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aurora-impeller-pn-444r314 Image

Aurora Impeller PN 444R314

Aurora Impeller. Part no. 444R314. For 4 x 4 x 7A SERIES 380 Pumps. Also used in Series 1590 Pumps. Fairbanks Morse application. New, 5 ea available.
SMID: 126-8169-205
Condition: New

yokogawa-gauge-103122abzz7keb Image

Yokogawa Gauge 103122ABZZ7KEB

Yokogawa Gauge 103122ABZZ7KEB. DB40 Volt. Several different styles to choose from.
SMID: 126-8171-690
Condition: New

ebb137a-prestolite-starter-drive Image

EBB137A, Prestolite Starter Drive

NSN: 2920-00-408-9310
Prestolite Starter Drive. Part no. EBB137A. Navistar part no. 71667C1 Assembly no. 480369. NSN 2920004089310. 4 ea available.
SMID: 126-8172-756
Condition: New

skf-5318-bearing-ball-annular Image


NSN: 3110-00-156-7979
SKF Bearing. Part no. 5318. Double row angular contact, bronze carrier. Bore 3.5433, OD 7.4803, thickness 2.870. NSN 3110001567979
[SKF-5318M3, TWIN DISC-5318W, Timken-5318W, FAG-5318, NSK-5318M1TX9, General Motors-905318]
SMID: 126-9534-188
Condition: New

ead-centrifugal-fan-model-590 Image

EAD Centrifugal Fan Model 590

NSN: 4140-00-853-2138
EAD Centrifugal Fan. Model 590. Part no. B43A3L-9. 50 CFM blower, 115VAC, 3300 RPM.
SMID: 126-9537-462
Condition: New

gm-ac-accumulator-pn-1132621 Image

GM AC Accumulator PN 1132621

General Motors air conditioning Accumulator. GM part no. 113621. AC Delco part no. 56132.
SMID: 126-9619-662
Condition: New
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14-3-plate-clutch-drive Image

14" 3 Plate Clutch Drive

14 inch 3 Plate Clutch Drive. Fits 2 1/2 inch shaft. Numbers on part, 1-02025, 102233. New.
SMID: 126-9698-645
Condition: New

prestolite-generator-rotor-pn-71127 Image

Prestolite Generator Rotor PN 71127

NSN: 2920-00-160-9346
Prestolite Generator Rotor. Part no. 71127. NSN 2920001609346
SMID: 126-9978-638
Condition: New

detroit-allison-ht-740-transmission Image

Detroit Allison HT-740 Transmission

NSN: 2520-00-113-4262
Detroit Diesel Allison HT740 Transmission. Will part out. Oshkosh part no. 13194204. Chelsea Dana model no. 270XBAJP-D4XK. Allison assembly no. 23014539 / 84H01. 14 ea available. NSN 2520011324262.
SMID: 126-9979-091
Condition: Good

switch-assembly-pn-937500117 Image

Switch Assembly PN 937500117

NSN: 5930-01-491-9893
Switch Assembly. Part no. 937500117. Military application. 6 ea available. NSN 5930014919893
SMID: 126-9986-224
Condition: New

spur-gear-pn-a73676 Image

Spur Gear PN A73676

NSN: 2815-00-324-7813
A73676, Sasco Spur Gear. NSN 2815003247813
SMID: 127-0058-272
Condition: New

gm-steering-gear-pn-7836515 Image

GM Steering Gear PN 7836515

NSN: 2530-01-150-9757
General Motors Steering Gear. Part no. 7836516. NSN 2530011509757
SMID: 127-0061-365
Condition: Good

foot-pedal-valve-for-sinks-pn-b-0504 Image

Foot Pedal Valve for Sinks PN B-0504

T& S B-0504 Double Pedal Valve, Wall Mounted, 1" From Wall. Foot Pedal Valve for Sinks. T& S part no. B-0504. Foot operated hot and cold water valve. Wall mount double pedal valve, polished chrome plated solid brass body, adjustable height aluminum pedals, self-closing valves, 1/2" NPT female inlets and…
SMID: 127-0226-914
Condition: New

