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allison-flywheel-for-m-mh-gears Image

Allison Flywheel For M, MH Gears

Allison flywheel. For M, MH gears, for 71 series Detroit Diesel Engines. Part no. 5119893. Used, in excellent condition.
SMID: 128-0768-249
Condition: Excellent

vulkan-drive-couplings Image

Vulkan Drive Couplings

Vulkan Drive Couplings. RATO-S-160, 0664-0-93. Off of Reintjes WAV1850 gears. 2 ea available.
SMID: 128-5338-421
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-a4342a-top-cover Image

Twin Disc A4342A, top cover

NSN: 2520-00-901-0994
Twin Disc Top Cover. Part no. A4342A. Fits MG-512, MG-514, others. 3 ea available. NSN 2520009010994
SMID: 129-7886-601
Condition: Excellent

allison-retaining-ring-pn-6700119 Image

Allison Retaining Ring PN 6700119

Allison Retaining Ring. Part no. 6700119. Group no. 9.1065. 2 ea available.
SMID: 129-8044-320
Condition: Excellent

x8708-to-mg-509-conversion-kit Image

X8708 To MG-509 Conversion Kit

Twin Disc X-8708 Crash Box to MG-509 Drive ring and output flange adapter. Bolt drive ring to 8708 flywheel to accept MG-509, output flange adapter takes up difference in length. Change your crash box to MG-509 without changing flywheel or relocating engine. Drive ring part no. A6441A
SMID: 130-1505-384
Condition: Excellent

caterpillar-5l7361-3192-control-valve Image

Caterpillar 5L7361, 3192 Control Valve

Caterpillar 3192 Marine Transmission Control Valve. Casting no. 5L7361 Used, as pictured.
SMID: 130-8254-277
Condition: Good

twin-disc-hydraulic-pump-x-5958 Image

Twin Disc Hydraulic Pump X-5958

Webster Hydraulic Pump. Model X-5958. For Twin Disc Marine gears MG-512, MG-514, others. Core.
SMID: 130-9279-131
Condition: Core

twin-disc-mg-506-housing Image

Twin Disc MG-506 Housing

Twin Disc MG-506 Housing and rear cover. Housing part no. A7023, rear cover part no. A7025. From Transmission spec no. 33864, serial no. 3k6716. 1.97:1 RH. SAE 2
SMID: 131-1103-228
Condition: Excellent
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borg-warner-drive-damper-plate Image

Borg Warner Drive Damper Plate

Borg Warner Drive Damper Plate. 8 inch O.D. 10 spring plate.
SMID: 131-7058-937
Condition: Surplus

detroit-diesel-allison-flywheel Image

Detroit Diesel Allison Flywheel

Detroit Diesel Allison Flywheel. Off of Detroit Diesel V-71 engine. Casting no on flywheel 5119846. Drive ring part no. 5188030. In excellent condition.
SMID: 134-2021-988
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-509-rear-cover Image

Twin Disc MG-509 Rear Cover

Twin Disc MG-509 Manifold. Part no. A7056.
SMID: 137-4592-362
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-b6062-mg-514c-driven-gear Image

Twin Disc B6062, MG-514C Driven Gear

NSN: 3020-01-204-8085
Twin Disc MG-514C Driven Gear. Part no. B6062. 54 teeth. good used.
SMID: 137-4596-710
Condition: Good

twin-disc-mg-514c-oil-pump Image

Twin Disc MG-514C Oil Pump

Twin Disc MG-514C Oil Pump. Part no. XB-5958. 3 ea. available.
SMID: 137-4598-540
Condition: Good

twin-disc-a6853a-mg-514c-clutch-assembly Image

Twin Disc A6853A, MG-514C Clutch Assembly

Twin Disc MG-514C Clutch Assembly. Consists of part no's:
A6853A Clutch Spider
B6063 Cylinder Piston
XA7334 Cylinder
SMID: 137-4610-832
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-b5000-output-bearing-retainer Image

Twin Disc B5000, Output Bearing Retainer

NSN: 3110-01-205-4129
Twin Disc MG-514B Output Bearing Retainer. Part no. B5000. Several available
SMID: 137-4678-084
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-b2443a-mg-514c-oil-pipe Image

Twin Disc B2443A, MG-514C Oil Pipe

Twin Disc MG-514C Oil Pipe. Part no. B2443A
SMID: 137-4682-605
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-514c-spider-drive Image

Twin Disc MG-514C Spider Drive

Twin Disc MG-514C Spider Drive. Part no. B6059
SMID: 137-4696-910
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-514-selector-valve-body Image

Twin Disc MG-514 Selector Valve Body

NSN: 4820-01-203-5540
Twin Disc MG-514 Selector Valve Body. Part no. A7361B. 3 ea available, good used. NSN 4820012035540
SMID: 137-4702-271
Condition: Good

twin-disc-mg-520-inspection-cover Image

Twin Disc MG-520 Inspection Cover

Twin Disc MG-520 Inspection Cover
SMID: 137-4854-381
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-512-for-parts Image

Twin Disc MG-512 For Parts

Twin Disc MG-512 For Parts. 2:1 ratio. Bull and Pinion gears damaged. Case part no. 9616J
SMID: 137-4857-444
Condition: As is
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xb35958a-twin-disc-hydraulic-pump Image

