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12v-71-front-pto-housing-5117491 Image

12V-71 Front PTO Housing 5117491

12V-71 Front PTO Housing 5117491, SAE 3
SMID: 105-1633-715
Condition: Good

pto-for-twin-disc-mg-514-spec-30238 Image

PTO for Twin Disc MG-514. Spec #30238

Top mount power take-off for Twin Disc model MG-514 marine transmission. Output shaft 1 1/2" diameter with 6 1/2" raised face flange, six bolt pattern, 6 1/2" across bolt holes. In excellent condition. Part no. X9804B, Spec no. 30238
SMID: 107-9022-406
Condition: Excellent

hydraulic-power-take-off-mg-514-spec-34586 Image

Hydraulic Power Take Off MG-514 spec 34586

Top Mount Hydraulic Power Take Off for Twin Disc MG-514, XA7139 100 hp @1800 rpm spec 34586 unused
SMID: 107-9742-378
Condition: Surplus - New unused

twin-disc-pto-sae-3-c111hp3 Image

Twin Disc PTO SAE 3 C111HP3

Twin Disc PTO. Model no. C111HP3, spec no. 32369. SAE 3 housing, 2 1/4 in dia. output shaft
SMID: 121-5720-567
Condition: Good

pto-sae-2-housing Image

PTO, SAE 2 Housing

PTO, SAE 2 housing. Casting no. 8254. 2 1/4 inch output shaft. Output drive sheave part no. 60XH300-F
SMID: 121-6224-363
Condition: Good

twin-disc-mg-509-top-mount-pto Image

Twin Disc MG-509 top Mount PTO

Twin Disc MG 509 top mount pto. Spec no. 31149. Rebuilt.
SMID: 121-7021-453
Condition: Rebuilt

twin-disc-pto-model-g108-hp-5 Image

Twin Disc PTO Model G108-HP-5

Twin Disc PTO. Model no. G108-HP-5. 8 inch single plate, SAE 6 housing.
SMID: 122-1495-338
Condition: Rebuilt

twin-disc-pto-model-3111-2 Image

Twin Disc PTO Model 3111-2

Twin Disc PTO. Model no. 3111-2. Serial no. 940-2. SAE 2 housing, 11 1/2 inch single plate. Pieces broken in housing at mounting bolt holes 2 places, but still usable. Rebuilt.
SMID: 122-1505-509
Condition: Rebuilt

twin-disc-pto-type-111-2 Image

Twin Disc PTO Type 111-2

Twin Disc PTO. SAE 2, 11 1/2 in. single plate. Type 111-2. Low hour running take out.
SMID: 122-1505-850
Condition: Surplus - Low time

hub-city-power-take-off-pn-1835510 Image

Hub City power Take-off PN 1835510

NSN: 2520-01-344-9423
Hub City power take-off. Part no. 1835510. Assembly no. 0221-08669-1126. Model 22, 2.2:1 ratio, style A. NSN 2520-01-344-9423, 2520013449423, 2520 01 344 9423. 1 inch diameter input and output shafts. New, several available.
SMID: 123-1609-961
Condition: New

chelsea-dana-pto Image

Chelsea / Dana PTO

Chelsea / Dana PTO. Part no. 440X0AHX-W6XD. As is.
SMID: 123-8794-665
Condition: As is

twin-disc-pto-model-sp111p2 Image

Twin Disc PTO Model SP111P2

NSN: 2990-00-933-2954
Twin Disc PTO. Model SP111P2. BOM no SP111P211. Serial no. 1E8033. SAE 2 housing, single plate drive. Includes drive ring and bearing. NSN 2990-00-933-2954, 2990009332954, 2990 00 933 2954.
SMID: 123-9388-353
Condition: New

cummins-903-front-pto-housing-and-drive Image

Cummins 903 Front PTO Housing and Drive

Cummins VT903 Front PTO Housing and Drive. SAE 2 housing. With Drive, Damper and Drive ring. Housing part no. 2102796, Drive hub part no. 183439, Drive ring part no 8931. Vibration Damper part no. 1991198. Will sell all or part.
SMID: 125-6139-583
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-pto-sae-2-model-5l111hp2 Image

