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47735a-1-mercruiser-exhaust-manifolds Image

47735A 1, Mercruiser Exhaust Manifolds

NSN: 2805-00-459-7070
Manifold Exhaust for Mercruiser GM 454 7.4L V8 Port with Log Riser B-47735A1. Mercruiser (port side)
Models 325, 330, 350, 370 and 400 Inboard Units with Log Style manifolds New in box. NSN 2805004597070. 3 ea available
SMID: 121-6309-597
Condition: New

fairbanks-morse-injection-nozzle Image

Fairbanks - Morse Injection Nozzle

NSN: 2910-00-184-7444
Fairbanks Morse Fuel injection nozzle. Part no. M2035AFBD. FM part no. 16704907. NSN 2910-00-184-7444, 2910001847444. 2910 00 184 7444. New in box. 19 ea available
SMID: 121-6313-346
Condition: New

cat-d-379-oil-pump-shaft-pn-5l5981 Image

Cat D 379 Oil Pump Shaft PN 5L5981

Caterpillar D379 Oil Pump shaft. Part no. 5L5981. As pictured
SMID: 121-6410-434
Condition: Excellent
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cat-d379-piping-reducer-pn-5l8856 Image

Cat D379 Piping Reducer PN 5L8856

Caterpillar D-379 piping reducer. Part no. 5L8856.
SMID: 121-6651-116
Condition: Good

cat-transmission-oil-cooler-pn-7l2264 Image

Cat Transmission Oil Cooler PN 7L2264

Caterpillar transmission oil cooler. Part no. 7L2264. Off of Twin Disc MG-521 gear, Cat D379 engine. Perfex part no. X518200C66. End cap casting numbers:
G6825, G6830, G6882, G6833
SMID: 121-6757-841
Condition: Good
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cat-d379-oil-filter-assembly-pn-5l8359 Image

Cat D379 Oil filter Assembly PN 5L8359

Caterpillar D 379 Oil filter assembly. Part no. 5L8359. end cap part no. 5L8363, 6L1535. Early style.
SMID: 121-6762-244
Condition: Good

5154339-detroit-diesel-2-71-blower-end-plate Image

5154339, Detroit Diesel 2-71 Blower End Plate

Detroit Diesel 2 71 blower end plate. Part no. 5154339. New, unused.
SMID: 121-6823-116
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-il-71-oil-cooler-adapter Image

Detroit Diesel IL-71 Oil Cooler Adapter

NSN: 2815-00-771-5862
5123635, Detroit Diesel Oil cooler / Filter adapter. For 3-71, 4-71, and 6-71 IL engines. New, unused. 2 ea available. NSN 2815007715862
SMID: 121-6824-553
Condition: New

cat-d379-marine-exhaust-manifold-pn-4l9151 Image

Cat D379 Marine Exhaust Manifold PN 4L9151

Caterpillar D 379 marine exhaust manifold. Part no. 4L9151. Includes part numbers 4L9194, 6L1880. One of pair. Early style D-379.
SMID: 121-6833-063
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-4-53-camshaft-balance-weight Image

Detroit Diesel 4-53 Camshaft Balance Weight

Detroit Diesel 4-53 Camshaft Balance Weight. Part no. 5121095. Includes pulleys as shown.
SMID: 121-7444-073
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-4-53-upper-front-engine-cover Image

Detroit Diesel 4-53 Upper Front Engine Cover

Detroit Diesel 4-53 upper front engine cover. Part no. 5145104.
SMID: 121-7444-494
Condition: Good
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detroit-diesel-il-53-front-mount Image

Detroit Diesel IL 53 Front Mount

Detroit Diesel in-line 53 series front engine mount. Part no. 5122408. For industrial engine.
SMID: 121-7446-727
Condition: Good
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delco-remy-starter-32v Image

Delco-Remy Starter, 32V

Delco Remy starter, model 50MT. 32V, CCW rotation. Delco part no. 323-771, model no. 1109828. Serial no. 89L - A. Factory rebuilt.
SMID: 121-8576-322
Condition: Rebuilt

john-deere-heat-exchanger-core-pn-re504480 Image

John Deere Heat Exchanger Core, PN RE504480

John Deere heat exchanger core. Part no. RE504480. Hand crafted using copper/nickel alloys for longest life by Seakamp Engineering. 4 ea available
SMID: 121-8751-579
Condition: Excellent

leece-neville-alternator-8lha207ove Image

Leece Neville Alternator 8LHA207OVE

NSN: 2920-01-360-5620
Leece Neville alternator. Model no. 8LHA2070VE. 12V, 160A. New, in box. NSN 2920013605620
SMID: 121-9157-952
Condition: New

delco-alternator-10459039 Image

Delco Alternator 10459039

AC Delco alternator. Model no. 10459039. Delco no. 321-682. 12V, 100A. Reconditioned.
SMID: 121-9180-429
Condition: Rebuilt

heat-exchanger-tube-bundle-john-deere Image

Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle, John Deere

John Deere heat exchanger tube bundle. Part no RE504481. For John Deere 4045 engines.
SMID: 121-9251-585
Condition: Excellent

gear-and-bearing-yz104318 Image

Gear and Bearing YZ104318

Gear and Bearing. Gear part no. YZ104318, bearing part no. YZ104329. Several available.
SMID: 121-9258-135
Condition: New

john-deere-oil-pump-drive-pn-nr45134 Image

John Deere Oil Pump Drive PN NR45134

John Deere oil pump drive shaft and gear. Part no. NR45134. For late 270, 404D engines.
SMID: 121-9265-925
Condition: Excellent
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john-deere-con-rod-pn-r500335 Image

