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axletech-air-brake-chamber Image

Axletech Air Brake Chamber

NSN: 2530-01-557-6113
Axletech Air Brake Chamber. Part no. 327601029E. General Dynamics part no. 327601004E. NSN 2530015576113
SMID: 146-8953-156
Condition: New

federal-mogul-master-cylinder Image

Federal Mogul Master Cylinder

NSN: 2530-00-204-4800
FEDERAL MOGUL CORP SUB WAGNER BRAKE MOOG AUTOMOTIVE DIV Master cylinder. Part no. F14247, FE14240, FE14240A. 4 available. NSN 2530002044800
SMID: 146-8956-790
Condition: New

cummins-air-compressor-3051041 Image

Cummins Air Compressor 3051041

NSN: 4310-01-268-8740
Cummins Air Compressor. Part no. 3051041, 3558006. Rebuilt. NSN 4310012688740
SMID: 146-9028-920
Condition: Rebuilt

toyota-17743-u2230-71-air-filter Image

Toyota 17743-U2230-71 Air Filter

Toyota 17743-U2230-71 Air Filter. Flame retardent.
SMID: 146-9039-786
Condition: New
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skytrak-side-window-8036351 Image

Skytrak Side Window 8036351

NSN: 2510-01-504-2923
Skytrak Millennia 42110/MMV side window. Part no. 8036351. 2 ea available. NSN 2510015042923. End use item NSN 3930014862151
SMID: 146-9045-216
Condition: New

571754c91-navistar-air-brake-valve Image

571754C91, Navistar Air Brake Valve

NSN: 2530-01-278-3645
Navistar International Air Brake Valve. Part no. 571754C91, 2585506C91. Proportioning and Warning Valve. 2 ea available. For International Loadstar 1800, 1890 trucks. NSN 2530012783645
SMID: 146-9048-705
Condition: New

bendix-wheel-cylinder-kit-66620 Image

Bendix Wheel Cylinder Kit 66620

NSN: 2530-01-026-9998
Bendix Wheel Cylinder Kit. part no. 6662. GM part no. 5472326. 3 kits available. NSN 2530010269998
SMID: 146-9287-190
Condition: New

load-king-seal-18067 Image

Load King Seal 18067

NSN: 2530-00-074-7495
18067, Garlock Stemco Hub Seal. 3 ea available. NSN 2530000747495
SMID: 146-9287-824
Condition: New

daimler-power-steering-pump-14-12528-000 Image

Daimler Power Steering Pump 14-12528-000

NSN: 2530-01-524-8163
Daimler Power Steering Pump. Part no. 14-12528-000. 29 ea available. NSN 2530015248163
SMID: 147-0667-967
Condition: New
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fleetguard-air-filter-871265b Image

Fleetguard Air Filter 871265B

NSN: 2940-01-471-8151
Fleetguard Air Filter 871265B. Oshkosh part no. 4HA579, Cummins part no. 871070A, 871265A. 11 ea available. NSN 2940014718151
SMID: 147-0851-917
Condition: New

dg-434-ford-motorcraft-ignition-coil Image

DG-434, Ford Motorcraft Ignition Coil

NSN: 2920-01-334-8704
Ford Motorcraft Ignition Coil. Part no. DG-434, E73Z12029-A. NSN 2920013348704
SMID: 147-0854-138
Condition: New

carter-fuel-pump-m60278 Image

Carter Fuel Pump M60278

NSN: 2910-01-313-9281
Carter Fuel Pump. Part no. M60278. Ford part no. E3TZ 9350-B. Made by Federal Mogul. NSN 2910013139281
SMID: 147-0927-525
Condition: New

rowpu-chemical-injection-pump Image

ROWPU Chemical Injection Pump

NSN: 4320-01-301-9098
ROWPU Chemical Injection Pump. 3 available, 1 without hoses. 2 Model numbers, 1510-A14 and R-4. Injects Citric Acid, Sodium Hex, Polymer and Chlorine. Separate adjustable rate pumps. Chemcon part no. 13226E8326 NSN 4320013019098
SMID: 147-0930-828
Condition: New
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wix-air-filter-42920 Image

Wix Air Filter 42920

NSN: 2940-01-120-8616
Wix Air Filter. Part no. 42920. 7 ea available by Wix, 3 ea available by Fram CA546SY, 4 ea available by Donaldson P119375. NSN 2940011208616
SMID: 147-0933-409
Condition: New
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fuel-cap-ms53075 Image

