder Liners. Unknown application. New liners, 7 available. Dims: 18 11/16" tall, 8 3/8" OD (top of lip on liner). Bore 7.0" Call for more details.
SMID: 110-2538-818
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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cat-fuel-rod-part-no-7h0831 Image

CAT Fuel Rod Part no. 7H0831

CAT Fuel Rod Part no. 7H831. Caterpillar Fuel Rod. 3 available.
SMID: 110-7011-916
Condition: New

flange-for-caterpillar-part-no-3l5939 Image

Flange for Caterpillar Part no. 3L5939

Flange for Caterpillar Part no. 3L5939. New, unused.
SMID: 110-7205-909
Condition: Surplus - New unused

cat-fuel-pump-lifter-assy-pn-3s9735 Image

CAT Fuel Pump Lifter Assy PN 3S9735

3S9735, CAT Fuel Pump Lifter Assy. Caterpillar, new in box. 3 available.
SMID: 110-8051-847
Condition: Surplus - New unused

piston-ring-for-detroit-diesel Image

Piston Ring for Detroit Diesel

Piston ring for Detroit Diesel. Manufatured by Korody-Colyer, Part no. K3237472. National Stock no. 2815-00-273-0428, 2815002730428, 2815 00 273 0428. 2 available
SMID: 110-9110-636
Condition: New
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detroit-diesel-piston-pin Image

Detroit Diesel Piston Pin

Detroit Diesel Piston Pin. Part no. 8926002. National Stock No. 2815-01-014-4732, 2815010144732, 2815 01 014 4732. New, unused. 3 available.
SMID: 111-2905-055
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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cat-fuel-filter-cover-pn-5m953 Image

Cat Fuel Filter Cover PN 5M953

5M0953, Cat Fuel Filter Cover. Old Cat PN 5M476. Part of assembly no 5M5213. New, unused. 2 available.
SMID: 111-2910-873
Condition: Surplus - New unused

cat-spacer-pn-5l1313 Image

Cat Spacer PN 5L1313

Cat Spacer PN 5L1313. New, unused.
SMID: 111-2982-597
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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cat-fuel-filter-housing-spring-pn-7h832 Image

Cat Fuel Filter Housing Spring. PN 7H832

Cat Fuel Filter Housing Spring. PN 7H832. New, in box.
SMID: 111-2986-868
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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cat-con-rod-bearing-pn-9y7735 Image

Cat Con Rod Bearing PN 9Y7735

Cat Con Rod Bearing PN 9Y7735. Caterpillar connecting rod bearings. Part no. 9Y7735. 6 sets available. New, in box.
SMID: 111-3948-353
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-oh-gasket-set-pn-23521366 Image

Detroit Diesel OH Gasket Set PN 23521366

NSN: 5330-01-447-1937
Detroit Diesel OH gasket Set PN 23521366. Overhaul gasket set for 6V-53 engine. Specialty gasket set for military application, with injector lines and seals. National Stock No. 5330014471937. 6 sets available.
SMID: 111-6435-556
Condition: New

cat-exhaust-valves-pn-1w1822 Image

Cat Exhaust Valves PN 1W1822

NSN: 2815-01-198-2833
Cat Exhaust Valves PN 1W1822. Caterpillar exhaust valve. New, in box. 11 ea available. NSN 2815011982833
SMID: 111-6968-649
Condition: New

5189847-detroit-diesel-air-silencer Image

5189847, Detroit Diesel Air Silencer

5189847, Air Silencer For Detroit Diesel 6-71. Made by Donaldson, part no. M000125. New in box, slight rust from storage.
SMID: 111-7133-870
Condition: Surplus - New unused

detroit-diesel-bearing-shell-set-pn-5149565 Image

Detroit Diesel Bearing Shell Set PN 5149565

Detroit Diesel Bearing Shell Set PN 5149565. New in box.
SMID: 111-7138-549
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-ring-set-pn-23514970 Image

