allison-planetary-lp-6700227-6700228 Image

Allison Planetary LP 6700227, 6700228

Allison Planetary LP 6700227, 6700228, Fits Allison M, MH, M1A Marine Transmissions, Left Hand Rotation
SMID: 103-9232-946
Condition: Surplus - Low time

allison-forward-clutch-used Image

Allison Forward Clutch, used

Allison Forward Clutch, used part # 5101603
SMID: 104-9920-005
Condition: Excellent

allison-marine-transmision-pump-5112419 Image

Allison Marine Transmision Pump 5112419

Allison Marine Transmision Pump 5112419, Right
SMID: 105-1400-656
Condition: Good

bull-gear-allison-mh30-3-to-1-6700199 Image

Bull Gear, Allison MH30 3 to 1, 6700199

Bull Gear, Allison MH30, 6700199, 74 teeth, for a 2.96 to 1 reduction
SMID: 105-1992-664
Condition: Good

pinion-gear-allison-mh30-3-to-1-6751916 Image

Pinion Gear, Allison MH30 3 to 1, 6751916

Pinion Gear, Allison MH30 3 to 1, 6751916, 25 teeth, for a 2.96 to 1 reduction
SMID: 105-1993-226
Condition: Good

allison-reverseclutch-backing-6701049 Image

Allison ReverseClutch Backing 6701049

Allison ReverseClutch Backing 6701049
SMID: 105-1993-690
Condition: Excellent

pump-for-allison-mh-gear-p-n-5182924 Image

Pump for Allison MH Gear, P/N 5182924

Pump for Allison MH Gear, P/N 5182924
SMID: 108-9752-534
Condition: Good

allison-forward-clutch-plate Image

Allison Forward Clutch Plate

Allison Forward Clutch Plate. Old style cork type friction material. New, unused. 5101603
SMID: 110-3150-455
Condition: Surplus - New unused

5182824-hydraulic-pump-for-allison-detroit-diesel Image

5182824, Hydraulic Pump for Allison / Detroit Diesel

Hydraulic Pump for Allison / Detroit Diesel. Part no. 5182824. Used, in good condition.
Supersede part number 5112418
SMID: 112-7426-889
Condition: Good

5194835-allison-planetary-repair-kit Image

5194835, Allison Planetary Repair Kit

NSN: 2520-00-785-3774
Detroit Diesel / Allison Planetary gear repair kit. Part no. 5194835. New in box, 3 ea available
9.1086 TYPE 813
SMID: 122-2293-155
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-allison-gear-pn-5171967 Image

Detroit Diesel / Allison Gear PN 5171967

5171967, Detroit Diesel / Allison gear. New in box.
SMID: 122-3071-261
Condition: New

5197315-detroit-diesel-allison-sleeve Image

5197315, Detroit Diesel Allison Sleeve

5197315, Detroit Diesel Allison Sleeve
Shaft Collar for 11 inch Allison PTO clutch. Part no. 5197315
SMID: 122-4972-951
Condition: New

allison-seal-kit-pn-6777000 Image

Allison Seal Kit PN 6777000

NSN: 2520-00-079-8056
Allison Seal Kit. Part no. 6777000. 2 sets available. NSN 2520000798056
SMID: 124-5346-188
Condition: New

allison-6700201-mh45-bull-gear Image

Allison 6700201, MH45 Bull Gear

Allison MH45 Bull Gear PN 6700201. 81 teeth.
[Detroit Diesel-6700201]
In excellent condition.
SMID: 125-6245-302
Condition: Excellent

allison-hydraulic-pump-pn-5112418 Image

Allison Hydraulic Pump PN 5112418

Allison Eaton Hydraulic Pump. Part no. 5112418. Includes tach drive. In excellent condition.
SMID: 125-7782-100
Condition: Excellent

allison-flywheel-for-m-mh-gears Image

Allison Flywheel For M, MH Gears

Allison flywheel. For M, MH gears, for 71 series Detroit Diesel Engines. Part no. 5119893. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 128-0768-249
Condition: Excellent

allison-retaining-ring-pn-6700119 Image

Allison Retaining Ring PN 6700119

Allison Retaining Ring. Part no. 6700119. Group no. 9.1065. 2 ea available.
SMID: 129-8044-320
Condition: Excellent

detroit-diesel-allison-flywheel Image

Detroit Diesel Allison Flywheel

Detroit Diesel Allison Flywheel. Off of Detroit Diesel V-71 engine. Casting no on flywheel 5119846. Drive ring part no. 5188030. In excellent condition.
SMID: 134-2021-988
Condition: Excellent