John Deere Con Rod PN R500335

John Deere connecting rod. Part no. R500335. For engine 4045. Used.
SMID: 121-9269-106
Condition: Good

john-deere-housing-pn-r121644 Image

John Deere Housing PN R121644

John Deere housing. Part no. R121644. 2 ea available
SMID: 121-9421-416
Condition: Surplus - Low time

bendix-tu-flo-500-compressor Image

Bendix Tu-Flo 500 Compressor

Bendix Tu-Flo Compressors. Part no. 227332, 229998X. Several others available.
SMID: 121-9696-130
Condition: New

john-deere-bosch-alternator-pn-at173624 Image

John Deere / Bosch Alternator PN AT173624

John Deere / Bosch Alternator PN AT173624. 12V, 65A. 2 ea available.
BOSCH 0-120-488-205, 0-120-488-293, 0-120-488-205, 9-120-060-040
CASE AR187873
SMID: 121-9700-993
Condition: New

delco-alternator-pn-321-683 Image

Delco Alternator PN 321-683

AC Delco alternator. Model no. 10459040. ACD part no. 321-683. Series 21S1. 12V, 130A. Re-manufactured.
SMID: 121-9766-610
Condition: Rebuilt
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delco-remy-alternator Image

Delco-Remy Alternator

Delco-Remy Alternator. Model no. 1117816, serial no. 98D16. Series 30-SI. 12V, 105A. Re-manufactured
SMID: 121-9771-521
Condition: Rebuilt

john-deere-turbo-pn-re521355 Image

John Deere Turbo PN RE521355

John Deere Turbo Part No. RE521355.Model no. S410W091. Serial no. J1006 2096 D9.
SMID: 121-9785-298
Condition: Excellent

delco-remy-alternator-pn-19010105 Image

Delco-Remy Alternator PN 19010105

Delco-Remy alternator. Part no. 19010105, model no. 99F16-1A. 12V, 100A.
SMID: 121-9850-858
Condition: New

10459008-delco-remy-alternator-12volt Image

10459008, Delco-Remy Alternator 12volt

NSN: 2920-01-387-8917
Delco Remy alternator. Part no. 10459008. Re-manufactured.
NSN 2920013878917
SMID: 121-9873-547
Condition: Rebuilt

waukesha-starter Image

Waukesha Starter

12V starter. Off of Waukesha engine model VRG232Y, spec no. G-4066.
SMID: 122-0029-829
Condition: As is
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onan-12v-starter Image

Onan 12V Starter

NSN: 2920-01-040-5546
Onan 12V starter. Part no. 405546. NSN 2920-01-040-5546, 2920010405546, 292 01 040 5546.
SMID: 122-0031-180
Condition: As is
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john-deere-damper-pn-re508577 Image

John Deere Damper PN RE508577

John Deere pulley and damper. Part no. RE508577.
SMID: 122-0032-087
Condition: Excellent
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denso-electronic-injectors Image

Denso Electronic Injectors

Denso electronic injectors 4 ea with following Denso numbers:
Used. John Deere application
SMID: 122-0032-703
Condition: As is

john-deere-fuel-injectors-for-6081-series Image

John Deere Fuel Injectors for 6081 Series

John Deere injectors. Part no. KDEL69P43. Rebuilt, nozzles are bad.
SMID: 122-0038-249
Condition: As is

john-deere-fuel-injector-cores Image

John Deere Fuel Injector Cores

John Deere fuel injector cores. Available in lots. Denso, pencil nozzle, JD, KDEL, others.
SMID: 122-0041-353
Condition: Core
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itt-standard-oil-coolers Image

ITT Standard Oil Coolers

NSN: 4420-01-115-0599
ITT Standard oil coolers. Manufacture part no. 5-036-04-024-002. Serial no 86K-90133-01-9. Test pressure shell side, 150 psi, tube side 270 psi. 1 1/2 inch full face flange tube side, 1" shell side. Weight 85 lbs, LOA 34 1/2 inches. New, in box, 8 ea available. NSN 4420011150599
SMID: 122-1493-885
Condition: Surplus - New unused

6-71-pancake-allison-bell-housing Image

6-71 " Pancake" Allison Bell Housing

Detroit Diesel 6-71 "pancake" engine bell housing. Designed to mate horizontally configured IL 6-71 with Allison gear. Part no. 5189490. For blower and starter on right side viewed from rear.
SMID: 122-1511-510
Condition: Excellent
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john-deere-alternator-pn-ah165975 Image

John Deere Alternator PN AH165975

John Deere alternator. PN AH165975. Bosch part no. 0120484027. 14V, 120A. Low hour surplus. 2 ea available.
SMID: 122-1576-489
Condition: Surplus - Low time

bosch-alternator-12v-65a Image

Bosch Alternator, 12V, 65A

Bosch alternator. Part no. F005AO0023. Low hour surplus.
SMID: 122-1577-737
Condition: Surplus - Low time
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5175988-detroit-diesel-oil-pump Image

5175988, Detroit Diesel OIl Pump

NSN: 4320-00-367-7309
Detroit Diesel oil pump. Part no. 5175988. 2 ea available. NSN 4320003677309
SMID: 122-2278-770
Condition: New

detroit-diesel-1-71-blower-rebuilt Image

Detroit Diesel 1-71 Blower, Rebuilt

Detroit Diesel 1-71 blower. That's right, a 1-71 blower, rebuilt.
SMID: 122-2448-530
Condition: Rebuilt