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fairbanks-morse-piston-16607766-new Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston 16607766 new

NSN: 2815-00-073-0524
Fairbanks Morse, Coltec, enpro industries. Piston 16607766, new, 11 each available
SMID: 111-4374-727
Condition: Surplus - New unused

fairbanks-morse-injection-nozzle Image

Fairbanks - Morse Injection Nozzle

NSN: 2910-00-184-7444
Fairbanks Morse Fuel injection nozzle. Part no. M2035AFBD. FM part no. 16704907. NSN 2910-00-184-7444, 2910001847444. 2910 00 184 7444. New in box. 19 ea available
SMID: 121-6313-346
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-supercharger-3541a6fbtc Image


NSN: 2990-00-778-4863
FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINE BLOWER, SUPERCHARGER. NSN 2990007784863, part number 3541A6FBTC, A3541A6FB2, N3541A6FBNC, 3541A6FBQC
SMID: 122-6453-651
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-rotary-oil-pump Image

Fairbanks Morse Rotary OIl Pump

NSN: 4320-00-874-7235
Fairbanks Morse rotary oil pump Part no. C1084A12FBGC. NSN 4320008747235, 4320 00 8747 235.
SMID: 123-1448-953
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-con-rod-pn-82796-18adhcs Image

Fairbanks Morse Con Rod PN 82796 / 18ADHCS

NSN: 2815-00-633-2246
Fairbanks Morse connecting rod. Part no. 82796 / 18ADHCS. NSN 2815-00-633-2246, 2815006332246, 2815 00 633 2246. 12 ea available. No Rod Bolts.
SMID: 123-5515-620
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-con-rod Image

Fairbanks Morse Con Rod

NSN: 2815-00-343-9822
Fairbanks Morse connecting rod. Part no. 16602232, C18AFBJC, 1660736. NSN 2815-00-343-9822, 2815003439822, 2815 00 343 9822. For 38ND8 engines. 2 ea available.
SMID: 123-5679-665
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-air-valve-assembly Image

Fairbanks Morse Air Valve Assembly

Fairbanks Morse air valve assembly Part no. 2293ADHDC. New in box.
SMID: 123-5681-983
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-connecting-rod Image

Fairbanks Morse Connecting Rod

NSN: 2815-00-649-6561
Fairbanks Morse connecting rod. Part no. 2170017. NSN 2815-00-649-6561, 2815006496561, 2815 00 649 6561.
SMID: 123-5750-691
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-rocker-arm-pn-2240211 Image

Fairbanks-Morse Rocker Arm PN 2240211

NSN: 2815-00-832-2080
Fairbanks-Morse Rocker Arm. Part no. 2240211. New, 2 ea available. NSN 2815008322080
SMID: 124-3546-611
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-wrist-pin-pn-16200274 Image

Fairbanks-Morse Wrist Pin PN 16200274

NSN: 2815-00-874-7218
Fairbanks-Morse Wrist Pin. Part no. 16200274. NSN 2815008747218. New, 1 ea available.
SMID: 124-3547-720
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-rocker-arms-pn-23202822 Image

Fairbanks Morse Rocker Arms PN 23202822

NSN: 2815-01-017-9315
Fairbanks Morse Rocker Arms. Part no. 23202822. 2 ea available. NSN 2815010179315.
SMID: 124-3965-056
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-thrust-bearing-shell Image

Fairbanks-Morse Thrust Bearing Shell

NSN: 2815-00-388-7583
Fairbanks-Morse Thrust Bearing Shell. 1/2 of set. Part no. 16300373. NSN 2815003887583
SMID: 124-5249-274
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-safety-door Image

Fairbanks Morse Safety Door

NSN: 2990-01-194-6697
Fairbanks Morse Safety Door. Part no. 2140082. 3 ea available. NSN 2990011946697
SMID: 124-5685-604
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-bearing-half-sleeve Image

Fairbanks Morse Bearing Half-Sleeve

Fairbanks Morse Bearing Half-Sleeve. Stamped on side: 1/32 16700 010 SAT 16 American. Numbers on box: 1H28150711707, N104-86200 #322 (FSM), A-1A-15-11/65.
SMID: 124-5691-928
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-pump-impeller Image

Fairbanks Morse Pump Impeller

NSN: 2930-00-991-3349
Fairbanks Morse Pump Impeller. Part no. 16601833. NSN 2930009913349.
SMID: 124-5696-824
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-piston-pn-24200416 Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston PN 24200416

NSN: 2815-01-084-2738
Fairbanks Morse Piston. Part no. 24200416, 2420048, 24200424. 2 ea available. NSN 2815010842738
SMID: 124-5701-167
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-vibration-damper Image

Fairbanks Morse Vibration Damper

NSN: 2815-01-222-5480
Fairbanks Morse Vibration Damper. Part no. 2360201.
SMID: 124-5956-693
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-water-pump-pn-al42010c Image

Fairbanks Morse Water Pump PN AL42010C

NSN: 2815-00-126-9314
Fairbanks Morse Water Pump. Part no. AL42010C. All Bronze construction. New, 2 ea available. Also distributed by Paxman Diesel. NSN 2815001269314
SMID: 124-6398-802
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-pump-impeller-pn-16605276 Image

Fairbanks Morse Pump Impeller PN 16605276

NSN: 2930-01-108-1066
Fairbanks Morse Pump Impeller. Part no. 16605276. Solid Bronze. NSN 2930011081066.
SMID: 124-6996-447
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-thermocouple-pn-3590302 Image

Fairbanks Morse Thermocouple PN 3590302

NSN: 6685-01-064-5525
Fairbanks Morse Thermocouple. Part no. 3590302. Electro Dynamic part no. 805556-0-01. 21700-2. New, 2 ea available. NSN 6685010645525
SMID: 124-6997-817
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-engine-cooling-pump Image

