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circuit-breaker-35-amp-p-n-6752-12-35 Image

Circuit Breaker, 35 amp P.N. 6752-12-35

NSN: 5925-00-985-8269
Circuit Breaker, 35 amp P.N. 6752-12-35. KLIXON, by Texas Insturments. MS24571-35. NSN 5925009858269
SMID: 108-6629-053
Condition: Surplus - New unused

ge-600a-3-pole-circuit-breaker Image

GE 600A 3 Pole Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-01-304-3365
General Electric 3 pole 600A circuit breaker. Catalog no. TJK636F000. New in box, damage to case in lower corner (see photos). 2 available in like condition. Sold as-is. NSN 5925013043365
SMID: 123-3708-345
Condition: As is

westinghouse-400a-3-phase-circuit-breaker Image

Westinghouse 400A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker

Westinghouse 400A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker. 240 VAC. Model no. DA3400XZ, serial no. 5682D28G62. 2 available.
SMID: 145-7467-318
Condition: Surplus - Low time

pdla-50-sensata-50-amp-circuit-breaker Image

PDLA-50, Sensata 50 amp Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-00-708-8769
PDLA-50, Sensata Klixon, Thermal 50 amp Circuit Breaker.
PDLA-50, Sensata Klixon, Thermal 50 amp Circuit
Klixon® Large Frame P Series Thermal Circuit Breakers
Breaker. Precision, sealed and ignition protected. Auto reset. Provides excellent over-current protection for harsh environments.
More info:…
SMID: 148-5626-872
Condition: New

ge-circuit-breaker-343l695heg11 Image

GE Circuit Breaker 343L695HEG11

General Electric Circuit Breaker, Catalogue no. 343L695HEG11. Off of Military MEP009A generator set.
SMID: 153-9804-856
Condition: Good

qj3-b200-siemens-ite-240vac-200a-circuit-breaker Image

QJ3-B200, Siemens/ITE 240VAC 200A Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-01-039-6219
QJ3B200, Siemens/ITE 240VAC 200A 3 Pole QJ-Frame Thermal Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Catalog No. QJ3-B200, Frame Amps 225, Trip Amps 200, 3 Poles, 240 Volts. NSN 5925010396219
SMID: 159-7765-144
Condition: Surplus - New unused

eb3030-westinghouse-30a-240v-circuit-breaker Image

EB3030, Westinghouse 30A 240V Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-00-232-2963
EB3030, Westinghouse AB DE-ION, type EB, 3P, 3PH, 30A, 240V, 10kA@240V, standard interrupting capacity, 40º C, bolt-on, complete with LI - Long-Time and Instantaneous trip functions & load side lug terminals, thermal magnetic, molded case circuit breaker. Missing 3 lug terminals. NSN 5925002322963
SMID: 159-7767-995
Condition: Surplus - New unused

mp230240-30-40-amp-double-pole-quadplex-c-b Image

MP230240 30/40 Amp Double-Pole Quadplex C.B.

Murray MP230240 30/40 Amp Double-Pole Quadplex Circuit Breaker. Provides a pair of common trip, Double-Pole breakers that require 2 panel spaces in a breaker box. This quad circuit breaker is designed to switch and protect home wiring from high temperatures caused by excess electrical current.
Thermal-magnetic design for use as overload and short-circuit protection of your home electrical system
Quadplex design provides 2 sets of common trip, double-pole breakers that require 2 panel spaces
120/240 VAC, 10, 000 AIC rating
Meets UL, CSA and ANSI safety…
SMID: 161-8332-091
Condition: Surplus - New unused

westinghouse-3200-series-200a-circuit-breaker Image

Westinghouse 3200 Series 200A Circuit Breaker

Westinghouse 3200 Series 200A Circuit Breaker. Used, as pictured.
SMID: 165-5998-255
Condition: Good

westinghouse-200a-3-phase-circuit-breaker Image

Westinghouse 200A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-00-471-1898
Westinghouse 200A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker. Model number JA3200W, serial number 6547D791G18. NSN 5925004711898
SMID: 165-6003-513
Condition: Excellent

1250c78g53-westinghouse-circuit-breaker Image

1250C78G53, Westinghouse Circuit Breaker

1250C78G53, Westinghouse 400A 3 phase Circuit Breaker. 600 VAC maximum.
SMID: 165-6008-338
Condition: Good