Twin Disc PTO SAE 2 Model 5L111HP2

Twin Disc PTO SAE 2 Model 5L111HP2. BOM no 5L111P201, serial no. 163953. Rebuilt.
SMID: 125-6222-140
Condition: Rebuilt

garwood-pto-a80-7002-r Image

Garwood PTO - A80-7002 R

Garwood PTO. Part no. A80-7002 R. Used.
SMID: 127-2488-219
Condition: Good

rockford-pto-sae-2 Image

Rockford PTO SAE 2

Rockford PTO. SAE 2 10 inch single plate, no plate. As pictured.
SMID: 127-5579-426
Condition: Good

twin-disc-pto-model-sl211pm3 Image

Twin Disc PTO Model SL211PM3

Twin Disc PTO Model SL211PM3.BOM no. 36373, serial no. 1D0310. 12 inch 2 plate drive, SAE 3 housing. Spline drive output shaft. Used, in excellent condition
SMID: 128-0777-465
Condition: Excellent

23016886-allison-ht700-rear-cover Image

23016886, Allison HT700 Rear Cover

NSN: 3040-01-083-0922
23016886, Allison HT700 Rear Cover/Output Housing. Number on side 23016853 NSN 3040010830922
SMID: 129-4442-370
Condition: New

muncie-pto Image

Muncie PTO

NSN: 2520-01-517-1820
Muncie PTO. Part no. 38326-07-H3KX. NSN 2520015171820
SMID: 136-4420-040
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-technodrive-pto Image

Twin Disc Technodrive PTO

Twin Disc Technodrive PTO. Model no. RM150, 1.96:1 ratio. SAE 3, 11 1/2" dual plate clutch.
SMID: 144-3799-444
Condition: New
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36mk3841-muncie-pto Image

36MK3841, Muncie PTO

Muncie Power Take-Off. Part no 36MK3841. Model no. TG6S-U6005-C3KX. Includes control cable, parts kit 48TK4927, 47M13802, 36MK1210-A. Also includes installation and owners manual.
SMID: 147-6129-389
Condition: New

oshkosh-3553694-parker-chelsea-model-267-pto Image

OSHKOSH 3553694, Parker Chelsea Model 267 PTO.

NSN: 2520-01-555-9892
Parker Chelsea Model 267 PTO. Model no. 267/SBF JP-H5XD. NSN 2520015559892
SMID: 149-9713-409
Condition: New

10-pto-clutch-assembly Image

10" PTO Clutch Assembly

10 inch PTO Clutch Assembly. Possibly Rockford. Release Bearing part no. 1-02599, Pressure plate part no. 1-02256, hub part no. 1-02030. On the shelf a long time, no wear, possibly unused. Friction plate new. Single plate.
SMID: 150-3518-736
Condition: Surplus - New unused

1-02031-rockford-pto-pressure-plate Image

1-02031, Rockford PTO Pressure Plate

1-02031, Rockford PTO Pressure Plate
SMID: 150-3590-188
Condition: New

a3507-twin-disc-friction-plates Image

A3507 Twin Disc Friction Plates

A3507 Twin Disc PTO Friction Plates. 7 inch diameter. 2 sets of 3 available.
SMID: 150-3595-503
Condition: New

pto-drive-ring-11-1-2-inch Image

PTO Drive Ring, 11 1/2 Inch

PTO Drive Ring, 11 1/2 Inch. SAE 11.5, 7/8 thick.
SMID: 150-3603-309
Condition: Good

pto-drive-ring-10-inch Image

PTO Drive Ring, 10 Inch

PTO Drive Ring, 10 Inch. SAE 11.5. 1/2 inch thick
SMID: 150-3604-713
Condition: Good
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twin-disc-drive-ring-5713 Image

Twin Disc Drive Ring 5713

NSN: 3020-00-384-0958
5713, Twin Disc Drive Ring, Good Used
[Twin Disc-X8295APC5713, Twin Disc-B214P1PC5713]
SMID: 159-1722-954
Condition: Excellent

funk-61000-series-2-pump-drive Image

Funk 61000 Series 2 Pump Drive

Funk 61000 Series 2 Pump Drive. Model number 61S4P102BC. Spec number 9539B. Serial number 8420005427. SAE 4 housing, LH pump drive SAE B, RH pump drive SAE C. No drive plate. New old stock.
SMID: 160-8221-816
Condition: Surplus - New unused