paco-impeller-kit-pn-k1021-b Image

Paco Impeller Kit PN K1021-B

Paco Impeller Kit. Part no. K1021-B. Includes 5.52" impeller part no. 4971001
SMID: 127-0228-511
Condition: New

meritor-oil-seal-pn-a1205n2598 Image

Meritor Oil Seal PN A1205N2598

Meritor Oil Seal. Part no. A1205N2598. Also part no 2502763C1
SMID: 127-0229-829
Condition: New

gates-v-belt-set-pn-8515-4380 Image

Gates V-Belt Set PN 8515-4380

NSN: 3030-00-722-2095
Gates V-Belt Set. Part no. 8515-4380. Matched pair. NSN 3030007222095
SMID: 127-0236-660
Condition: New
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imtec-2-inch-ball-valve-pn-2222191 Image

Imtec 2 inch Ball Valve PN 2222191

2222191, Imtec 2 inch NPT Ball Valve. Alloy construction. 2 ea available.
SMID: 127-0494-578
Condition: New

fleetguard-air-filter-pn-af-891m Image

FleetGuard Air Filter PN AF-891M

NSN: 2930-01-027-2217
Fleet Guard Air Filter. Part no. AF-891M. Termomeccanica Italiano part no. P18-2049. Several available. NSN 2930010272217
SMID: 127-0579-785
Condition: New

oil-burner-atomizer-pn-5198258 Image

Oil Burner Atomizer PN 5198258

NSN: 4530-01-323-3057
Oil Burner Atomizer. Landall Corp Part no. 519-8258. NSN 4530013233057
SMID: 127-0830-427
Condition: New

93322a-3-quicksilver-6-riser Image

93322A-3, Quicksilver 6" Riser

NSN: 2990-01-244-3389
Mercury Marine Mercruiser Quicksilver 6" riser.
Part no. 93322A-3. 5 ea available with gaskets. NSN 2990012443389
SMID: 127-0842-191
Condition: New
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alfa-laval-worm-wheel-gear-pn-526723-80 Image

Alfa Laval Worm Wheel Gear PN 526723/80

NSN: 3020-01-384-6522
Alfa Laval Worm Wheel Gear. Part no. 526723/80. For MAPX205T-20 Separators. Hutchison-Hayes. NSN 3020013846522.
SMID: 127-1091-096
Condition: New
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alfa-laval-worm-gear-pn-518441-03 Image

Alfa Laval Worm Gear PN 518441-03

Alfa Laval Worm Gear Part no. 518441-03. Part of Service Kit 54704002.
SMID: 127-1092-476
Condition: New

alfa-laval-bowl-spindle-pn-18436-01 Image

Alfa Laval Bowl Spindle PN 18436-01

Alfa Laval Bowl Spindle. Part no. 18436-01. Number stamped on spindle 1650-01.
SMID: 127-1104-826
Condition: New

alfa-laval-centrifugal-purifier-repair-kit Image

Alfa Laval Centrifugal Purifier Repair Kit

Alfa Laval Centrifugal Purifier Repair Kit. Part no. 547040-02. NSN 4330014159704. To view complete Alfa Laval parts
SMID: 127-1107-171
Condition: New

600-gph-rowpu-replenishment-kit Image

600 GPH ROWPU Replenishment Kit

NSN: 6850-01-423-1698
600 GPH ROWPU Replenishment Kit. Includes replacement elements for Cartridge Filter, chemical replenishments. Filter NSN 4330011286277. Kit NSN 6850014231698. Several Kits available.
SMID: 127-1176-989
Condition: New
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military-thermal-barrier-kit Image

Military Thermal Barrier Kit

NSN: 2540-00-953-0108
Military Thermal Barrier Kit. NSN 2540009530108
SMID: 127-1177-313
Condition: New

large-4-5-ohm-resistor Image

Large 4.5 Ohm Resistor

NSN: 5905-00-752-7412
Large 4.5 Ohm Resistor. Allis Chalmers Part no. 12-141-009-061. NSN 5905007527412
SMID: 127-1192-371
Condition: New

exhaust-guard-pn-10511773 Image

Exhaust Guard PN 10511773

NSN: 2990-01-167-8060
Exhaust Guard PN 10511773. NSN 2990011678060. Several available.
SMID: 127-1699-580
Condition: New
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garwood-pto-a80-7002-r Image

