5172089-detroit-diesel-expansion-tank-adapter Image

5172089, Detroit Diesel Expansion Tank Adapter

5172089, Detroit Diesel Expansion Tank Adapter. As pictured.
SMID: 171-2242-281
Condition: Excellent

mitsubishi-air-filter-assembly Image

MItsubishi Air Filter Assembly

Mitsubishi Air Filter Assembly. For L3E, L2E industrial engines. Housing part number MM403325, element part number MM200570, Rain cap part number MM510073, rear cover part number K9644060. Air inlet 2 inch O.D.
SMID: 171-2165-701
Condition: New Old Stock

3804275-cummins-upper-gaset-kit Image

3804275, Cummins Upper Gaset Kit

NSN: 2815-01-152-9219
3804275, Cummins Upper Gasket Kit. Single Cummins 855 Series application. 3 kits available. Boxes are not the best, but all parts are good. NSN 2815011529219
SMID: 171-2158-288
Condition: New

5119003-detroit-diesel-tach-drive-adapter Image

5119003, Detroit Diesel Tach Drive Adapter

NSN: 2815-00-456-0032
5119003, Detroit Diesel Tachometer Drive Adapter. NSN 2815004560032
SMID: 171-2076-308
Condition: Excellent

536515-detroit-diesel-tachometer Image

536515, Detroit Diesel Tachometer

536515, Detroit Diesel Tachometer. This heavy duty tachometer with hourmeter is designed for Detroit Diesel engines - Mechanical clockwise rotation with a 3 1/2 inch display diameter and 0 to 2500 RPM reading range is fast, easy and clear to read. Used in marine, industrial and automotive applications. With black background, chrome rim and white needle. Hourmeter reads 366 hours. Comes with mounting bracket pictured.
Detroit Diesel: Use this tachometer when:
1.- The reading is taken from camshaft gear and the tachometer is directly mounted on the back of the engine (Camshaft to engine RPM has a ratio of 1 to…
SMID: 171-2067-843
Condition: Excellent

340-808-1-1-vdo-tach-signal-generator Image

340.808/1/1, VDO Tach Signal Generator

340.808/1/1, VDO Tach Signal Generator. Part number 340.808/1/1, 8.95. 7/8-18 Thread, RPM Reading only, 2 Terminals, Current: 10V AC @1000RPM, 4 Pulses/Revolution. Excellent used
SMID: 171-2065-342
Condition: Excellent

re501637-john-deere-rear-pto-oil-inlet-line Image

RE501637, John Deere Rear PTO Oil Inlet Line

RE501637, John Deere Rear PTO Oil Inlet Line. Used on PoweerTech 10.5 Liter engines with PTO
SMID: 171-1976-920
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-6-71-head-used Image

Detroit Diesel 6-71 Head (Used)

NSN: 2815-01-121-2952
Detroit Diesel 6 71 Head (Used). 4 valve head, has injectors in it. Part number 5102770. NSN 2815011212952
SMID: 171-1126-091
Condition: As is

5148171-detroit-diesel-filter-head Image

5148171, Detroit Diesel Filter Head

NSN: 2910-01-079-3494
5148171, Detroit Diesel Filter Head. For spin on filters, secondary fuel. New part number 23533674. NSN 2910010793494
SMID: 171-0950-056
Condition: Excellent

b6068-twin-disc-oil-strainer Image

B6068, Twin Disc Oil Strainer

NSN: 4730-01-204-0660
B6068, Twin Disc MG-514 Oil Strainer. NSN 4730012040660
SMID: 171-0941-756
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-514-hydraulic-pump Image

Twin Disc MG-514 Hydraulic Pump

Twin Disc MG-514 Hydraulic Pump. Newer style pump, removed from working unit
SMID: 171-0856-879
Condition: Excellent

b1470-twin-disc-oil-strainer Image

B1470, Twin Disc Oil Strainer

NSN: 2520-00-901-1015
B1470, Twin Disc Oil Strainer. NSN 2520009011015
SMID: 171-0785-967
Condition: Excellent

5199560-detroit-diesel-fuel-pump Image

5199560, Detroit Diesel Fuel Pump

NSN: 2910-00-175-9250
5199560, Detroit Diesel Fuel Pump. Casting no. 5113776. Unknown condition, pump turns well. NSN 2910001759250
SMID: 171-0769-976
Condition: As is

