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asco-962-400-amp-ats-bypass-isolation Image

ASCO 962 400 amp ATS, bypass-isolation

Surplus/Unused New ASCO series 962, Automatic Transfer Switch, with Bypass-Isolation, 400 amp, with charger and heater. Cat 962423B248C, 343-515, 373930-001, 43121030CC
Ideal for computer centers, hospitals, airports, police and fire, etc. Allows for testing emergency systems under load without load interruption. 120…
SMID: 101-4926-822
Condition: Surplus - New unused

400-amp-satety-switch-240-volts-glould-i-t-e Image

400 amp Satety Switch, 240 volts Glould I-T-E

400 amp Satety Switch, Glould I-T-E, NEMA 12, 240 volts AC, 3 phase HP STD 50 MAX 125, Vacu-Break Switch with Clampmatic Contacts CATf-325H
SMID: 103-7483-603
Condition: Surplus - New unused

363620-002-asco-control-panel-120-208-volts Image

363620-002, ASCO Control Panel, 120/208 volts

ASCO Control Panel 363620-002, (group 7) 120/208 volts, includes expansion cards 363617 and 363612, as pictured. ER, SE, NR Plug-in relay 255102, Catolog 423B248C
SMID: 105-1996-451
Condition: Surplus - New unused

asco-431-battery-charger-43121030cc Image

ASCO 431 Battery Charger 43121030CC

ASCO 431 Automatic Battery Charger, Catolog number 43121030CC, Input 120 volts 60 hZ single phase 6 amps, output: 24 volts 10 amps
SMID: 105-2098-618
Condition: Surplus - New unused

js373930-1-aesc-engine-starting-control Image

JS373930-1, AESC Engine Starting Control

ASCO, AESC Engine Starting Control JA373930-1, K1-10 Plug-in relay 255102, Automatic Switch Company. Removed from new unit, never put in service.
SMID: 105-2110-184
Condition: Surplus - New unused

circuit-breaker-35-amp-p-n-6752-12-35 Image

Circuit Breaker, 35 amp P.N. 6752-12-35

NSN: 5925-00-985-8269
Circuit Breaker, 35 amp P.N. 6752-12-35. KLIXON, by Texas Insturments. MS24571-35. NSN 5925009858269
SMID: 108-6629-053
Condition: Surplus - New unused

onan-150-amp-ats-480-volts Image

Onan 150 amp ATS, 480 volts

Onan 150 amp Automatic Transfer Switch, 480 volts, Onan Model OTBCA150, Serial # L830690514 (1983), 150 amp, 480 VAC, 50/60 hz, 3 pole
SMID: 111-5696-198
Condition: Excellent

400-amp-satety-switch-240-volts-gould-i-t-e Image

400 amp Satety Switch, 240 volts Gould I-T-E

400 amp Satety Switch, Gould I-T-E, NEMA 12, 240 volts AC, 3 phase HP STD 50 MAX 125, Vacu-Break Switch with Clampmatic Contacts CATf-325H
SMID: 116-3522-435
Condition: Surplus
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ge-600a-3-pole-circuit-breaker Image

GE 600A 3 Pole Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-01-304-3365
General Electric 3 pole 600A circuit breaker. Catalog no. TJK636F000. New in box, damage to case in lower corner (see photos). 2 available in like condition. Sold as-is. NSN 5925013043365
SMID: 123-3708-345
Condition: As is

asco-automatic-transfer-switch Image

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch

ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch. Product no. 940, serial no. 653650001. Catalog no. 8940210066XC, BOM no. 459225. Missing Start Relay, Load monitor. 240V, 60 HZ
SMID: 128-0931-657
Condition: As is

power-transfer-switching-unit Image

Power Transfer Switching Unit

NSN: 6110-01-110-6776
Military Transfer Switch. SB-4109/GSC, part no. 84014336. Unknown condition. NSN 6110011106776
SMID: 137-0357-816
Condition: As is

westinghouse-400a-3-phase-circuit-breaker Image

Westinghouse 400A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker

Westinghouse 400A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker. 240 VAC. Model no. DA3400XZ, serial no. 5682D28G62. 2 available.
SMID: 145-7467-318
Condition: Surplus - Low time

