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walker-air-sep-mfg-no-95 Image

Walker Air-Sep Mfg no. 95

Walker Air-Sep. Mfg no. 95, serial no. 2530. 8 inch tapered filter part no. 7408T35GB. Vacuum regulator part no. VR1000. No hold down springs
SMID: 128-6892-784
Condition: New

water-tight-deck-hatch Image

Water Tight Deck Hatch

NSN: 2040-00-753-3751
Water tight deck hatch. Manufactured by Juniper Industries. 21" diameter Scuttle Hatch. Steel construction. Test pressure 30 psi. Bu-ships drawing no. 805-162-3944. Part no. 805-1401891ASSYB. NSN 2040007533751
SMID: 128-7000-842
Condition: Excellent

thermo-king-cylinder-sleeve Image

Thermo King Cylinder Sleeve

NSN: 4130-00-868-6832
Thermo King Cylinder Sleeve. Part no. 2179B03H02. NSN 4130008686832
SMID: 128-7520-585
Condition: New

vickers-hydraulic-pump Image

Vickers Hydraulic Pump

Vickers Hydraulic Pump. For Detroit Diesel engines. Comes with accessory drive adapter 5139376. No other numbers available, as pictured.
SMID: 128-7673-456
Condition: Good

sleeve-bearing-pn-70250-12068-103 Image

Sleeve Bearing PN 70250-12068-103

NSN: 3120-01-411-9197
Sleeve Bearing. Sikorsky part no. 70250-12068-103. 5 ea available. NSN 3120014119197
SMID: 128-8015-755
Condition: New

philips-blower-cage-wheel-pn-008276-16 Image

Philips Blower Cage Wheel PN 008276-16

NSN: 2530-01-243-8062
Philips Blower Cage Wheel. Part no. 008276-16. Model A15-15 ACE. 8 ea available. NSN 2530012438062
SMID: 128-8192-183
Condition: New

gorman-rupp-shaft-seal-pn-25271207 Image

Gorman-Rupp Shaft Seal PN 25271207

Gorman-Rupp Shaft Seal. Part no. 25271207
SMID: 128-8646-973
Condition: New
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deutz-fuel-pump-repair-kit-pn-02130225 Image

Deutz Fuel Pump Repair Kit PN 02130225

Deutz Fuel Pump Repair Kit. Part no. 02130225
SMID: 128-8647-531
Condition: New
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gorman-rupp-gasket-pn-37689a Image

Gorman-Rupp Gasket PN 37689A

Gorman Rupp Gasket. Part no. 37689A
SMID: 128-8709-466
Condition: New
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vehicle-side-window-pn-10949790 Image

Vehicle Side Window PN 10949790

NSN: 2510-00-930-2313
Vehicle Side Window. Part no. 10949790. 11 ea available. NSN 2510009302313
SMID: 128-8987-331
Condition: New

nv-6p-203-2gslx-vacco-globe-valve Image

NV-6P-203-2GSLX, Vacco Globe Valve

NSN: 4820-00-936-4666
NV-6P-203-2GSLX, Vacco Globe Valve. 0-1500 PSI Working pressure. 1/8 inch NPT female both ends. 20 ea available. NSN 4820009364666
SMID: 128-9319-237
Condition: New

tu-flo-tf-500-air-compressor Image

Tu-Flo TF 500 Air Compressor

Tu-Flo TF500 Air Compressor. Part no. 276962, serial no. A07898. For Detroit Diesel Engines.
SMID: 128-9323-697
Condition: Excellent
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transmitter-sub-assembly-pn-t752-0000 Image

Transmitter Sub-Assembly PN T752-0000

NSN: 5895-01-442-1010
Transmitter Sub-Assembly. Action Instruments part no. T752-0000. NSN 5895014421010
SMID: 128-9413-023
Condition: New
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airtex-fuel-pump-pn-71425 Image

Airtex Fuel Pump PN 71425

Airtex Fuel Pump. Part no. 71425.
SMID: 128-9566-478
Condition: New

centrifugal-water-pump Image

Centrifugal Water Pump

Centrifugal Water Pump. Unknown manufacture, casting number on pump body 23523. 1 inch suction, 3/4 inch discharge. Packing gland type seal, pedestal mount. All bronze construction. Belt driven, 4 inch sheave.
SMID: 129-1130-180
Condition: Good
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sherwood-pump Image

Sherwood Pump

Sherwood Pump. 1 1/14 inch hose barb suction and discharge. Casting no. 003H9. Belt driven 6 inch sheave.
SMID: 129-1132-126
Condition: Good
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e4tz1113b-ford-dayton-wheel-hub Image

E4TZ1113B, Ford / Dayton Wheel Hub

NSN: 2530-01-302-2568
Ford / Dayton Wheel Hub. Ford part no. E4T21113B, Dayton part no. 14-14403-052.
9 ea available. NSN 2530013022568
SMID: 129-4160-490
Condition: New

vacuum-pump-pn-1400b20 Image

Vacuum Pump PN 1400B20

NSN: 4310-01-008-8184
Vacuum Pump. Part no. 1400B20. Made by Sargent-Welsh Scientific. Missing drive pulley on motor. Serial no. 01088706. NSN 4310010088184
SMID: 129-4167-242
Condition: New

mitsubishi-alternator-pn-3468-02200 Image

Mitsubishi Alternator PN 3468-02200

Mitsubishi Alternator. Part no. 346802200. Model no. A3TN5968. 24V, 35A.
SMID: 129-4182-972
Condition: New

detroit-5170849 Image

Detroit 5170849

Allison Companion Flange. Part no. 5170849. Unused.
[Detroit Diesel-5170849]
SMID: 129-4423-105
Condition: New