8351387-allison-xtg411-spline-wrench Image

8351387, Allison XTG411 Spline Wrench

NSN: 3040-00-733-8912
8351387, Allison Transmission XTG411 Left Brake Adjusting Spline Wrench. NSN 3040007338912
SMID: 171-0515-587
Condition: Excellent

5695670-gm-power-steering-reservoir-cap Image

5695670, GM Power Steering Reservoir Cap

NSN: 2590-00-351-7262
5695670, GM Power Steering Reservoir Cap. This new old stock power steering pump oil filler cap was manufactured by General Motors for use on the following models:
Chevrolet 1967-1968 Chevelle with 396,
Chevrolet Pickup 1968-1970 Series 10 thru 30 with 396,
Chevrolet Truck 1964 – 1965 Series 60 with 6-cylinder,
Chevrolet Truck 1964 – 1966 Series 80 2-cylinder Diesel,…
SMID: 171-0432-439
Condition: New

47-300z-dynaflex-clamp Image

47-300Z, Dynaflex Clamp

47-300Z, Dynaflex Clamp. 3 inch, zinc plated. 2 available.
SMID: 171-0427-183
Condition: New

47-350z-dynaflex-clamp Image

47-350Z, Dynaflex Clamp

47-350Z, Dynaflex Clamp. 3 1/2 inch, zinc plated. 2 available.
SMID: 171-0426-281
Condition: New

3lm-299-schwitzer-turbo Image

3LM-299, Schwitzer Turbo

3LM-299, Schwitzer Turbo. Used, appears to be in good condition
SMID: 171-0263-196
Condition: Good

408140-0001-garrett-thoa64-turbo-core Image

408140-0001, Garrett THOA64 Turbo Core

NSN: 2815-01-005-8284
408140-0001, Garrett THOA64 Turbocharger Core. Detroit Diesel part number 5143110. 4-71 8V-71/92, TH08A64 AR0.96. Rotor turns, no housing clamp. Some pitting on Exhaust housing, as pictured. NSN 2815010058284
SMID: 171-0256-771
Condition: Core

408140-0001-garrett-thoa64-turbo-core Image

408140-0001, Garrett THOA64 Turbo Core

NSN: 2815-01-005-8284
408140-0001, Garrett THOA64 Turbocharger Core. Detroit Diesel part number 5143110. 4-71 8V-71/92, TH08A64 AR0.96. Rotor turns, no housing clamp. As pictured. NSN 2815010058284
SMID: 171-0254-620
Condition: Core

or-5882-cat-turbo-core Image

OR-5882, Cat Turbo Core

NSN: 2990-01-696-6059
OR-5882, Caterpillar Turbo Core. Partial core, as pictured. NSN 2990016966059
SMID: 171-0177-965
Condition: As is

5142193-detroit-diesel-turbo Image

5142193, Detroit Diesel Turbo

NSN: 2950-01-353-1035
5142193, Detroit Diesel Turbo. New part number 5103875. Made by Garrett AiResearch. Used on 12V-149, 12V-71, and 92 series engines. Serial number KB0534. NSN 2950013531035.
SMID: 171-0175-088
Condition: New

5103760-detroit-diesel-turbocharger-core Image

5103760, Detroit Diesel Turbocharger Core

NSN: 2815-01-195-6131
5103760, Detroit Diesel Turbocharger Core, TV-7101 AR1.39. Incomplete core, as pictured. NSN 2815011956131
SMID: 171-0172-669
Condition: As is

b1654-twin-disc-mg-509-filter-cover Image

B1654, Twin Disc MG-509 Filter Cover

NSN: 2520-01-315-1028
B1654, Twin Disc MG-509 Filter Cover. NSN 2520013151028.
SMID: 170-9916-781
Condition: Excellent

b1504aa-twin-disc-mg-509-washer-retainer Image

B1504AA, Twin Disc MG-509 Washer/Retainer

NSN: 5365-00-153-2386
B1504AA, Twin Disc MG-509 Washer/Retainer. Excellent used. NSN 5365001532386
SMID: 170-9912-760
Condition: Excellent