Fairbanks Morse Engine Cooling Pump

NSN: 2930-00-841-9022
Fairbanks Morse Engine Cooling Pump. Part no. 16601077. New, 3 ea available. NSN_2930008419022
SMID: 124-8380-729
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-piston-sub-assembly Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston Sub-Assembly

NSN: 2815-01-099-2389
Fairbanks Morse Piston Sub-Assembly. Part no. 16606478. New. NSN 2815010992389
SMID: 125-0631-146
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-nozzle-adapter Image

Fairbanks Morse Nozzle Adapter

NSN: 2910-00-816-4805
Fairbanks Morse Nozzle Adapter. Part no. 16204186. 8 ea available. NSN 2910008164805
SMID: 125-2617-668
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-valve-lever-shaft Image

Fairbanks Morse Valve Lever Shaft

NSN: 3040-01-193-3470
Fairbanks Morse Valve Lever Shaft. Part no. 2241324. New, 5 ea available. NSN 3040011933470
SMID: 125-3026-584
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-piston-pin Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston Pin

NSN: 2815-00-649-6560
Fairbanks Morse Wrist Pin. Part no. 2420021-2. 2 ea avaialble NSN 2815006496560
SMID: 125-3116-701
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-spur-gear-pn-2351158-1 Image

Fairbanks Morse Spur Gear PN 2351158-1

NSN: 3020-01-108-0283
Fairbanks Morse Spur Gear. Alco Catalog number 2351158-1. 35A74025-2. New. NSN 3020011080283
SMID: 125-3198-492
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-camshafts-pn-16400429 Image

Fairbanks Morse Camshafts PN 16400429

NSN: 2815-01-320-8302
Fairbanks Morse Camshafts. Part no. 16400429. For 6 38ND8 engine. 6 ea available. NSN 2815013208302
SMID: 125-3722-621
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-piston Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston

NSN: 2815-00-802-8364
Fairbanks Morse Piston. Covered by following part no's: 16600430, 16606239, 16606240, 61066910. New. NSN 2815008028364
SMID: 125-5106-491
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-rocker-arm-pn-2240233 Image

Fairbanks Morse Rocker Arm PN 2240233

NSN: 2815-01-325-1939
Fairbanks Morse Rocker Arm. Part no. 2240233. 6 ea available. NSN 2815013251939
SMID: 125-5640-156
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-piston-rings-pn-16300217 Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston Rings PN 16300217

NSN: 2815-00-390-2489
Fairbanks Morse Piston Rings. Part no. 16300217. Several sets available. NSN 2815003902489
SMID: 125-7360-095
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-piston-ring-pn-24210210 Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston Ring PN 24210210

NSN: 4720-01-162-4124
Fairbanks Morse Piston Ring. Part no. 24210210 Several available. NSN 4720011624124
SMID: 125-7442-639
Condition: New
Call for Price

fairbanks-morse-rocker-arm-pn-2240211 Image

Fairbanks Morse Rocker Arm PN 2240211

NSN: 2815-00-757-4147
Fairbanks Morse Rocker Arm. Part no. 2240211. 4 ea available. NSN 2815007574147
SMID: 125-7528-017
Condition: New
Call for Price

fairbanks-morse-piston-ring-pn-2421028 Image

Fairbanks Morse Piston Ring PN 2421028

NSN: 2815-00-618-0935
Fairbanks Morse Piston Ring. Part no. 2421028 NSN 2815006180935. 13 ea available.
SMID: 125-8058-103
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-con-rod-and-cap-pn-2170017-1 Image

Fairbanks Morse Con Rod and Cap PN 2170017-1

NSN: 2815-00-549-6561
Fairbanks Morse Connecting Rod and Cap. Part no. 2170017-1. For Alco 251 series engines. Con Rod, cap, no bolts. NSN 2815005496561
SMID: 126-0552-324
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-plunger-pn-387ylagc Image

Fairbanks Morse Plunger PN 387YLAGC

NSN: 2910-00-118-5409
Fairbanks Morse Plunger. Part no. 387YLAGC. 15 ea available. NSN 2910001185409
SMID: 126-6604-043
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-terminal-block-assembly Image

Fairbanks Morse Terminal Block Assembly

NSN: 2815-01-181-0352
Fairbanks Morse Terminal Block Assembly. Part no. P12613045. NSN 2815011810352
SMID: 127-4215-011
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-fuel-booster-pump Image

Fairbanks Morse Fuel Booster Pump

NSN: 2910-01-134-6757
Fairbanks Morse Fuel Booster Pump. Part no. 23202810. Viking pump model no. 6695. NSN 2910011346757.
SMID: 128-7516-979
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-fuel-cam-pin-pn-32c72242 Image

Fairbanks Morse Fuel Cam Pin PN 32C72242

NSN: 5315-01-043-1785
Fairbanks Morse Fuel Cam Pin. Part no. 32C72242. 19 ea available. NSN 5315010431785
SMID: 129-9683-194
Condition: New
Call for Price

fairbanks-morse-balance-shaft-gear Image

Fairbanks Morse Balance Shaft Gear

Fairbanks Morse Balance Shaft Gear. Part no. 2351212-1. NSN 3020010253336
SMID: 130-0131-789
Condition: New
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fairbanks-morse-centrifugal-pump Image

Fairbanks Morse Centrifugal Pump

NSN: 4320-00-878-0463
Fairbanks Morse Centrifugal Pump. High capacity, high pressure cooling pump. 5 inch suction, 4 inch discharge. Part no. 16604085, 16608974. Military part no. C603AFBAHC. NSN 4320008780463
SMID: 134-4346-484
Condition: New