hose-assembly-pn-fa2407hhh0244 Image

Hose Assembly PN FA2407HHH0244

NSN: 4720-00-215-7973
Hose Assembly. Parker Hannifin part no. FA2407HHH0244.
5134436, Detroit Diesel
5134436, MTU
5130687CPC5134436, MTU
3/8 flare connections, 24.250 INCHES NOMINAL OVERALL long.
10 ea available. NSN 4720002157973
SMID: 129-4424-307
Condition: New

pipe-to-tubing-tee-pn-ms51818-11p Image

Pipe to Tubing Tee PN MS51818-11P

NSN: 4730-00-356-8086
Pipe to Tubing Tee. Aeroquip pat no. MS51818-11P. 1/2" pipe to 1/2" compression tubing. Quantity available. NSN 4730003568086
SMID: 129-4426-273
Condition: New

double-flex-exhaust-joint-pn-11669395-6 Image

Double Flex Exhaust Joint PN 11669395-6

NSN: 2520-01-452-6376
Double Flex Exhaust Joint. Dynaflex part no. 11669395-6. 3 ea available. NSN 2520014526376
SMID: 129-4429-886
Condition: New

drive-shaft-pn-16nns023d256 Image

Drive Shaft PN 16NNS023D256

NSN: 2520-01-472-4494
Drive Shaft. Meritor part no. 16NNS023D256. 7 ea available. NSN 2520014724494
SMID: 129-4430-524
Condition: New

rockwell-differential-model-a19-1091 Image

Rockwell Differential Model A19 1091

NSN: 2520-01-100-3210
Rockwell Differential Model A19 1091. Hyster part no. 287743. Dimensions 20x18x26 wt 270 pounds. 4 available. NSN 2520011003210
SMID: 129-4432-259
Condition: New

military-clutch-half-pn-7709009 Image

Military Clutch Half PN 7709009

NSN: 2520-00-921-6117
Military Clutch Half PN 7709009. 5 ea available. NSN 2520009216117
SMID: 129-4437-994
Condition: New

allison-pto-housing-pn-23016886 Image

Allison PTO Housing PN 23016886

NSN: 3040-01-083-0922
Allison MTU Detroit Diesel PTO Housing. Part no. 23016886. Number on side 23016853 NSN 3040010830922
SMID: 129-4442-370
Condition: New

v-belts-matched-set Image

V-Belts Matched Set

Matched pair v-belts. Gates part no. 8114-3760. Goodyear part no. 520-179-043. Quantity available. NSN 3030010656265
SMID: 129-4927-676
Condition: New
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air-filter-pn-c-35589 Image

Air Filter PN C-35589

NSN: 2940-01-119-7641
Air Filter. FARR Part no. C-35589. 4 ea available. NSN 2940011197641
SMID: 129-4934-280
Condition: New
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large-hydraulic-steering-cylinder Image

Large Hydraulic Steering Cylinder

Large Hydraulic Steering Cylinder. Hydraulic Repair and Design model SH8225B3352007200DM99462. Tested 3000 PSI. 2 ea available.
SMID: 129-4936-974
Condition: New
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dust-seal-pn-0125-12954 Image

Dust Seal PN 0125-12954

NSN: 4320-01-294-1806
Dust Seal. JM Clipper part no. 0125 12954. 3 ea available. NSN 4320012941806
SMID: 129-4942-237
Condition: New

clark-forklift-strainer-pn-2792732 Image

Clark Forklift Strainer PN 2792732

NSN: 4730-01-421-1648
Clark Forklift Strainer. Part no. 2792732. 4 ea available. NSN 4730014211648
SMID: 129-4943-350
Condition: New

clark-filter-base-pn-991263 Image

Clark Filter Base PN 991263

NSN: 2940-00-478-8403
Clark Filter Base. Part no. 991263. 2 ea available. NSN 2940004788403
SMID: 129-4949-184
Condition: New

air-brake-boot-pn-04-01-2085 Image

Air Brake Boot PN 04-01-2085

Air Brake Boot. International Transquip part no. 04-01-2085. 9 ea available.
SMID: 129-4949-453
Condition: New

kawasaki-cam-pn-12044-1119 Image

Kawasaki Cam PN 12044-1119

NSN: 2805-01-255-4391
Kawasaki Cam. Part no. 12044-1119, 12044-1351. 1 ea available. Kawasaki KLR250 (KL250-D6). NSN 2805012554391
SMID: 129-4952-400
Condition: New

conrell-karr-window-heat-controller Image

Conrell-Karr Window Heat Controller

NSN: 2090-00-612-1071
Conrell-Karr Window Heat Controller, Part no. KS13440, C703925207. NSN 2090006121071
SMID: 129-4952-641
Condition: New

706393-hamilton-sunstrand-control-rod Image

706393, Hamilton Sunstrand Control Rod

NSN: 2530-00-451-3553
Control Rod. Hamilton Sunstrand part no. 706393. Several available. NSN 2530004513553
SMID: 129-4953-894
Condition: New

b1425-twin-disc-piston Image

B1425, Twin Disc Piston

NSN: 2520-00-901-1012
Transmission Piston. Twin Disc part no. B1425. several available NSN 2520009011012
SMID: 129-4956-421
Condition: New

transfer-pump-pn-h-1102 Image

Transfer Pump PN H-1102

NSN: 4320-01-187-5093
Transfer Pump. Spencer Industries part no. H-1102. 5 ea available. NSN 4320011875093
SMID: 129-4956-783
Condition: New

hydraulic-steering-cylinders Image

Hydraulic Steering Cylinders

Hydraulic Steering Cylinders. Renk Bearings part no. 632950. 2 ea available. Note some rust damage
SMID: 129-4958-158
Condition: As is
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