XB35958A, Twin Disc Hydraulic Pump

Twin Disc Oil Pump. Part no. XB35958A. In excellent condition
SMID: 137-5116-620
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-b5138-mg-509-bull-gear-2-95-1 Image

Twin Disc B5138, MG-509 Bull Gear 2.95:1

Twin Disc MG-509 Bull Gear. 2.95:1 ratio. Part no. B5138
SMID: 137-5128-378
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-b6060-mg-514c-gear Image

Twin Disc B6060, MG-514C Gear

NSN: 3020-01-204-8084
Twin Disc MG-514C Transfer Drive Gear. Part no. B6060. good used sold as is.
SMID: 137-5129-629
Condition: Good

twin-disc-mg-514b-oil-pump Image

Twin Disc MG-514B Oil Pump

Twin Disc MG-514B Hydraulic Pump. Good used.
SMID: 137-5198-496
Condition: Good

twin-disc-b6100b-mg-514c-pinion-gears Image

Twin Disc B6100B, MG-514C Pinion Gears

NSN: 3020-01-249-5200
Twin Disc MG-514C Pinion Gears. 36 teeth, 2:1 ratio. Part no. B6100B. 2 ea available. good used
SMID: 137-5199-184
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-514b-pinion-2-1-ratio Image

Twin Disc MG-514B Pinion 2:1 Ratio

Twin Disc MG-514B Pinion. 36 teeth, 2:1 Ratio
SMID: 137-5200-101
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-509-clutch-hub Image

Twin Disc MG-509 Clutch Hub

Twin Disc MG-509 Clutch Spider Drive Hub. Part no. A6860A
SMID: 137-5212-660
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-a4394-mg-512-pinion Image

Twin Disc A4394, MG-512 Pinion

NSN: 3020-01-225-6993
Twin Disc MG-512 Pinion. 2:1 ratio, part no. A4394. 36 teeth
SMID: 137-5216-602
Condition: New

twin-disc-mg-507-clutch-hub Image

Twin Disc MG-507 Clutch Hub

Twin Disc MG-507 Clutch Hub. Part no. P7472A, shaft part no. P5074A
SMID: 137-5284-385
Condition: Excellent
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twin-disc-mg-507-clutch-hub Image

Twin Disc MG-507 Clutch Hub

Twin Disc MG-507 Clutch Hub. Part no. P6451B. shaft part no. P7472A
SMID: 137-5284-613
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-506-clutch-hub Image

Twin Disc MG-506 Clutch Hub

Twin Disc MG-506 Clutch Hub. Part no. B5649, shaft part no. B5593A
SMID: 137-5285-561
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-a7336a-mg-514c-oil-filter-cover Image

Twin Disc A7336A, MG-514C Oil Filter Cover

NSN: 4330-01-203-7552
Twin Disc MG-514C Oil Filter Cover. part no. A7336A. 4 ea available.
SMID: 137-5455-452
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-a7331-mg-514c-front-housing-sae-1 Image

Twin Disc A7331, MG-514C Front Housing SAE 1

Twin Disc MG-514C Front Housing. SAE 1. Part no. A7331. 1 available.
SMID: 137-5817-681
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-a4551g-mg-512-spider-drive Image

Twin Disc A4551G MG-512 Spider Drive

NSN: 2520-00-901-0997
Twin Disc MG-512 Spider Drive. Part no. A4551G
[Twin Disc-XB2126]
SMID: 137-5819-527
Condition: Good

twin-disc-mg-514c-clutch-piston-amp-cylinder Image

Twin Disc MG-514C Clutch Piston & Cylinder

Twin Disc MG-514C Clutch Piston & Cylinder. Part no's XA7334, B6063.
SMID: 137-5819-787
Condition: Good

twin-disc-mg-509-front-housing Image

Twin Disc MG-509 Front Housing

Twin Disc MG-509 Shallow Case Front Housing. Part no. 9753
SMID: 137-5821-258
Condition: Good
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twin-disc-a7333-mg-514c-rear-clutch-hsng-cover Image

Twin Disc A7333, MG -514C Rear Clutch Hsng Cover

NSN: 25200115122
Rear Clutch Housing Cover for Twin Disc MG -514C. Part no A7333.
SMID: 137-5825-357
Condition: Good

allison-6751915-mh-series-output-flange Image

Allison 6751915, MH Series Output Flange

6751915, Allison MH Series Output Flange. 3 available
SMID: 137-5903-671
Condition: Good

twin-disc-a4806-mg-514c-output-flange Image

Twin Disc A4806, MG-514C Output Flange

NSN: 2010-01-015-9854
Twin Disc MG-514C Output Flange. For deep case models. Part no. A4806
[Twin Disc-XA4806]
SMID: 137-5908-729
Condition: Good

twin-disc-a4807-mg-514c-output-flange Image

Twin Disc A4807, MG-514C Output Flange

NSN: 2520-01-338-6530
Twin Disc MG-514C Output Flange. For shallow case models. Part no. A4807
SMID: 137-5979-711
Condition: Good