Detroit Diesel Ring Set PN 23514970

NSN: 2815-01-274-8168
5149225, Detroit Diesel Ring Set. New part number 23514970. For 71 Trunk type. New in box. NSN 2815012748168
SMID: 111-7138-823
Condition: New

korody-colyer-helical-gear-pn-k5121816 Image

Korody Colyer Helical Gear PN K5121816

NSN: 3020-00-083-8021
Korody Colyer Helical Gear PN K5121816. For Detroit Diesel engines. New, in box. NSN 3020-00-083-8021, 3020000838021, 3020 00 083 8021
SMID: 111-7142-762
Condition: New
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detroit-diesel-water-neck-pn-5127462 Image

Detroit Diesel Water Neck PN 5127462

Detroit Diesel Water Neck PN 5127462. New, unused. For 16V-92 oil cooler.
SMID: 111-9017-045
Condition: New
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4w-5439-cat-ignition-coil Image

4W-5439, Cat Ignition Coil

4W5439, Caterpillar Ignition Coil. Altronic part number 591 010. For natural gas fired engines. New, unused. 2 available.
SMID: 112-2474-470
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-4-53-camshafts-5126932 Image

Detroit Diesel 4-53 Camshafts 5126932

NSN: 2815-00-967-3214
Detroit Diesel 4-53 camshafts. Part no. 5126932. NSN 2815-00-967-3214, 2815009673214, 2815 00 967 3214. Surplus new, unused. 4 ea available.
SMID: 112-8443-752
Condition: Surplus - New unused

5108118-detroit-diesel-8v-92-camshaft Image

5108118, Detroit Diesel 8V-92 Camshaft

NSN: 2815-01-162-2754
Detroit Diesel 8V-92 TA camshaft, right bank. For RH rotation, turbo engine. Part no. 5108118. Camshaft Assy, Right Bank R/H Rot. (Stamp #5108116) (8V). Missing Cam Plugs.
Option Type 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239, 294, 295, 339, 341, 352, 374, 393, 394, 396, 397, 436, 441, 541, 545, 548, 551, 562, 564, 592, 601,…
SMID: 112-8444-466
Condition: Surplus - New unused

detroit-diesel-injector-hole-tube-5199527 Image

Detroit Diesel Injector Hole Tube 5199527

NSN: 5330-00-004-3443
8925981, Detroit Diesel injector hole tube. Old Part no. 5199527. 6 available. NSN 5330000043443. New in box.
SMID: 112-8528-172
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-camshaft-gear-5121815 Image

Detroit Diesel Camshaft Gear 5121815

NSN: 3020-00-083-8021
Detroit Diesel Camshaft Gear. Part no. 5121815. Gear, Camshaft & Balance Shaft,
(R.H. Helix; Camshaft LA, LD, RA, RD, Balancer LB, LC, RB, RC) NSN 3020000838021 New.
SMID: 112-8529-970
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-exhaust-valve-5195167 Image

Detroit Diesel Exhaust Valve 5195167

NSN: 2815-00-842-0859
Exhaust Valve for Detroit Diesel. Part no. 5195167. Manufactured by Korody-Colyer. NSN 2815-00-842-0859, 2815008420859, 2815 00 842 0859. New, in box. 13 available.
SMID: 112-8624-645
Condition: New
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6-71-12v-71-aluminum-exhaust-manifold Image

6-71 / 12V-71 Aluminum Exhaust Manifold

Detroit Diesel 6 71 / 12V 71 Aluminum marine exhaust manifold. New, unused. Part no. 5187630.
SMID: 113-0773-873
Condition: New
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detroit-diesel-air-intake-housing-6-8v-71 Image

Detroit Diesel Air Intake Housing 6 / 8V-71

Detroit Diesel Air Intake Housing for 6V-71, 8V-71. In excellent condition. 2 pieces, part no. 5123610, 5123608. 3 available
SMID: 113-1051-052
Condition: Excellent