Fuel Cap MS53075

NSN: 2590-00-459-8447
Fuel Cap. Military part no. MS53075. 40 plus available. NSN 2590004598447
SMID: 147-0942-267
Condition: New

02090-13-temperature-transmitter Image

02090-13, Temperature Transmitter

NSN: 6685-01-290-0284
Temperature Transmitter. Maxima Technologies part no. 02090-13. Oshkosh part no. 1476110. Large quantity available. NSN 6685012900284 For Detroit Diesel 8V92 in M1070 HET 8X8 (23-Ton) - Oshkosh Equipment application
SMID: 147-0946-375
Condition: New

bendix-check-valve-kit-287298 Image

Bendix Check Valve Kit 287298

NSN: 4820-01-080-9603
287298, Bendix AD-2 Air Dryer Check Valve Maintenance Kit. Caterpillar part no. 2G7181. 3 available. NSN 4820010809603
SMID: 147-1011-285
Condition: New

leece-neville-generator-diode-set Image

Leece Neville Generator Diode Set

NSN: 2920-00-472-1723
Leece Neville Generator Diode Set. Part no. 5703776. 4 sets available. NSN 2920004721723
SMID: 147-1016-958
Condition: New

bendix-wheel-cylinder-kit-6928 Image

Bendix Wheel Cylinder Kit 6928

NSN: 2530-00-002-3315
Bendix Wheel Cylinder Kit. Part no. 6928. 1 1/2 inch diameter. 5 kits available.
1961-81 CHEVY 1-1/2, 2 TON TRUCK
1960-81 GMC 1-1/2, 2-1/2 TON TRUCK
1961-76 IHC TRUCK
1968-81 FORD TRUCK
NSN 2530000283315
SMID: 147-1019-874
Condition: New

a3102y3431-trw-tie-rod Image

A3102Y3431, TRW Tie Rod

NSN: 2530-00-512-0032
TRW Tie Rod. TRW, Axletech and Meritor part no A3102Y3431. Oshkosh part no 10RS85 NSN 2530005120032
SMID: 147-1027-577
Condition: New

grove-brake-disc-6388100001 Image

Grove Brake Disc 6388100001

NSN: 2530-01-269-3787
Grove Crane Brake Disc. Part no. 6388100001, 7-388-000075. Made by Manitowoc. 6 ea available. NSN 2530012693787
SMID: 147-1030-741
Condition: New

chem-tech-chemical-injection-pump Image

Chem-Tech Chemical Injection Pump

Chem-Tech 150 Series Chemical Injection Pump. Model no.X068-XA-AAAAXXX. KOPkit no. KX100-AAAA. Serial no. 9806202232. Metered adjustable injection pump. Not for flammable liquids
SMID: 147-1033-004
Condition: New

leece-neville-voltage-regulator-l79000-35-500 Image

Leece Neville Voltage Regulator L79000 35-500

NSN: 2920-01-033-4319
Leece Neville Voltage Regulator L79000 35-500. Voltage Regulator for Leece-Neville 2300-2800JB Series Alternators - 12 Volt, A-Circuit, 14.2 Volt set point.
Replaces: Leece-Neville 79000, 102200
Unit Nos: Leece-Neville 2300J, 2360J, 2500J, 2600J, 2670J, 2700J, 2800J, 2805J, 4800J, 4806J, 4860J, 4900J. Prestolite no.
SMID: 147-1463-681
Condition: New

a27346-john-crane-mechanical-cartridge-seal Image

A27346, John Crane Mechanical Cartridge Seal

John Crane Mechanical Cartridge Seal. Part no A27346. 1 3/4 inch bore. 5600 Series.
SMID: 147-1466-869
Condition: New

valve-seat-803-2177917-4-30 Image

Valve Seat 803-2177917-4-30

NSN: 4820-01-429-8422
Valve Seat. Military part no. 803-2177917-4-30. Milwaukee Valve Co. part no. 51187-N-184. Stainless Steel. 4 ea available. NSN 4820014298422
SMID: 147-1620-124
Condition: New

bomag-disc-brake-shoe-05815569 Image

Bomag Disc Brake Shoe 05815569

NSN: 2530-01-332-5846
Bomag Disc Brake Shoe. Part no. 05815569. 14 ea available. NSN 2530013325846
SMID: 147-1638-769
Condition: New

pressure-motion-transducer-12484077-2 Image

Pressure Motion Transducer 12484077-2

NSN: 6695-01-536-8257
Pressure Motion Transducer. Military part no. 12484077-2, Kulite part no. 1TQ-R34-1000-50PSIG. 12 ea available. NSN 6695015368257
SMID: 147-1881-821
Condition: New
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brake-shoe-anchor-link-10911060 Image

