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8921208-detroit-diesel-air-compressor Image

8921208, Detroit Diesel Air Compressor

NSN: 4310-01-164-6916
Detroit Diesel Air Compressor. Part no. 8921208, group no. 12.4001. Bendix part no. 101650. 15.5 CFM. Bendix Tu-Flo 700. Used, as pictured. NSN 4310011646916
SMID: 142-8592-042
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-water-pump Image

Detroit Diesel Water Pump

Detroit Diesel Water Pump. Number on body 5140009, new part no. 8922723. For 12V, 16V 71 and 92 engines
SMID: 142-8592-962
Condition: Core

16400253-fairbanks-morse-lower-thrust-bearing-cap Image

16400253, Fairbanks Morse Lower Thrust Bearing Cap

NSN: 2815-01-136-4819
Fairbanks Morse Lower Thrust Bearing Cap. Part no. 16400253. NSN 2815011364819
SMID: 142-8612-975
Condition: New

john-deere-retainer-re504703 Image

John Deere Retainer RE504703

John Deere Retainer RE504703. 2 ea available used.
SMID: 142-9805-245
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-flywheel-23511263 Image

Detroit Diesel Flywheel 23511263

Detroit Diesel Flywheel. Part no. 23511263. SAE 1/2-18. For 92 Series engines
SMID: 143-0415-289
Condition: Good

5189446-detroit-diesel-flywheel Image

5189446, Detroit Diesel Flywheel

Detroit Diesel Flywheel. Part no. 5189446. SAE 1-14. for 71 Series engines
SMID: 143-0424-257
Condition: Good

cat-flywheel-3n3804 Image

Cat Flywheel 3N3804

Caterpillar Flywheel. Part no. 3N3804. Needs new drive ring
SMID: 143-0426-962
Condition: As is
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detroit-diesel-flywheel-5155837 Image

Detroit Diesel Flywheel 5155837

Detroit Diesel Flywheel. Part no. 5155837. SAE 2 Delco. For 71 Series engines. 2 ea available.
SMID: 143-0428-105
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-flywheel-5167123 Image

Detroit Diesel Flywheel 5167123

Detroit Diesel 71 Series Flywheel. Part no. 5167123. SAE 2-14
SMID: 143-0848-306
Condition: Good
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detroit-diesel-governor-5133688 Image

Detroit Diesel Governor 5133688

Detroit Diesel Governor. Part no. 5133688. SWVS governor for V-71, 92 engines. As-is.
SMID: 143-1465-299
Condition: As is

detroit-diesel-flywheel-5118448 Image

Detroit Diesel Flywheel 5118448

NSN: 2815-01-147-9290
Detroit Diesel Flywheel. Part no. 5118448. For 71 Series engines. Ring Gear part no. 5188030. In excellent condition. NSN 2815011479290
SMID: 143-1547-288
Condition: Excellent
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cat-d-353-air-starter Image

Cat D-353 Air Starter

Caterpillar D-353 Air Starter. Numbers stamped: L22132, S.C.0.0. Part no 3L988
SMID: 143-1553-973
Condition: Good
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detroit-diesel-heat-exchanger-seal-retainer Image

Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Seal Retainer

NSN: 2930-00-898-4459
Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Seal Retainer. Part no. 23509557, old part no. 5130159. Group no. 5.5025. 2 ea available. NSN 2930008984459
SMID: 143-1722-219
Condition: Excellent

detroit-diesel-heat-exchanger-seal-retainer Image

Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Seal Retainer

NSN: 2930-00-898-4466
Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Seal Retainer. Part no. 5130200. Group no. 5.5025. NSN 2930008984466
SMID: 143-1723-290
Condition: Excellent

caterpillar-d-353-injection-pump Image

Caterpillar D-353 Injection Pump

Caterpillar D-353 Injection Pump and Governor drive, Casting numbers on housings 6N4067, 3S5454, 2L6983. Includes drive gear part no. 2H2247.
SMID: 143-1983-468
Condition: As is
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detroit-diesel-oil-pump-and-housing Image

Detroit Diesel Oil Pump and Housing

Detroit Diesel Oil Pump and Housing. part numbers 5109702, 5195886. For in line 53 series engines
SMID: 143-2737-822
Condition: Good
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detroit-diesel-end-piece-5117674 Image

Detroit Diesel End Piece 5117674

Detroit Diesel Expansion Tank End Piece. Part no. 5117674
SMID: 143-2745-443
Condition: Excellent

detroit-diesel-heat-exchanger-inlet Image

Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Inlet

Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Inlet. Part no. 5108819
SMID: 143-2756-058
Condition: Excellent

caterpillar-pulley-6n0762 Image

Caterpillar Pulley 6N0762

Caterpillar Pulley. Part no. 6N0762
SMID: 143-6885-874
Condition: Excellent

detroit-diesel-elbow-5127996 Image

Detroit Diesel Elbow 5127996

Detroit Diesel Elbow. Part no. 5127996
SMID: 143-6887-811
Condition: Excellent
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detroit-diesel-air-shutdown-solenoid Image

Detroit Diesel Air Shutdown Solenoid

Detroit Diesel Air Shutdown Solenoid. For 3-71, 4-71 and 6-71 in line engines. Includes bracket 5168929, group 7.4530 and 24V solenoid 23504197, group no. 7.4519
SMID: 143-6972-944
Condition: Good
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cat-oil-filter-head-8n6212 Image