pdla-50-sensata-50-amp-circuit-breaker Image

PDLA-50, Sensata 50 amp Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-00-708-8769
PDLA-50, Sensata Klixon, Thermal 50 amp Circuit Breaker.
PDLA-50, Sensata Klixon, Thermal 50 amp Circuit
Klixon® Large Frame P Series Thermal Circuit Breakers
Breaker. Precision, sealed and ignition protected. Auto reset. Provides excellent over-current protection for harsh environments.
More info:…
SMID: 148-5626-872
Condition: New

ge-circuit-breaker-343l695heg11 Image

GE Circuit Breaker 343L695HEG11

General Electric Circuit Breaker, Catalogue no. 343L695HEG11. Off of Military MEP009A generator set.
SMID: 153-9804-856
Condition: Good

eaton-atc-300-automatic-transfer-switch-70-a Image

Eaton ATC-300 Automatic Transfer Switch 70 A

Eaton ATC-300 Automatic Transfer Switch Motor Control Center, 70 amp 480 volt 3 pole
Model ATC-300 with Motor Control Center F2100 (ATS MCC).
Eaton Automatic Transfer Switch 70 amp, 480 volt, (ATS MCC), model ATC-300 with Motor Control Center F2100
SMID: 155-3636-395
Condition: Surplus - New unused

35-555-kissling-battery-disconnect-switch Image

35-555, Kissling Battery Disconnect Switch

NSN: 5930-01-504-7900
35-555, Kissling Battery Disconnect Switch. 2 pole, 500A Switch. Swiss made, 14 available. Oshkosh part no. 3458242. NSN 5930015047900
SMID: 156-0452-034
Condition: New

asco-962-400a-switching-module Image

ASCO 962 400A Switching Module

ASCO 962 400A Switching Module. 120/208 Y, 3 pole. Catalog number 962423B248C. Removed from unit never put in service. As pictured
SMID: 159-4315-379
Condition: Surplus - New unused

qj3-b200-siemens-ite-240vac-200a-circuit-breaker Image

QJ3-B200, Siemens/ITE 240VAC 200A Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-01-039-6219
QJ3B200, Siemens/ITE 240VAC 200A 3 Pole QJ-Frame Thermal Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breaker
Catalog No. QJ3-B200, Frame Amps 225, Trip Amps 200, 3 Poles, 240 Volts. NSN 5925010396219
SMID: 159-7765-144
Condition: Surplus - New unused

eb3030-westinghouse-30a-240v-circuit-breaker Image

EB3030, Westinghouse 30A 240V Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-00-232-2963
EB3030, Westinghouse AB DE-ION, type EB, 3P, 3PH, 30A, 240V, 10kA@240V, standard interrupting capacity, 40º C, bolt-on, complete with LI - Long-Time and Instantaneous trip functions & load side lug terminals, thermal magnetic, molded case circuit breaker. Missing 3 lug terminals. NSN 5925002322963
SMID: 159-7767-995
Condition: Surplus - New unused

mp230240-30-40-amp-double-pole-quadplex-c-b Image

MP230240 30/40 Amp Double-Pole Quadplex C.B.

Murray MP230240 30/40 Amp Double-Pole Quadplex Circuit Breaker. Provides a pair of common trip, Double-Pole breakers that require 2 panel spaces in a breaker box. This quad circuit breaker is designed to switch and protect home wiring from high temperatures caused by excess electrical current.
Thermal-magnetic design for use as overload and short-circuit protection of your home electrical system
Quadplex design provides 2 sets of common trip, double-pole breakers that require 2 panel spaces
120/240 VAC, 10, 000 AIC rating
Meets UL, CSA and ANSI safety…
SMID: 161-8332-091
Condition: Surplus - New unused

westinghouse-3200-series-200a-circuit-breaker Image

Westinghouse 3200 Series 200A Circuit Breaker

Westinghouse 3200 Series 200A Circuit Breaker. Used, as pictured.
SMID: 165-5998-255
Condition: Good

westinghouse-200a-3-phase-circuit-breaker Image

Westinghouse 200A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker

NSN: 5925-00-471-1898
Westinghouse 200A 3 Phase Circuit Breaker. Model number JA3200W, serial number 6547D791G18. NSN 5925004711898
SMID: 165-6003-513
Condition: Excellent

1250c78g53-westinghouse-circuit-breaker Image

1250C78G53, Westinghouse Circuit Breaker

1250C78G53, Westinghouse 400A 3 phase Circuit Breaker. 600 VAC maximum.
SMID: 165-6008-338
Condition: Good