Brake Shoe Anchor Link 10911060

NSN: 2530-01-254-6539
Brake Shoe Anchor Link. Military part no. 10911060. Cooper Industries Inc/Champion Aviation Products part number FC-11391. 11 ea available. NSN 2530012546539
SMID: 147-1896-778
Condition: New

options-panel-kit-57k1944 Image

Options Panel Kit 57K1944

NSN: 2510-01-470-7381
57K1944, Options Panel Kit. Military part no. 57K1944. MEDIUM TACTICAL VEHICLES (FMTV) 2 1/2 TON. 7 ea available. NSN 2510014707381
SMID: 147-1982-303
Condition: New

rowpu-modification-kit-156k0037-not-complete Image

ROWPU Modification Kit 156K0037 (not complete)

NSN: 4610-01-502-9781
ROWPU Modification Kit. DRS Environmental Systems part no. 156K0037. Used on 3000 GPH ROWPU. Missing one Ashcroft B420BXFS (500K2357) Switch. Remaining parts include:
156K0005 Tube Adapter (9)
156K0001K69 Tube
156K0035 Pipe Reducer
13229E0706-1 Tube Elbow
SMID: 147-2069-878
Condition: New

25-engine-cooling-fan-29272 Image

25" Engine cooling Fan 29272

NSN: 4140-01-651-9546
25" Engine cooling Fan. Generac part no. 29272. Multi-Wing part no. 25121245PAG4HR1604343250BCDA. 12X45 blades, RH. NSN 4140016519546
SMID: 147-2071-534
Condition: New
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windshield-parts-kit-43016400 Image

Windshield Parts Kit 43016400

NSN: 2510-01-605-2532
Windshield Parts Kit. Military part no. 43016400. Includes wiper and motor. NSN 2510016052532
SMID: 147-2136-908
Condition: New
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cooper-cameron-valve-seat-1798-031 Image

Cooper Cameron Valve Seat 1798-031

NSN: 4820-01-287-0981
Cooper Cameron Valve Seat. Part no. 1798-031. 8 ea available. NSN 4820012870981
SMID: 147-2138-072
Condition: New

sediment-strainer-15-4008-m2 Image

Sediment Strainer 15-4008-M2

NSN: 4730-01-115-3798
Sediment Strainer. Military part no. 15-4008-M2. All nickel alloy. NSN 4730011153798
[TATE ANDALE-15-4008-M2, 128000600016593]
SMID: 147-2146-067
Condition: New

spring-brake-gaurd-kit-12375360 Image

Spring Brake Gaurd Kit 12375360

NSN: 2530-01-286-7754
Spring Brake Gaurd Kit. Military Part no. 12375360. For parking brake limiter. 6 ea available. NSN 2530012867754
SMID: 147-2150-943
Condition: New

mrap-shock-absorber-bracket-r0047266 Image

MRAP Shock Absorber Bracket R0047266

NSN: 2590-01-547-6150
Military MRAP Shock Absorber Bracket. Part no. R0047266. 105 ea available. NSN 2590015476150
SMID: 147-2151-815
Condition: New
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bendix-control-valve-229635-tw-1 Image

Bendix Control Valve 229635 TW-1

NSN: 4820-00-125-5988
Bendix Control Valve 229635 TW-1. Volvo part no. 1741337. 2 ea available. NSN 4820001255988
SMID: 147-2153-823
Condition: New

kidde-cylinder-valve-921112 Image

Kidde Cylinder Valve 921112

NSN: 4210-01-227-4689
Kidde Cylinder Valve. Part no. 921112. 2 ea available. NSN 4210012274689
SMID: 147-2154-295
Condition: New

hitachi-hose-clamp-4283787 Image

Hitachi Hose Clamp 4283787

NSN: 4730-01-474-8124
Hitachi Hose Clamp. Part no. 4283787. JOhn Deere part no. AT154968. 2 ea available. NSN 4730014748124
SMID: 147-2155-185
Condition: New
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g15bmf-70-5in-mission-duo-chek-5-check-valve Image

G15BMF-70 5IN, Mission Duo Chek 5" Check Valve

NSN: 4820-01-340-4033
Mission Duo Chek 5" Check Valve. 150 RF, 275 CWP. 12070. MCC Holdings part no. G15BMF-70 5IN.
SMID: 147-2159-103
Condition: New