Cat Oil Filter Head 8N6212

Caterpillar Oil Filter Head. Part no. 8N6212. Replaces 2W6681
SMID: 143-6994-618
Condition: Excellent
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detroit-diesel-water-manifold-5100786 Image

Detroit Diesel Water Manifold 5100786

Detroit Diesel Heat Exchanger Water Manifold. part no. 5100786. Group no. 5.2126. For V-71, 92 engines.
SMID: 143-7581-065
Condition: Good

cat-d-353-bell-housing-6h6663 Image

Cat D-353 Bell Housing 6H6663

Caterpillar D-353 Bell Housing. Part no. 6H6663
SMID: 143-9575-225
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-4-53-blower-drive-shaft Image

Detroit Diesel 4-53 Blower Drive Shaft

Detroit Diesel 4-53 Blower Drive Shaft. Large selection of blower drive shafts available.
SMID: 144-1142-096
Condition: Excellent

detroit-diesel-v-53-expansion-tank Image

Detroit Diesel V-53 Expansion Tank

Detroit Diesel V-53 Expansion Tank. No numbers available, as pictured. Has 7 plate oil cooler core at bottom.
SMID: 144-4767-455
Condition: Good

caterpillar-coolant-tube-4n7109 Image

Caterpillar Coolant Tube 4N7109

Caterpillar Coolant Tube. Part no. 4N7109
SMID: 144-4922-413
Condition: Good
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sae-1-2-to-allison-sae-2-adapter Image

SAE 1/2 To Allison SAE 2 Adapter

SAE 1/2 To Allison SAE 2 Bell Housing Adaapter. Detroit Diesel part no. 5187118
SMID: 145-4687-888
Condition: Excellent

detroit-diesel-hydraulic-governor-drive Image

Detroit Diesel Hydraulic Governor Drive

Detroit Diesel 3-71 Hydraulic Governor Drive. Casting no 3222482.
SMID: 145-4969-199
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-3-71-fuel-injection-rack Image

Detroit Diesel 3-71 Fuel Injection Rack

Detroit Diesel 3-71 Fuel Injection Rack. For RC engines.
SMID: 145-4969-963
Condition: Good
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5107139-detroit-diesel-governor Image

5107139, Detroit Diesel Governor

Detroit Diesel Variable Speed Governor. Part no. 5107139. For In-line 53 series engines. SW-VS governor 550 RPM minimum. As-is.
SMID: 145-5044-798
Condition: As is

detroit-diesel-3-71-valve-cover-aluminum Image

Detroit Diesel 3-71 Valve Cover Aluminum

NSN: 2815-00-738-1201
Detroit Diesel 3-71 Aluminum Valve Cover. Part no. 5103667. NSN 2815007381201
SMID: 145-5049-921
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-gray-marine-raw-water-pump Image

Detroit Diesel Gray Marine Raw Water Pump

Detroit Diesel Gray Marine Raw Water Pump. Old style mechanical packing gear pump. Casting numbers 5161016, 5161017
SMID: 145-5132-709
Condition: As is

6v-71-blower-drive-shaft Image

6V-71 Blower Drive Shaft

6V-71 Blower Drive Shaft. No number available. We have a wide variety of blower drives available.
SMID: 145-5564-880
Condition: Good
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cat-3304-raw-water-pump Image

Cat 3304 Raw Water Pump

Caterpillar 3304 Raw Water Pump. Part no. 5N9357. Jabsco part no. 17810-0000. Used, as pictured
SMID: 145-5662-871
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-adapter-5125179 Image

Detroit Diesel Adapter 5125179

Detroit Diesel Fuel Pump Drive Adapter. Part no. 5125179. Group no. 2.2260
SMID: 145-6333-490
Condition: Good

sabre-exhaust-mixing-elbow-45261 Image

Sabre Exhaust Mixing Elbow 45261

NSN: 4730-01-233-1798
Sabre Exhaust Mixing Elbow 45261, ADC-8079-1, Perkins Sabre Engines wet exhaust system elbow, for Sabre 5.95 liter is 363 cubic
inches with 212 horsepower, 4730012331798, BOAT, BRIDGE ERECTIONMODEL USCSBMK 2
manual link to
SMID: 146-0748-127
Condition: New

facet-40223-electric-12-volt-fuel-pump Image

Facet 40223 Electric 12 volt Fuel Pump

NSN: 2910-01-456-7295
Facet 40223 Electric 12 volt Fuel Pump, NSN 2910-01-456-7295
SMID: 146-0847-033
Condition: New

volvo-penta-cylinder-head-861300 Image

Volvo Penta Cylinder Head 861300

NSN: 2815-14-475-9512
Volvo Penta Cylinder Head. Part no. 861300. Replaced by part no. 3803308. New, no valves. Note slight nick in exhaust port, manifold side. For TMD41A, D41, A TAMD41A, AQAD41A, AD41A engines, others. NSN 2815144759512
SMID: 146-1185-084
Condition: New

caterpillar-air-starter-pn-3h3171 Image

Caterpillar Air Starter PN 3H3171

Caterpillar Air Starter. Part no. 3H3171. Serial no. E0668-07. Model no. 30R. Made by Schwitzer. Includes all associated piping, regulator and silencer pictured.
SMID: 146-1780-712
Condition: Good