Garwood PTO - A80-7002 R

Garwood PTO. Part no. A80-7002 R. Used.
SMID: 127-2488-219
Condition: Good

rubber-expansion-bellows Image

Rubber Expansion Bellows

Rubber Expansion Bellows. Large end 8 inch ID, small end 5 1/2 inch ID. Length 7 inch. Several available.
SMID: 127-2563-047
Condition: New
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eaton-fuller-basic-overhaul-kit-k2047 Image

Eaton Fuller Basic Overhaul Kit K2047

Eaton Fuller Basic Overhaul Kit. Part no. K-2047. RT/RTO-7608LL. Includes part no's:
14367, 150545, 20832, 23261, 81052, 81505, 81547, 4301855, 14291, 14993, 15980, 16723, 14897, 15977, 16516, 19974, 21036, K-2002, K-2110, K-2425
SMID: 127-2645-040
Condition: New

jabsco-impeller-pn-17935-0001 Image

Jabsco Impeller PN 17935-0001

Jabsco Impeller. Part no. 17935-0001. Out of Detroit Diesel Impeller kit PN 5194860
SMID: 127-2649-376
Condition: New
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917570-cooling-fan-cnh Image

917570, Cooling Fan CNH

NSN: 2930-01-236-0648
Cooling Fan. Schwitzer Part no. 917570. NSN 2930012360648
Alternate part numbers [D34718, A173096, L104443 CNH INDUSTRIAL AMERICA LLC. 912801, Schwitzer. 7973DX, SERVICE PRODUCTS CORP]
SMID: 127-2983-007
Condition: New

baffle-pn-1714093 Image

Baffle PN 1714093

NSN: 2825-00-388-1542
Baffle. Part no. 1714093. Made by Westinghouse for Northrop-Grumman. NSN 2825003881542
SMID: 127-2983-421
Condition: New
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cartridge-motor-parts-kit-pn-118178r92 Image

Cartridge Motor Parts Kit PN 118178R92

NSN: 2520-00-999-5152
118178R92, Navistar Cartridge Motor Parts Kit. 2 ea available. NSN 2520009995152
SMID: 127-2991-092
Condition: New

ge-washing-machine-motor-pn-5kh41kt108s Image

GE Washing Machine Motor PN 5KH41KT108S

General Electric Washing Machine Motor. Part no. 5KH41KT108S. 1725 RPM 115 VAC, 7.3A, 60Hz. New, slight rusting from storage on puley, frame.
SMID: 127-2991-428
Condition: New
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rotary-selector-valve-pn-hp708112 Image

Rotary Selector Valve PN HP708112

NSN: 4820-00-525-1351
Rotary Selector Valve. TRW part no. HP708112. NSN 4820005251351
SMID: 127-2995-401
Condition: New

lsv15-1b-cooper-bessemer-air-start-valve Image

LSV15-1B, Cooper Bessemer Air Start Valve

NSN: 2815-00-003-1001
Cooper Bessemer Air Start Valve. Part no. LSV15-1B NSN 2815000031001.
SMID: 127-3092-216
Condition: New

vickers-tyco-safety-relief-valve-pn-20056a Image

Vickers / Tyco Safety Relief Valve PN 20056A

NSN: 4820-01-517-4296
Vickers / Tyco Safety Relief Valve. Part no. 20056A. 24V solenoid. 1 available. NSN 4820015174296
SMID: 127-3525-934
Condition: New

bendix-brake-chamber-diaphragm-pn-23462 Image

Bendix Brake Chamber Diaphragm PN 23462

NSN: 2530-00-807-6503
Bendix Brake Chamber Diaphragm. Part no. 23462. 20 ea available. NSN 2530008076503
SMID: 127-3605-523
Condition: New