precision-vee-drive-1-48-1-ratio Image

Precision Vee Drive 1.48:1 Ratio

Precision Vee Drive 1.48:1 Ratio. Out of Navy launch boat. Model no. V6400V, serial no. 7700NRBP. In excellent condition.
SMID: 109-6557-231
Condition: Excellent

tonan-tm729s-marine-transmission Image

Tonan TM729S Marine Transmission

Tonan TM729S Marine Transmission, similar to Twin Disc MG 509, Ratio 3 to 1, 2 each available
SMID: 117-6224-072
Condition: Good

tonan-tm828-core-6-1-ratio Image

Tonan TM828 Core 6:1 Ratio

Tonan TM-828 marine gear core. 6:1 ratio. Some gear damage.
SMID: 120-2837-706
Condition: As is

westech-vee-drives-pn-16mvd31a Image

Westech Vee Drives PN 16MVD31A

NSN: 3010-00-148-1041
Westech Vee Drives. (CONTROL FLOW, INC.) aka Western Vee Drive, Part no. 16MVD31A, 16 mvd 31a, 6327-000-11, 6327-000-1. NSN 3010001481041. Reduction 1.5 to 1. New, several available. Used in U.S. Navy Captains Gig. replacement for Precision Vee Drive Model no. V6400V
SMID: 122-2285-207
Condition: New

caterpillar-7261-marine-gear-2-89-1-ratio Image

Caterpillar 7261 Marine Gear 2.89:1 Ratio

Caterpillar 7261 Marine Gear 2.89:1 fwd ratio, 3.18:1 Rev ratio. Serial no. 89B119. 1125 HP continuous rated, 1225 RPM. In excellent condition. Caterpillar 7261 3 to 1 marine gear off of cat D399, 3 to 1 marine transmission. Cat 7261 ratio 3:1
SMID: 123-2061-103
Condition: Excellent

tonan-tm-939-2-5-1-ratio Image

Tonan TM-939 2.5:1 Ratio

Tonan TM-939 marine gear. 2.5:1 ratio. Excellent running take-out.
SMID: 123-5406-867
Condition: Excellent

tonan-729s-3-1-ratio-core Image

Tonan 729S 3:1 Ratio Core

Tonan 729S marine gear. 3:1 Ratio, core. Includes top mount PTO.
SMID: 123-5599-919
Condition: Core

falk-3540-mrpf-c-marine-gear Image

Falk 3540 MRPF-C Marine Gear

Falk 3540 MRPF-C Marine Gear. 6.038:1 ratio. 2800 HP.
SMID: 137-5815-963
Condition: Good

falk-3040-marine-gear Image

Falk 3040 Marine Gear

Falk 3040 MRVB-E Marine Gear. 2800 HP with 40 inch clutches. 4.962:1 ratio. Can recondition as required. 2 ea available. Serial numbers:
SMID: 137-5895-272
Condition: Good

manual-gearbox-2-1-ratio Image

Manual Gearbox 2; 1 Ratio

Manual Gearbox 2; 1 Ratio. Forward and Reverse. Taken off of small pump unit.
SMID: 142-7134-520
Condition: As is
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hurth-hsw-630a-2-1-ratio Image

Hurth HSW 630A 2:1 Ratio

Hurth HSW 630A 2:1 Ratio. Very low hour running takeout
SMID: 142-9546-749
Condition: Excellent
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tonan-tm939d-5-89-1-ratio Image

Tonan TM939D 5.89:1 Ratio

Tonan TM939D Marine Transmission. 5.89:1 Ratio. Rebuilt and spin tested
SMID: 143-9325-153
Condition: Rebuilt
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55470-0160-shaft-timken-gears Image

55470-0160, Shaft, TIMKEN GEARS

NSN: 3040-01-323-1407
55470-0160, Shaft, TIMKEN GEARS
NSN 3040013231407
SMID: 147-6550-751
Condition: New

e-hh-22-lo-rez-vibration-control-flexible Image


NSN: 3010-01-229-4943
Steel-Spring Flexible Couplings,
model E/HH-22, with viscous damper
torque capacity is 22, 000
SMID: 147-7103-907
Condition: New

caterpillar-7261-marine-transmission-3-84-1-ratio Image

Caterpillar 7261 Marine Transmission 3.84:1 Ratio

Caterpillar 7261 Marine Transmission 3.84:1 Ratio. Serial number 89B690. Good running take-out.
SMID: 165-2287-979
Condition: Good