allison-6751915-mh-series-output-flange Image

Allison 6751915, MH Series Output Flange

6751915, Allison MH Series Output Flange. 3 available
SMID: 137-5903-671
Condition: Good

allison-mh30-case Image

Allison MH30 Case

Allison MH30 Case. No pan. With output shaft. Original part no. 6759695, serial no. 38789.
SMID: 142-1958-500
Condition: As is
Call for Price

allison-mh-deep-case-oil-pan Image

Allison MH Deep Case Oil Pan

Allison MH Deep Case Oil Pan. Part no 8701325
SMID: 143-5178-595
Condition: Excellent

allison-eaton-hydraulic-pump-5112419 Image

Allison Eaton Hydraulic Pump 5112419

Allison Eaton Hydraulic Pump. Part no. 5112419. Comes with drive and adapter as pictured.
SMID: 145-4686-430
Condition: Good

allison-marine-gear-5101603-forward-clutch-plate Image

Allison Marine Gear 5101603 Forward Clutch Plate

NSN: 3010-00-363-8327
Forward Clutch Plate for Allison M, MH Marine Gears. Part no. 5101603. Used, in good condition.
SMID: 146-2395-889
Condition: Good

6750767-allison-mh-oil-pan Image

6750767, Allison MH Oil Pan

NSN: 2010-00-932-7342
Allison MH series marine transmission oil pan. Part no. 6750767
SMID: 147-5785-309
Condition: Good

6750772-allison-planetary-gear Image

6750772, Allison Planetary Gear

NSN: 3020-00-346-4551
Allison Planetary RS 6750772. Fits Allison M, MH, M1A Marine Transmissions, Right Hand Rotation. NSN 3020003464551
SMID: 150-4284-561
Condition: New

6700960-allison-marine-selector-valve Image

6700960, Allison Marine Selector Valve

6700960, Allison Marine Selector Valve. Good used.
SMID: 155-9675-285
Condition: Excellent

5189540-allison-flywheel Image

5189540, Allison Flywheel

5189540, Detroit Diesel Allison Flywheel. Removed from IL 6-71 engine. Number stamped on flywheel 5189540. Used on Allison M, MH and Torqmatic Marine gears. Cork friction plate. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 157-7980-296
Condition: Excellent

allison-transmission-6700509-spacer-sleeve Image


NSN: 5365-00-499-3592
[06700509, SPACER, SLEEVE]
SMID: 159-0680-596
Condition: New

allison-reverse-piston-6700545 Image

Allison Reverse Piston 6700545

NSN: 2815-00-499-3585
6700545, Allison Reverse Piston for marine gear M and MH. good used
SMID: 159-1121-905
Condition: Excellent

allison-6751908 Image

Allison 6751908

6751908, Allison MH marine RETAINER PINION
SMID: 159-1216-599
Condition: Good

6751918-allison-mh-45-pinion Image

6751918, Allison MH-45 Pinion

6751918, Allison MH-45 Pinion. Out of Allison 4.5:1 Ratio MH transmission. Used, in excellent condition
SMID: 159-2405-823
Condition: Excellent

6751903-allison-mh20-pinion-gear Image

6751903, Allison MH20 PInion Gear

6751903, Allison MH20 Pinion Gear. 33 teeth. Used, in excellent condition
SMID: 161-0552-389
Condition: Excellent

6751008-allison-m-mh-reverse-clutch-ring-gear Image

6751008, Allison M, MH Reverse Clutch Ring Gear

NSN: 3020-00-322-9934
6751008, Allison M, MH Reverse Clutch Ring
SMID: 161-0557-201
Condition: Excellent

6883367-allison-m-series-input-shaft Image

6883367, Allison M Series Input Shaft

6883367, Allison M Series Input Shaft. Seal surface may need polishing.
SMID: 161-0560-533
Condition: Good

6700960-allison-selector-valve Image

6700960, Allison Selector Valve

NSN: 4820-00-499-3594
6700960, Allison Selector Valve. Valve body part number 6700961. Used on Allison M, MH transmissions. NSN 4820004993594
SMID: 166-3340-848
Condition: Excellent

23017243-allison-mh-output-shaft Image

23017243, Allison MH Output Shaft

23017243, Allison MH Output Shaft. As pictured, includes nuts for both ends.
SMID: 170-2054-264
Condition: Excellent

6883614-allison-mh15l-pinion Image

6883614, Allison MH15L Pinion

6883614, Allison MH15L Pinion. 31 teeth. In excellent condition.
SMID: 170-9218-802
Condition: Excellent